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Best 5 Star Yangtze River Cruises 2020

There are so many Yangtze River cruise ships, so you have no idea about which one to choose to start your sailing in China? Here are the best 5 star Yangtze River cruises that are really popular and still attractive with luxury cruise facilities & amenities, high standard hospitality & services, and praisable arrangement of every step from your embarkation to the final disembarkation. You may doubt about the experience of cruising on an inner river in China, however, to make your Yangtze River cruise trip a highlighting experience, we would let you have a better understanding of the Yangtze River cruise by briefly comparing the 5 star river cruises in China and Europe, and give you some top recommendations. Start your exploration now!

7 Recommended 5 Star Yangtze River Cruises

Among all the Yangtze River cruises, we here give the recommendations of the top popular and luxury 5 star Yangtze cruises for your reference. Please check the detailed features of the cruise ships at below.

Century Paragon & Century Legend, Most Deluxe Century Cruises, from only $408-$528

5 Star Yangtze River Cruise - Century Paragon
5 Star Century Paragon & Century Legend

5-star hotel on Yangtze: Century Paragon and Century Legend have been perfectly designed and decorated by the Norway company named Yran&Storbraaton and directed under the German EMS and SchiffstechnikBuchloh during the designing. The high standard branded facilities, amenities and decorations are just for your enjoyment in the 5-star hotel on the Yangtze River.

World high-end technologies: 7 world advanced high technologies are applied on the two cruises to both make the sailing smoother and safer, and also benefit your experience and health during the trip, which even had lead the technological revolution of Yangtze cruise ships.

5 pioneering facilities on Yangtze: the 5 pioneering facilities and amenities created and used on the two ships upgrade the luxury experience and entertainment, such as the magnificent 7 floor atrium lobby, stairways exclusive for executive suites on the 5th and 6th Floors, over 200 square meters wide indoor constant temperature swimming pool with leisure and entertainment areas, etc.

Check more about Century Paragon & Century Legend.


Victoria Jenna & Victoria Anna, Stars of American-managed Victoria Cruises, from only $356-$446

5 Star Yangtze River Cruise - Victoria Jenna
5 Star Victoria Jenna & Victoria Anna

Yangtze only American management: Victoria Cruises based in New York, the USA, are strictly and standardly managed under the American leaders, furthermore, the foreign cruise manager speaking multiple languages provides high professionalism and passion to lead his staff, which is the only one on the Yangtze River and in fact has good comments from the guests from all over the world.

Flag ships of outstanding Victoria Cruises: these two ships are both stars of the famous Victoria Cruises which has earned a great number of prizes and awards for many years, and also is an allied member of the American Society of Travel Agents, and an associate member of the United States Tour Operators Association, and a member of the New York Chapter of the PATA.

Satisfactory service of international level: the high standard service of Victoria cruises meets the satisfactory of numerous guests from the western countries, and till now, there are about 1 million visitors have experienced the Yangtze River by Victoria cruises.

Check more about Victoria Jenna & Victoria Anna.


President No. 7 & President No. 8, Recommended 5 Star Vessels for Overseas Guests, from only $371-$456

5 Star Yangtze River Cruise - President No. 7
5 Star President No. 7 & President No. 8

Visitors-benefit equipment: this pair of President vessels of over 10 thousand tons provide very stable sailing during the trip, and many types of first-class equipment are installed to do the best for the whole cruising, such as low carbon emission, central ventilation system, quiet environment in your rooms, and so forth.

Deluxe decoration for you: the luxurious decoration from the grand lobby, shining crystal ceiling lamps, deluxe private terraces in your own room, and well-arranged dining rooms, and so on are all prepared by the smiling staff onboard, which is the best demonstration of their respect and welcome to the honored you.

Aquatic Resort Hotel: Since President Cruises is recommended by the National Tourism Administration of China to tourists from overseas, the President No. 7 and President No. 8 are the top great choices to enjoy your vacation on water with the luxury trim from the room to the public restaurants and other areas, interesting performances every day to enrich your time alone or with your mates, sweet services for guests from different places, elaborately prepared various cuisines and gourmets, the relaxing access to the beautiful nature, and so forth, from which you could have a highlighting carnival on water.

Check more about President No. 7 & President No. 8.


Yangtze Gold 7, International 5 Star Ship of Yangtze Gold cruises, from only $402-$472

5 Star Yangtze River Cruise - Yangtze Gold 7
5 Star Yangtze Gold 7

International 5 Star River cruise: Yangtze gold 7 was designed and constructed with the standard criteria of an international 5 Star River cruise, so guests onboard could enjoy the luxury equipment and facilities, comfortable room with cozy bedding articles, tasteful food of Chinese and Western flavors, various entertainment places to have fun, and could feel the sincerity of all hospitable and professional crews onboard.

Advanced technologies for noise reduction: brought in the German technology and more other high standard skills, the noise onboard Yangtze Gold 7 is perfectly controlled within 40 decibels in the cabins and about 45 in public places, which aims to offer the comfortable environment for your relax and good rest.

Wide Choices of Luxury Rooms: Yangtze Gold 7 offer in total 190 luxury guest rooms of 6 different types and layouts for the diverse needs of visitors. All rooms are decorated with luxury and comfortable theme and equipped well to provide the best experience of a 5 star hotel.

Check more about Yangtze Gold 7.

Already have your ideal ship to start the Yangtze River cruise? Please feel free to contact our travel expert if you have more questions or needs. If you still have no idea about which one ship to choose, you could check all Yangtze River cruise ships 2020 to have more choices.

Comparison of 5 star cruises on Yangtze River & European Rivers

Here we take the world famous Viking Cruises for good example to compare the 5 star river cruises on Yangtze River and European Rivers, like Rhine River, the Danube, etc. Know the mainly differences between them at below:

• View along the way

Yangtze River Cruises:

Yangtze River cruise ships take visitors to appreciate the natural and amazing sightseeing of the Three Gorges, shore excursion visits to the primitive beautiful and tranquil streams to get really close to nature, which really helps you get far away from the city and get best relaxed during your holiday. And it also takes you to enjoy reputable places of interests to know more about the local culture, history, folk life and customs of people living along the Yangtze River. More importantly, the ships offer the admiration of the great Three Gorges Dam project.

Viking Cruises:

The European Viking cruise ships, in contrast, take visitors to sail along the traditional European towns and villages along the way, to feel the leisure life style, which is quite distinct from that of Yangtze River cruises.

• Cruise decoration

Yangtze River Cruises:

For the development of Yangtze River cruise and needs of guests onboard, luxury 5 star Yangtze River cruises mainly are designed and decorated in a combined Chinese and Western style. On some ships, there are certain of rooms and public areas decorated with traditional Chinese features, which aims to give you the fresh experience of the traditional elements in China. Of course, a lot of cruises keep their main themes on the modern or Western-oriented styles to suit the needs of western people.

Viking Cruises:

Onboard Viking cruise ships in Europe, the styles and decorations are mostly modern and Western types.

• Ship size & capacity

Yangtze River Cruises:

Most Yangtze cruises measure about 130-150 meters (about 420-500 feet), furthermore, they mainly have 6-7 decks to accommodate up to 400 guests with some even could hold 570 people at once for a leisure sailing or visitors. And with the good design and arrangement, rooms onboard are spacious for guests to spend a relaxing holiday.

Viking Cruises:

Viking cruises on European rivers are mainly smaller than 5 star Yangtze River cruises. Most Viking cruises usually are between 260-440 feet, and they could hold only 100-200 passengers on one ship at once.

5 Star Yangtze River Cruise
Compare Yangtze River Cruises with European River Cruises

• Dining onboard

Yangtze River Cruises:

Onboard the 5 star Yangtze River cruises in China, there are many types of Western food and drinks served mainly in buffet style with some in sitting-style onboard to suit the needs of Western people, and offer a wide choice of local Chinese food for them to have some new tries, which a lot of Yangtze cruise visitors gave positive feedbacks.

Viking Cruises:

However, on the Viking cruises in Europe, there are mainly western food and just a few kinds of Chinese cuisines for choice.

• Prices

Yangtze River Cruises:

A Yangtze River Cruise just needs from $382-$594 for one person in a standard cabin, no matter you choose a 5 days upstream or a 4 days downstream cruise, and the all-inclusive fee would cover all the specified meals, cabin fee, service fee, performances and the entrance tickets as well as the guide fees of the arranged shore excursion visits, and so forth. See more Yangtze River great deals in 2020.

Viking Cruises:

For Viking Cruises ships in Europe, one visitor would need at least $2,600-$3,000 to experience an 8 day cruise on the Rhine or the Danube during non-peak seasons.


In a nutshell, through the above simple comparison of Yangtze River cruises and European river cruises, we could know the features of the two kinds of river cruise sailings. Though some visitors have said the Yangtze cruise were quite different from that in Europe, in my opinion, both types worth your try, and the cost-efficient Yangtze River cruise is really a top recommendation for foreign people to have a deeper understanding about Chinese culture and the natural scenery of the great Yangtze River. As a lot of world travelers have great feedbacks on the Yangtze River cruise experience, I think it is correct choice to get close to China.

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