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Top Yangtze River Small Cruise Ships 2021

Why choosing a small cruise ship to experience your Yangtze River sailing in China?? Yes, large Yangtze River cruise ships are good with rich types of facilities, large activity space, and other good points. However, Yangtze River small cruise ships are also finely and fully equipped with high standard facilities and amenities for your free enjoyment. Besides the multiple great places for activities, entertainment and relaxation, spacious cabins & suites, reputable services, and so forth, the small cruise ships would in contrast provide you some fresh and amazing experience of a river cruise sailing:

  • With much less guests onboard, you could enjoy the totally different cozier atmosphere;
  • A small cruise would give better services to the about 220-270 guests with its 120-140 staff. However, on a large cruise, there are about 140-180 crews for 400-550 and even more guests;
  • Free worry of crowds in the dining room and the queue there;
  • Higher ratio to make new friends as you would meet the same faces for more frequently and may talk more, enjoy more activities together, etc.;
  • ……

There are many types of small cruise ships on Yangtze River. No matter you are looking for a small luxury cruise ship to enjoy the most deluxe services and hardware, or the most popular small Yangtze cruise to get rid of crows, or a new small cruise ship to have a prior try of the state-of-the-art skills and facilities, or would like to find a cheap small cruise to spend a budget river cruise experience of the Yangtze Three Gorges, you could enjoy a comfortable and wonderful Yangtze River holiday and enjoy what you are wanting.

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Top 5 Recommended Yangtze River Small Cruise Ships

Since there are a series of Yangtze River small cruise ships offered, we here give some top best small cruises for your comfortable cruising in China. Check the details at below to select your ideal cruise.

Yangtze Explorer - Best Super 5-star Yangtze Ship Refurbished in 2017
Yangtze River Small Cruise Ship - Yangtze Explorer

Yangtze Largest Standard Cabin on Yangtze Explorer

Ship Data:

Managed by: Sanctuary Retreats
Launch: 2008
Refurbished: 2017
Capacity: 124
Cabins: 62
Ship Size: 91.5m*16.4m
Tonnage: 6733 T

Most Personalized 1:1 service: with a capacity of only 124 guests onboard, Yangtze Explorer hires 121 crews to provide the best professional personalized service, so the praisable one-on-one service could enable every of you to be well taken care for.

Well Refurbished Boutique Ship: already awarded the “Winner of Best River Cruise Line Cabins” and “Cruise Critic UK Editors’ Picks Award 2015”. Moreover, just refurbished at the end of 2017, this boutique ship offers more luxurious cabins and suites to suit your exquisite life style. Besides, its new dining room, spa center, theater, fitness center, etc. could surely ignite your time onboard.

Inspiring exploration of brand-new shore excursions: bravely making a big breakthrough, Yangtze Explore takes guests to experience the new Yangtze River cruise route to discover highlights of the brand-new attractive places onshore for their excursion experience with the Three Gorges in 2020, like the 816 Nuclear Military Plant, Baiheliang Underwater Museum, Shennongjia Nature Preserve, and so forth.



Victoria Selina & Victoria Lianna - Small Newly Refurbished Victoria Cruise Ships
Yangtze River Small Cruise Ship - Victoria Lianna

Deluxe & Comfortable Accommodation on Newly Refurbished Victoria Selina & Victoria Lianna

Victoria Selina Ship Data:

Managed by: Victoria Cruises
Launch: 1994
Rebuilt: 2011
Refurbished: 2018
Capacity: 216
Cabins: 108
Ship Size: 89.4m*16.4m
Tonnage: 4587 T

Victoria Lianna Ship Data:

Managed by: Victoria Cruises
Launch: 1995
Rebuilt: 2011
Refurbished: 2018
Capacity: 216
Cabins: 108
Ship Size: 89.4m*16.4m
Tonnage: 4587 T

2018 newly refurbished cruise: just well refurbished in 2018, the two sister cruises provide top new and high-grade facilities, amenities, and equipment from your comfortable cabins, to the elegant dining places, and many other places for entertainment to satisfy you and your mates to China.

Grateful designed for cruising holiday: comfortable private balcony arrangement is applied in every guest room for your free relaxation with the fine sightseeing of the Yangtze River and the Three Gorges and some leisure time of private chat.

Excellent service of the American cruise company: being top ships of the American Victoria Cruises from New York, Victoria Selina & Victoria Lianna with typical American management boast excellent services to every guest onboard, which also has made them win the favor of global cruise visitors.



Century Emerald - Small Yangtze Cruise Ship Hired by Viking Cruises
Yangtze River Small Cruise Ship - Century Diamond

Wind Down duringyou Your Yangtze Crusie Trip on Century Emerald

Ship Data:

Managed by: Century Cruises
Launch: 2010
Capacity: 264
Cabins: 132
Ship Size: 110m*17m
Tonnage: 7142 T

Honorable enjoyment: every detail onboard would add luster to your high quality cruise holiday, from the cozy guest rooms with private terraces to directly drink in the natural view, room equipment of 5-star Hotels, to the elegant decoration, delicious various cuisines in the restaurant with ceiling-to-floor viewing windows, and the careful arrangement of activities, etc.

Outstanding European-style management: managed under the featured principles from the Europe and once hired by the famous Viking Cruises, Century Emerald is a the recommended cruise for people from Western countries with pleasing services and high sanitary standards.

Large active room per person onboard: built into 110m long, 17m wide and 22.25m high, and designed to hold 264 guests, Century Emerald provides the top largest active room for each person onboard to freely enjoy the happy hour with friends and family.



Yangtze 1 - Cheap Small Cruise Ship
Yangtze River Small Cruise Ship - Yangtze 1

Spacious Suite on Yangtze 1

Ship Data:

Managed by: Changjiang Cruises
Launch: 2006
Renovated: 2009
Capacity: 218
Cabins: 109
Ship Size: 103.8m*16m
Tonnage: 5263 T

Cruise for serving “State Guests”: as the appointed cruise for the reception of state guests, Yangtze 1 would let you experience of being a distinguished guest in a foreign country.

Qualified comfortable facilities: great facilities and amenities like large dining rooms, viewing bar, gym center, café, tea house, ball room, large sun deck, and so forth would make you enjoy a really wonderful trip.

4.5 Star Yangtze River cruise at lowest price: providing high quality hardware with multiple great activities, shows and shore excursion site visits without any other charges, Yangtze 1 offers the lowest price only from $378 - $431 for your need of a budget sailing.



Compare top Small Yangtze River Cruise Ships

Check more basic information, including size, number of decks, rating, etc. of the top small Yangtze River cruises at below. Choose your favorite one to start sailing!

Ship NameRatingPrice of 2021DecksSize
Room Size
Private BalconyTwo Beds into OneExtra Bed
Yangtze Explorer 9.9 $1,523-$1,831 5 91.50*16.40 31.00-110.00 Yes Yes Yes
Victoria Lianna &
Victoria Selina
9.2 $354-$443 6 89.40*16.40 19.60-57.80 Yes N/A N/A
Century Emerald 9.0 $376-$438 6 110.00*17.00 25.00-78.00 Yes Yes Yes
Yangtze 1 8.9 $343-$381 5 87.30*14.50 14.50-52.00 Yes Yes N/A

Note: the above information is only for your reference, if you have any question, please feel free to contact our travel expert for help.

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