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Top Family-friendly Cruise Ships on Yangtze

Are you planning a tour to the Yangtze River and looking for the best ship suitable for your family? Here will be your good choice. The TOP FAMILY-FRIENDLY SHIPS prepare comfortable rooms with beds putting together for adults with kids or adding beds, entertainment places for young and elder travelers, various kinds of food and beverages, and so forth. No matter you enjoy the Yangtze River cruise with your parents, grandparents, student kids or your cute babies, these cruise ships will meet most of your needs. See the details as below!

Top 1: Yangtze Explorer

The leading super 5-star Yangtze River cruise with the most outstanding service and top notch family-friendly amenities and activities; Only from $1,041-$1,716

Century Explorer
Sweet Photo Time with Family

Top family-friendly features on Yangtze Explorer:

1) Everyone is a VIP: due to a sky high staff to guest ratio of 1:1 (121:124), the crew can almost anticipate what you might want even before your desire is expressed.

2) Get up close with golden monkeys: Yangtze Explore is the only Yangtze River ship that has sweet opportunity to meet with golden monkeys and tour World UNESCO natural heritage site Shennongjia.

3) Summer camp special trip: In July and August, 2019, special summer camp will be held onboard Yangtze Explore. And you and your kids can join in various interesting games like cooking class with chef, Dining etiquette class, Dragon boat race, Pajamas party with fun games, Towel folding, Cocktail mixing class, etc.

4) Special discount for family with children (all shoulder season sailing): A child under 12 sharing a cabin with two adults stays free of charge, so you don't have to pay the room fee for your kid when he or she is traveling with you on Yangtze Explorer!


Top 2: Century Glory

The newest member of Century family that will make her debut in September 2020; Only from $453-$551

Panda Suite Onboar Century Glory
Lovely Panda Suite Onboar Century Glory

Top family-friendly features on Century Glory:

1) Stylish family suites: From pink hello-kitty-style suites to lovely panda-style suites, there are many cute and high-tech family suites onboard Century Glory for you and your kids to choose. Inside those family suites, a separate bed (no other charge) designed for your children is settled inside the “face” of the panda or kitty. How cute it is! The separate bed is within a few steps away from your bed. Therefore, you can take good care of him or her and also enjoy a somewhat private space with your partner.

2) First robot receptionist on Yangtze River: robot receptionist will be on Century Glory. Therefore, it must be a unique and exciting experience to talk with and get help from robots!


Top 3: Century Paragon & Century Legend

They are the Century Cruises' newest ships in 2020 with lots of innovative supreme cruise features to benefit a family's cruise vacation; Only from $408-$528

Teenagers onboard
The teenager having fun and great beverage onboard.

Top family-friendly features on Century Paragon & Century Legend:

1) The beds: there are two single beds and a sofa in every cabin onboard. If you are a family with two adults and 1 or 2 child, the two beds can be connected to be one king bed, while the sofa can be drawed out for an extra bed. Besides, there is a curtain between the king bed and the extra bed.

2) The connected cabins with no barrier: if you book two or three cabins side by side for your family, you can apply to open the doors on the balcony so that you can go to the other cabins freely from the balcony.

3) Fun for Kids: the karaoke room, 150 passenger capacity HD cinema, game room, card game room, swimming pool...will never stop making the kids have fun by themselves.

4) Relaxation for Adults: the dedicated SPA service, superb Wi-Fi, the professional international bands and the panoramic sun deck on each floor will invigorate your body and spirit.

5) Culturally enriched: there are many cultural lectures onboard every day, like calligraphy lessons, Yangtze culture learning, Tai-chi, Culinary lecture...to keep family involved and bonded.

6) Family-friendly services onboard: baby-sitting service, 24-hour room service, special meals service, laundry service, and 1:2 ratio onboard service will ensure you a extremely relaxing and culturally enriched family cruise vacation.


Top 4: President No. 7 & President No. 8

They are the largest President Cruises, and also the new cruises for families with kids; only from $371-$456

President No. 7 & President No. 8
Deluxe cabins for family with three on new President cruises

Top family-friendly features on President No. 7 & President No. 8:

1) Deluxe cabins for family with kids: 100 of 215 deluxe cabins can be upgraded into triple rooms for families, giving each ship a total capacity of about 580 guests. Every guest will have a quiet and cozy cabin to rest.

2) Advanced facilities for kids: the children’s play rooms, kindergarten, library, cinema and swimming pool onboard will give kids a lot of happy time.

3) Cultural activities for kids: there are many cultural lectures onboard every day, like calligraphy lessons, Yangtze culture learning, Tai-chi, kite flying, culinary lecture...to keep family involved and bonded.

4) Ease for adult travelers: relaxing and easy activities are also well served for adults on the ship to both learn the tradition of China and relax your mind and body, such as foot massage, traditional Chinese acupuncture, tea ceremonies……


Top 5: Yangtze Gold 2, Yangtze Gold 5 & Yangtze Gold 6 Cruises

They are the largest Yangtze River cruises. High standard facilities and services are very suitable for a family tour; Only from $402-$472

Yangtze Gold 2
Coloful Children's Paradiseon Yangtze Gold 2

Top family-friendly features on Yangtze Gold 2, Yangtze Gold 5 and Yangtze Gold 6:

1) Cabins & Beds: very advanced technique makes the sound down to only 40 decibels in the room, which is lower than the sound of an ordinary air conditioner. As a result, you and your kids can have very good sleep on the ship. Besides, two beds in the standard cabin can be put together into a larger one, so it will be the perfect choice for parents with 1 or 2 kids.

2) Great fun for children: colorful children’s paradise is filled with lots of interesting toys and gadgets to indulge your boys and girls small to the most. And entertainments like Karaoke room, game center, billiards room, etc. are really suitable for elder children to fully play and leave sweet cooperating moments with you.

3) Relaxing services for adults: people who are relatively quiet or want to spend some quiet moments can go to enjoy in the sauna room, massage room, reading room, card room, and the movie center, etc. However, gym center, dancing hall, and golf place are also provided to serve guests preferring moving their bodies and communicating with others more.

4) Cultural activities for all: on the ships, there are some specially arranged meaningful and interesting cultural activities such as, Chinese calligraphy, embroidery, morning Tai-chi, and so on. Therefore both parents and children could learn the shining points of Chinese culture together and keep the great sweet time in the trip.

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Family-friendly Cruise Ships on Yangtze
Do you have Family-friendly Cruise Ships on Yangtze around December 2017 and China air flights from Gold Coast Australia.
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Hi Joseph,

Thanks for the good question. Yes, Century Cruises offer winter cruises around December and the next January, and among all, Century Paragon and Century Legend are both the best family-friendly ships for your consideration. And if you are planning to fly from Gold Coast Australia to China, you can choose flights to Beijing (about 15.5 hours), Shanghai (about 15 hours), and Guangzhou (about 14 hours) which are the main cities with good transportations in China, and those flights needs transfers at Sydney, Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur, and so on. Besides, there are some flights from Gold coast to Hong Kong which need about 12 hours including some short stop.

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