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Top Budget Yangtze River Cruises 2024

Are you expecting a memory-lasting Yangtze River cruise experience but with limited pockets? Don’t worry, we, yangtze-river-cruises will make your dream come true. Cooperating with major luxury cruise companies on the Yangtze River for years, we ourselves, always insist on our originality and devote to strive for and offer the most cost-effective cruise vacation deals to our dear guests. At the same time, we also respect our guests’ choices.

In this article, we not only select cruises assessed as good value for money but also provide valuable references and detailed information that distinguishing the highlights of each ships by facilities, services, former customers’ feedbacks, and cruise packages. Let’s discover the best budget cruise on the Yangtze River together!

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Top 1: Victoria Katarina - Standard International Service Level Offering Foreign Guests Best Experience
Victoria Katarina Environment

Cozy and Stylish Interior Decoration on Victoria Katarina

Victoria Katarina Ship Data:

Managed by: Victoria Cruises
Launch: 2004
Refurbished: 2017
Capacity: 264
Cabins: 132

Victoria Katarina is the earliest launched luxury ship still running in 2024 under Victoria Cruises. Thanks to its complete refurbishment in 2017, the ship's environment remains at a high level of refinement, comfort and cleanliness. Despite the lower price, the cabin hygiene, crew service, and shore experience are no different from the remaining three, which is why Victoria Katarina is the king of value for money.

Reputable American services: Victoria Cruises is the only Yangtze River cruise company that benchmarks American-style management. The crew’s English and service skills are excellent, so English speakers who do not know Chinese do not need to worry about understanding problems.

Diverse activities for free: Besides the included onshore excursions, you will be treated to rich types of activities and performances, which are all for free.

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Top 2: Century Paragon - Grand Public Space, Diverse Onboard Entertainment & Years of Accumulated Reputation
The Deluxe Cabin in Century Paragon

The Deluxe Cabin in Century Paragon

Ship Data:

Managed by: Century Cruises
Launch: 2013
Capacity: 398
Cabins: 196

Although Century Paragon’s first voyage was early in 2013, the accumulation of years of cruising, plus the company - Century Cruises’ excellent management skills and continuous innovation and enterprising their products and services, won the cruise reputation among Yangtze River luxury cruises.

The overall decoration of Century Paragon is dominated by gold and red, which shows the nobility and luxury of combining Chinese and Western architecture. In addition, Century Paragon is similar in size and tonnage to Century’s newly launched ships Century Glory, Century Victory and Century Oasis, but its passenger capacity is much lower. In other words, Century Paragon has sacrificed its’ passenger capacity to provide passengers with a wider cabin and more extensive public areas.

Rich Onboard Entertainment Area: Butterfly Cinema, Swimming Pool, Sauna Room, Massage Lounge, Photo Center, Souvenir Shop, Boutique Shop, Bar, Karaoke, Gym, Reading Room, Junior Cruisers Center, Beauty Salon……

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Top 3: Yangtze 1 - Refurbished in 2023, All-inclusive State Guest Treatment Three Gorges Cruise Ship
Yangtze 2 Cruise Lobby

Advanced Themed Suite on Yangtze 1

Ship Data:

Managed by: Changjiang Cruises
Launch: 2006
Refurbished: 2023
Capacity: 218
Cabins: 109

All-inclusive Cruise Package Deals: Yangtze 1 may seem expensive based on its cruise price alone, but it is one of the few Three Gorges cruise ships to offer an all-inclusive package. When you remove the attractions that require extra fees on other cruise ships, the Yangtze 1 turns out to be a good value for money.

Refurbished in 2023: A renovation of Yangtze 1 in 2023 made up for its infrastructure and decoration shortcomings; Although it is a small and medium-sized cruise ship, due to strict controls on passenger capacity by the shipping company, the overall feedback from tourists who have taken the ship in 2023 years has been very positive. Moreover, Yangtze River 1 offers a large private balcony that can reach 3-10 square meters, providing a superb vacation experience.

Exclusive Itinerary: Currently, Yangtze is the only cruise ship that sails through the Three Gorges (Qutang Gorge, Wu Gorge, and Xiling Gorge), as well as passing through two dams (Three Gorges Dam and Gezhou Dam). Besides, the 2023 newly planned scenic spot - Goddess Sky Road, which offers a panoramic view of the gorgeous Wu Gorge- further enhances the value of the cruise package.

Top 4: Gold 8 - Spacious International 5 Star Ships of Yangtze Gold Cruises
Luxury Large Yangtze Gold 7 & Yangtze Gold 8

Luxury Large Yangtze Gold 7 & Yangtze Gold 8

Ship Data:

Managed by: Yangtze Gold Cruises
Launch: 2023
Capacity: 470
Cabins: 190

International 5 Star River CruiseYangtze Gold 8 was designed and constructed with the standard criteria of an international 5 Star River cruise, so guests onboard could enjoy the luxury equipment and facilities, comfortable room with cozy bedding articles, tasteful food of Chinese and Western flavors, various entertainment places to have fun, and could feel the sincerity of all hospitable and professional crews onboard.

Advanced Technologies for Noise Reduction: Brought in German technology and other high-standard skills, the noise onboard Yangtze Gold 8 is perfectly controlled within 40 decibels in the cabins and about 45 in public places, which aims to offer a comfortable environment for your relaxation and good rest.

Vast Choices of Luxury Rooms: Yangtze Gold 8 offers a total of 170+ luxury guest rooms of 5-6 different types and layouts for the diverse needs of visitors. All rooms are decorated with luxury and comfortable themes and equipped well to provide the best experience of a 5-star hotel.



Top 5: President No.8 - Flagship of President Cruises in Space & Luxury
Largest President No. 8

The Lavish President No. 8

Ship Data:

Managed by: President Cruises
Launch: 2013
Capacity: 460
Cabins: 230

Large & SteadyPresident No.8 made her maiden voyage in April 2013. With a total weight of 17,000 tons, it is the largest President cruise and makes guests feel as steady as on the land.

Cabins Suitable For You: 100 of the 215 deluxe cabins can be upgraded into triple rooms, which will be ideal if you are in a family group. Rich types of rooms decorated in the beautiful European classic style will give you a pleasant stay and meet your needs no matter how big your tour group is. Besides, a private bathroom with a shower fitting in every cabin will make it more convenient for your trip, and the private balcony in every room will allow you to enjoy the bank sightseeing anytime onboard, too.

Favorable Facilities: Well managed under the principles and standards of the land hotels, the two ships will offer tasteful Chinese and Western food in the special restaurant, high-standard entertainment and leisure facilities, and good facilities along the cruise trip.



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2 night cruise in Sept 2018
Hi, is there an option for a two night only cruise either from chongqing to yichang or the other way around? Unfortunately we do not have a lot of time. Thank you.
2018-07-09 21:38
Hello Francis,

Greetings from China! I’m sorry we have no two nights Yangtze River cruise between Chongqing and Yichang offered in the whole year of 2018. If you are really interested in the Yangtze River cruise tour, we highly welcome you join us in other classic routes when you have enough time. We offer the 4 days & 3 nights Chongqing to Yichang cruise, 5 days & 4 nights Yichang to Chongqing cruise, 4 days & 3 night Shanghai to Nanjing cruise, 4 days & 3 nights Nanjing to Shanghai cruise in 2018. Besides, there are special routes between Shanghai and Chongqing for 10 days & 9 nights in this October and November. They are all offered with nice quotations. If you would like to take the cruise, feel free to tell us.

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