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Lesser Three Gorges - Return back to Nature

The Lesser Three Gorges (小三峡) is considered by many as a resplendent pearl of the Three Gorges area. Occupying an area of 3000 acres and next to Wu Gorge, Lesser Three Gorges is situated a 50 kilometers stretch of the lower reaches of the Daning River, which is one of the tributaries of the Yangtze River.

With magnificent natural attractions and distinct cultural and historical landscapes, the Lesser Three Gorges has five remarkable characteristics as follow:

  1. Majestic mountains and striking peaks, prosperous forests and colorful pebble beach;
  2. Turbulent rivers and treacherous shoals, flying waterfalls and clear springs;
  3. Omniform stalactites and fantastic stones;
  4. Mysterious cliffs and ancient caves, vivid natural sculptures;
  5. Frolicsome monkeys, singing birds, precious historical relics, hanging coffins and coffin ships etc.

Lesser Three Gorges

Known as “the wonders of the world”, the Lesser Three Gorges scenic area is comprised of Longmen Gorge, Bawu Gorge and Dicui Gorge. Each of them has its uniqueness and beauty.

Longmen Gorge (龙门峡)

Feature: the Most Magnificent

Longmen Gorge is the starting point of the Lesser Three Gorges. With a distance of 3 km, it starts from the Narrows to Yinwo Beach. The majestic mountains on both sides are so steep as if they are cut from the center and therefore, it is always honored the most magnificent gorge in China. It is flanked by two towering peaks between which the water flows rapidly, which is known as the Lesser Kuimen Gate. Authentic experience here is that when the ship floats around the yinwo Beach, the water is very rushing and you will feel like the ship is flying.

Scenic spots include: The Longmen Bridge (龙门桥), Longmen Spring (龙门泉), Jiulong Column (九龙柱) and Lingzhi Peak (灵芝峰)and so on.

Lesser Three Gorges

Lesser Three Gorges

Cruise in Longmen Gorge

Get Close to Longmen Gorge

Bawu Gorge (巴雾峡)

Feature: Grotesque, Magic

With a distance of 10 km, Bawu Gorge is start from Tortoise Beach to Shuanglong. It is well known for its steep mountain, dense clouds and mists. There are stalactites hanging from the mountain and the hanging tombs of ancient Ba people can be found here. At every turn of the river, one could see different sceneries of the peaks and therefore, it is awarded the most magic gorge in China.

Scenic Spots include: Magui Mountain (马归山), Huilong Cave (回龙洞), Xiantao Peak (仙桃峰) and Hangjing Coffins (悬棺), etc.

Hanging coffins in Bawu Gorge

Hanging Coffins in Bawu Gorge

Dicui Gorge (滴翠峡)

Feature: Serene, the Most Beautiful & the Funniest

With a distance of 20 km, Dicui Gorge is the longest gorge from Shuanglong to Tujia Dam. And it is also the most beautiful gorge. It is famous for its steep cliffs, flying waterfalls, green forests, playing mandarin ducks, numerous monkeys and so on. Therefore, it is praised as the funniest gorge in China.

Scenic Spots include: Shuilian Cave (水帘洞), Moyan Buddha Statue (魔岩佛像), Mianyang Beach (绵羊滩), Mini Three Gorges (小小三峡), Dengtian Peak (登天峰), Pland Path (栈道), Coffin Ships(船棺), etc.

Incredible view in Dicui Gorge

Incredible View in Dicui Gorge

Return back to Nature in Lesser Three Gorges

1. Seeing the Lesser Three Gorges is an experience of a lifetime, and as you travel down the River, it would be easy to gain a better understanding and feel how people used to live and the ways in which they relied on the land and water.

2. It is also a really exciting place, for having attractive drift areas where you can challenge yourself while appreciating the finest scenery and learning about the rich culture of ancient China.

3. In the well-deserved Natural Park, you can see the wildlife, such as the frolicsome monkeys, Mandarin ducks, and a variety of fish. Besides, the high above the cliffs are remnants of tribes that occupied the Daning River area, such as the suspended boat coffin.

4. In fact, some archaeologists have unearthed incredible findings such as armor, swords, and other valuable artifacts over the years, many dating back to the Bronze Age.

5. The best way to capture the true wonder of Lesser Three Gorges is to take a boat ride along the river. Visitors could take a big boat at first, and then when reaching Dicui Gorge, you’d better transfer to a small boat for the narrow waterway here.

6. At present, only Yangtze Gold Cruises offer arranged shore excursion to Lesser Three Gorges. Both upstream and downstream cruises of Yangtze Gold Cruises will take you to the Lesser Three Gorges.

Tourists Experience in Lesser Three Gorge

Small Boat, Better View

Local Frolicsome Monkeys

Local Frolicsome Monkeys


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