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Feng Yan San Guo - Marvelous Large-scale Three Kingdoms Show

Feng Yan San Guo (烽烟三国, War Fire of Three Kingdoms) is a large-scale real landscape show about the culture and history of the Three Kingdoms about over 1,800 year ago. Newly and elaborately created by the excellent group, this Three Kingdoms show brings a cultural feast for Yangtze River cruise visitors to know the brilliant historical culture of the Three Kingdoms Period and the spirit of loyalty of great military officer Guan Yu (关羽). To enjoy the highlighting culture of Yangtze River and the Three Gorges, Feng Yan San Guo show is not to be missed.

What Highlights to Enjoy

The War Fire of Three Kingdoms show takes the Yangtze River as background, magnificent Three Gorges as performing stage, historical culture as main theme, and the spiritual loyalty as soul, which presents a cultural banquet for audience to Zhongxian.

Vivid & Touching Stories

9 parts are arranged reasonably in the Three Kingdoms Open Air Show to tell you the major influential stories in the Three Kingdoms period. With amazing effects of lights, sounds, and electricity during the show, historical scenes seem to return vividly in front of you.

Some famous stories in the great novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” (三国演义) are performed well by the great actors and actresses, like the classic “Sworn Brothers” in the beautiful peach orchard with the dream of the Liu Bei (刘备), Zhang Fei (张飞) and Guan Yu; the “War of Xiapi” telling the endurance of Guan Yu serving for the Cao Cao’s camp with his heart in the Liu Bei’s; the “Trapped in Cao Camp” showing the respect and well treat of Cao Cao (曹操) to Guan Yu; the “Ride Alone for Thousand Miles” creating the legendary life of Guan Yu forcing five passes and slaying six captains to win glory in battle; the “Battle of the Red Cliff” of the allied forces of Liu Bei and Sun Quan (孙权) defeating the army of Cao Cao, etc.

To enrich the truth of the stories, great songs, dances, aerobatic shows, equestrian and so forth are also put in great performances for audience. Through the presenting stories of Guan Yu, you could find the high loyalty of this great person in the Three Kingdoms period.

Advanced Marvel Technologies & Equipment

Feng Yan San Guo show adopts the full water-stage of 35,000㎡, 3D holographic laser projection of 3200㎡, a 180-degree rotating auditorium, stereo special effects of sounds, lights, electricity, and fire just to offer the best images of the historical legend, vivid scene of war, heroic spirit of the people and enchanting stage to you.

Moreover, about 10 Barco high definition projections are used in this wonderful show, the brand of which has served for the London Olympic Games and the CCTV Spring Festival Gala for continuous 11 years. Also the 5 stone pillars are created with many high technologies with every surface having difference functions. Particularly in the scene of “Battle of the Red Cliff” when the stone pillars fall slowly and change into the warships, with the help of the special effects, audience will admire the lifelike scene of the war at that time.

Feng Yan San Guo - Chaotic Hero

Chaotic Hero

Feng Yan San Guo - Three Kingdom Show

Battle of the Red Cliff

Feng Yan San Guo - Three Kingdom Show

Trapped in Cao Camp

Feng Yan San Guo - Three Kingdom Show

Submersion of Seven Army Forces

Where to Enjoy the Show

The open air venue of the Feng Yan San Guo show is located at the Three Gorges Harbor International Tourist Area, Dongxi Town, Zhongxian County, Chongqing (重庆市忠县东溪镇三峡港湾国际旅游度假区烽烟三国). It needs about 30 minutes driving from the downtown area of Zhongxian County and about 3-3.5 hours driving for about 220km from Chongqing.

Location Map of Feng Yan San Guo Show

Click to Enlarge the Location Map of Feng Yan San Guo Show

However, to enjoy this wonderful performance, we highly recommend you take a Yangtze River cruise since some cruise ships arrange it as a shore excursion activity during the downstream cruise and offer great transfer there, such as Century Cruises, Victoria Cruises, President Cruises, Yangtze Explorer. Yangtze Gold Cruises arranged Feng Yan San Guo Show as a optional experiences for both upstream and downstream cruises. Find a Cruise >>

Performed for about 70 minutes, this show starts at about 19:00 in November to April and about 20:00 in May to October. And the cruise company would arrange the comfortable vehicle to take visitors there and then escort you back to the cruise ship after it finishes, so they could enjoy the show with nothing worry about.

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