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Top 8 Luxury Yangtze Cruises 2024

The TOP luxury Yangtze River cruise ships, recommended by our cruising specialists and former customers, are Yangtze Explorer, Century Oasis, Century Victory, Century Glory, Yangtze 3, Victoria Sabrina, Century Paragon, and Century Legend (in no particular order). The luxury stylish ships, comfortable accommodations, great facilities, delicious cuisines and high-quality services they offered onboard, all of these, and even more, are included in the high prices you paid. Check details at below for more ideas!

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Yangtze Explorer - the BEST of the Bests

Largest Cabin on Yangtze Explorer Offers You The Most Personal Space!

Ship Data:

Managed by: Sanctuary Retreats
Launch: 2008
Capacity: 124
Cabins: 62

Yangtze Explorer, the only super 5-star ship on the Yangtze, offers the ultimate in luxury and takes Yangtze River cruising to a new level of comfort. With the largest cabins and the smallest passenger capacity (maximum: 124 passengers), Yangtze Explorer provides the largest personal spaces and the most personalized one-on-one VIP service for all the customers, although the ship is relatively smaller than others on Yangtze River.

Yangtze Explorer is the market leader offering so intimate cruising experience that many financial and magnates such as Bill Gates, Wareen Buffett, and Henry Kissinger, chose it for their Yangtze cruise.



Century Oasis & Century Victory & Century Glory - Leading in Luxury River Cruise
Century Victory Cruise

The Presidential Suite in Century Victory Cruise

VIP Restuarant Century Glory Cruise

Century Oasis Ship Data:

Managed by: Century Cruises
Launch: April, 2023
Capacity: 650
Cabins: 260

Century Victory Ship Data:

Managed by: Century Cruises
Launch: July, 2022
Capacity: 650
Cabins: 260

Century Glory Ship Data:

Managed by: Century Cruises
Launch: September, 2019
Capacity: 650
Cabins: 260

The 2023 newly launched Century Oasis and her sister cruises - Century Victory and Century Glory launched in 2022and 2019, which are built for more than 600 days and costs nearly 300 million RMB, met all Yangtze River cruise fans. These three luxury ships promise a first ever two-story global restaurant and a super large sundeck which is measured for more than a thousand of square meters! They are also the first to introduce robot receptionist to Yangtze River!

Elegant and serene, luxury Century Oasis, Century Victory and Century Glory are stylish without being stuffy. All the rooms onboard are with options to open floor-to-ceiling windows on balmy days. Want more surprises? They also excel when they come to its entertainment and activities options. Head to the bar for a drink, to Century Theater for a show or movie, to Gym for some exercise, to KTV for singing and dancing, to the library for some reading, or to Mahjong Room for some stimulation… Let's forget the time passing and indulge in the "luxury life" onboard Century Glory!



Yangtze 3 - Newest National Cruise Offers the All-inclusive Packages and Full-view of the Three Gorges

Yangtze 3 Golden Lounge

Exclusive Onshore Excursion Wuhsan Goddess Sky Road Offers by Yangtze 3

Ship Data:

Managed by: Changjiang Cruises
Launch: 2022
Capacity: 600
Cabins: 250

As the newest national cruise launched in 2022, Yangtze 3 is a new generation of high-end cruise ships on the Yangtze River, representing the highest level of design and construction of river cruise ships, and has been selected as a pilot ship for the Ministry of Transportation and Communication’s high-quality cultural cruise routes.

There are over 10 uniquely designed room types and 250 luxury guest rooms for guests to choose from. No matter the ship’s appearance, functional layout, interior decoration, or service facilities and room supplies, all of them are green, comfortable, intelligent and luxurious.

The Yangtze 3 cruise was honored with the “Representative of Innovation and Service Excellence in the Travel Industry” for its “one-ticket” cruise product and attentive “butler service”. Besides, the newly inaugurated onshore attraction, the Goddess Sky Road, has received unanimous praise from the passengers.

Victoria Sabrina - 2020 Newest & Largest Luxury Yangtze Cruise Vessel

Elegantly Designed Dining Hall on Victoria Sabrina Cruise

Ship Data:

Managed by: Victoria Cruises
Launch: 2020
Capacity: 690
Cabins: 270

Victoria Sabrina, built in 2020 and planning her first voyage in 2020, is the newest and largest luxury Yangtze River cruise ship. Built with the highest level of facilities of honored brands and decorated with fine anesthetic colors and elements, Victoria Sabrina gives the superior enjoyment of a real 5-star luxury cruising experience with everything new for every visitor from various places of the world. You will spend quite leisure and high-quality life in one of the 5 distinct types of elegant and chic large rooms, enjoy gourmet in the finely decorated restaurants, have some wonderful entertainment and sightseeing fun at the stylish public places and sun deck, etc. Besides, constructed based on the highest standards of energy-saving and environmental protection, this high-classed vessel is your top best choice for a healthy and green trip, keeping pace closely with fashion trend of modern life!

As the new leading vessel under Victoria Cruises, Victoria Sabrina gives the best international American service of this world famed brand on Yangtze River. Your every minute onboard will be luxurious to match your noble temperament!



Century Paragon & Century Legend - Luxury Yangtze River Cruises

Luxurious Executive Suites onboard Century Paragon & Century Legend

Century Paragon Ship Data:

Managed by: Century Cruises
Launch: March 2013
Capacity: 398
Cabins: 196

Century Legend Ship Data:

Managed by: Century Cruises
Launch: May 18th 2013
Capacity: 398
Cabins: 196

Advanced decoration and facilities: Century Paragon & Century Legend offer the 7-story atrium lobby, souvenir shops, dancing hall, sauna, café, bar, gym room, etc. of high standard to enrich your life onboard. Also, cabins and suites are praised with its spacious, non-oil-paint, less noise and great environment, so guests can stay comfortable there on Century Paragon & Century Legend.

Private area: you will enjoy the private stairways only connect the 5th and 6th floors, private better A La-Carte restaurant and bar so not to deal with the crowded larger one for the whole ship guests. Just enjoy your quiet moment and relax on the Yangtze River cruise.

High sanitary standard: Century Cruises puts emphasis on the sanity, safety, so you will find hand sanitizer, disinfectant, paper tower places well. And all the water should be purified and processed before being provided to you.



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