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There are many ships offered by the top cruise companies like Century Cruises, Victoria Cruises, President Cruises, Yangtze Gold Cruises, Changjiang Cruises and Yangtze Explorer. With so many cruises to choose from we know it can be hard deciding which Yangtze cruise ship is right for you. To make things much easier, please use the cruise search below to enter your Yangtze cruise criteria and a list of applicable ships will be displayed.

Besides searching a ship, most travelers would like to use our CRUISE CALENDAR 2020/2021 to find a Yangtze cruise. We’ve collected the latest schedules from all the cruise companies to update them at the first moment. No matter you want to book a ship in an urgent date, or plan a cruise trip a few month later or even next year, you can check it on our cruise calender to see which ships are available, which route to offer, whether it is "limited" or "fully-booked". Below are ship lists from January to December in 2020/2021, feel free to select your favored month to find a cruise!

yangtze explorer

Popular Yangtze Cruise Lines

In 2020/2021, Yangtze River Cruises offer lines between Chongqing and Yichang with different duration.

New to Cruising?

Do you have questions about planning or booking a Yangtze cruise? The following articles introduce you to what makes cruising such a unique and memorable way to travel the Yangtze River, when is the best time to cruise Yangtze, how to choose your best route, how to choose a Yangtze ship, how to choose a cabin, where to board & disembark your ships, what you can do onboard and ashore...To know more detailed information about Yangtze River and its cruises, please take a visit to our latest Yangtze River Cruise Guide.

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