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Victoria Jenna

9.7 / 10
Victoria Jenna Cruise Ship

Victoria Jenna is the classic star flagship and No.2 best choice of Victoria Cruises managed by the American team. Sailing since 2009, it once set the new standard for luxury river cruising both in China and around the world. Most importantly, refurbished in 2018, the popular luxurious Victoria Jenna continues to offer everything brand-new and its advanced international service for global travelers to enjoy the stylish and relaxing sailing vacation on the graceful Yangtze!

2024 Possible Port Change for Special Events in Chongqing: Due to the rapidly decreasing water levels of the Yangtze River and its tributary of the Jialing River in Chongging Port areas, all cruises will not be able to dock in Chongqing for passenger embarkation for downstream cruises and disembarkation for upstream cruises from April 8th to April 14th, 2024. Instead, docking will be available at Fengdu Port. The cruise companies will be providing shuttle bus transfer services between Fengdu Port and Chongging passengers to reach the ship accordingly. (2.5-hour bus ride)

For upstream cruise with DISEMBARKING guests (Yichang to Chongqing)
Passengers will disembark in Fengdu and then take a two-and-a-half-hour bus ride to the entrance of Chongqing Jiangbei Grand Theater (重庆江北大剧院公交车站).(Approx.10:00 am)

For downstream cruise with EMBARKING guests (Passengers will meet cruises' staff (check the poster stand with cruise company's LOGO) at the entrance area of Chongqing Longtousi Tourist Transportation Center (重庆龙头寺游客集中心). From there, a two-and-a-half-hour bus ride to Fengdu will be provided for cruise embarkation. (Shuttle Bus:15:00-17:00)

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Victoria Jenna Overview

Victoria Jenna (MEI WEI KAI ZHEN in Chinese Pinyin), is the No.2 best and most deluxe ship of Victoria Cruises that is the Yangtze only American cruise line and is rooted in New York. Making her first voyage in 2009 with the unparalleled standard American services with foreign cruise manager supervising onboard, Victoria Jenna has attracted hundreds of international visitors to choose her to achieve their relaxing Yangtze River cruise vacation. This is the top best ship for visitors seeking for both impeccable service and a good price. Because Victoria Jenna has been refurbished in 2018 and upgraded its facilities and amenities more advanced and its interior decoration more elegant with a classic flavor, which only aims to offer the better experience of a luxury river cruise in China.

There are not only distinct types of accommodations (all with a private balcony and a private bathroom) suitable for different needs, but also diverse sorts of delicate mouth-watering cuisines selected by Emmy© Award-winning star chef - Walter Staib, as well as rich options of interesting snacks, wines and drinks, for a real culinary pleasure. Also, large glass viewing windows allocated nearly everywhere onboard for sightseeing anytime, a series of quality public entertainment places, rich types of cultural activities and performances, and so forth, are all prepared on the brand-new Victoria Jenna to create the best fun, leisure and luxury days onboard. Furthermore, all the 180 English-speaking crew are professionally trained to welcome you and help you sincerely anytime to make your sailing trip enjoyable and relaxing without any worry at all! If you are looking for a luxury Yangtze cruise with great service and at relatively low price, do not miss Victoria Jenna!

  • Victoria Jenna Maiden Voyage
    Maiden Voyage
  • Victoria Jenna Refurbished
  • Victoria Jenna Tonnage
  • Victoria Jenna Length
    133.8 M
  • Victoria Jenna Width
    18.8 M
  • Victoria Jenna Height
    2.6 M
  • Victoria Jenna Speed
    26 KM/H
  • Victoria Jenna Itinerary
  • Victoria Jenna Capacity
  • Victoria Jenna Crew
  • Victoria Jenna Decks
  • Victoria Jenna Elevators
  • Victoria Jenna Restaurants
  • Victoria Jenna WIFI
  • Victoria Jenna Swimming Pool
    Swimming Pool
  • Victoria Jenna Laundry Service
    Laundry Service
  • Victoria Jenna Cabins
  • Victoria Jenna Private Balcony
    Private Balcony
  • Victoria Jenna Private Bathroom
    Private Bathroom
  • Victoria Jenna Hair Dryer
    Hair Dryer
  • Victoria Jenna VIP Restaurant
    VIP Restaurant

Why Choose Victoria Jenna?

Victoria Jenna

No.2 Luxury Victoria Ship

Being the once leading Victoria ship before the launching of newly built Victoria Sabrina in 2020, Victoria Jenna offers the best cruise facilities, environment and services at the highest level to all domestic and foreign visitors choosing her!
Victoria Jenna

American Service with Foreign Cruise Manager

As the once leading vessel from Victoria Cruises that is the only Yangtze cruise line under American management, Victoria Jenna has professional foreign cruise manager onboard and well-trained English-speaking staff providing satisfying international service and care for each cruise visitor from various places in the world!
Victoria Jenna

Choice of Global Celebrities

Having been chosen by Julie (the daughter of America’s former President Nixon), Robert A. Mundell (the father of Europe currency), Jenna Chan Chennault (global famous Chinese American politician), and more many international celebrities, Victoria Cruises it is the advantageous symbol for your noble statue!
  • Quality Luxury Ship with Honored Awards: Under the strict management of Victoria Cruises which is the Silver Award Winner for the Magellan Awards’ River Cruise Ship category by Travel Weekly and whose seven vessels have all received the coveted five-star rating from the China Ministry of Tourism and Culture.
  • Surprise Food Trip with Chef Walter Staib’s Choice: Yangtze River cruise will be filled with lots of joy of delicacy, because it has entrusted the well-known star Chef Walter Staib winning six-time Emmy© Award to redesign the menu for a higher-class of gourmet satisfaction. Abundant sorts of delicious and exquisite Chinese and Western cuisines, snacks and drinks are offered in the three fancy restaurants!
  • Quality Sanitary & Healthy Voyage: Victoria Jenna strictly controls and supervises every step of food preparation and provision to let you enjoy the flavors without any worry anytime onboard. Implementing EU Food Procedures 852/2004 by European Food Safety Authority, the strict international standard for food safety by FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and HACCP, and its high standard of water quality onboard, with advanced machinery equipment. Besides, regular cleaning and sterilizing work is carefully carried on every day on Victoria Cruises ships to offer the best fresh air and clean environment onboard during your cruise. Additionally, hand sanitizer prepared at handy locations helps you enjoy a healthier and worry-free vacation!

2024 Victoria Jenna Cruise Routes

Yangtze River Cruise

3 Nights & 4 Days Chongqing - Yichang Cruise

Most popular downstream itinerary to see the best significant mountains and gorges of Yangtze.

Destinations: Mount Shuanggui, Shennv Stream, Three Gorges Dam...

Yangtze River Cruise

4 Nights & 5 Days Yichang - Chongqing Cruise

Another classic upstream route to appreciate the golden section of Yangtze with a more leisure pace.

Destinations: Three Gorges Dam, Shennong Stream, Mount Shuanggui...

What to Expect on Victoria Jenna?

Schedule of Victoria Jenna

    • Jan.
    • Feb.
    • Mar.
    • Apr.
    • May.
    • June.
    • July.
    • Aug.
    • Sept.
    • Oct.
    • Nov.
    • Dec.

    Yichang → Chongqing

    from $400-$415

    Chongqing → Yichang

    from request
    Please Note:
    • The above price range is based on a standard cabin for twin sharing.
    • The prices are valid by Dec.31 of the year.
    • Please enquire us of the exact price according to your nationality, cruising time and cruising route.
    • The cruise prices for holidays such as National Holiday (the first week of October), Labor Day, Spring Festival, etc., are quoted upon request.
    • Limited winter schedules may be adjusted into other dates, cruise ships, etc. based on the arrangement of the cruise company.

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    6 Days Chongqing, Yangtze River & Zhangjiajie Exciting Tour

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    Questions & Discussions

    Following are latest questions and answers from our webusers and customers. You can learn many useful information from the discussion and cases. You can also join in the discussions or ask your own question. Our experts will help you ASAP.

    Weather and temperatures on the boat for early/mid November
    Is there heating on the boat
    Will we need warmer type clothing
    2019-10-27 11:14
    Thanks very much! We r excited for a cruise with you.
    Hello Jeni,

    Thanks for your question. Central air-conditioner is well equipped in Victoria Jenna with an average temperature at around 26 °C in the whole ship all year round. Therefore, you will feel very pleasant on the boat. Light sweaters and long pants are enough when you are onboard. However, cold and wind occurs frequently along the Yangtze River in November, thus we suggest you to wear your down jackets, heavy pants, heavy sweaters and scarves when you go sightseeing on the sun deck or do some shore excursions.

    Wish you a memorable ship experience in China!
    just some thoghts
    thank you for your answer that there is no swimming pool on board and suggested some other cruise ships. i like your professional attitude and i will be quite happy as i had booked Victoria Jenna earlier to suit my traveling date.
    2019-06-26 16:25
    Hello Mary Lu,

    Thanks for your message again. And welcome to China! Victoria Jenna is also a great Yangtze River cruise ship, with the most of superior cabins. So, enjoy your coming ship journey!

    Warm tip: We Yangtze River cruises are also professional and experienced in planning China tours. If you are interested in extending your China holiday to other hot tourist destinations in the future, you can also trust and contact us for help. We will glad to help you! Also, you can visit our website to get inspired: https://www.yangtze-river-cruises.com/tour.html

    Wish you a wonderful day!
    is there a swimming pool?
    2019-06-25 20:18
    Hi Mary Lu,

    Greetings from China! Onboard Victoria Jenna there is no swimming pool available there. If you haven’t book the cruise and are really interested in swimming onboard, you could choose Century Paragon or Century Legend, the popular luxury cruises with an indoor thermostatic swimming pool.

    Wish you a memorable ship journey in China!
    Private Balcony
    Good morning can you please confirm that every cabin has a private balcony. The travel company I am looking at does not specify that it does. Refers to it as a "standard room". Also can you tell me the upgrade price to eat in the private dining room. Thank you so much.
    2019-06-16 10:37
    Hi Gloria,

    Thank you for the message. I am sorry we are travel agency not cruise company. If you have booked the cruise and would like to know if the room has a balcony and the price of the upgrade dinning, please kindly ask your travel agency for more details. Thanks a lot. And if the cruise tour has not booked yet, we can also help to arrange for you.

    Have a nice day!
    Is there free wifi
    Does the ship have free wifi?
    2018-10-10 06:12
    Hello Susan,

    Thank you for the question. Yes, there is Wi-Fi service onboard Victoria Jenna for your enjoyment of chatting with your family and friends, sharing pictures on the social media and other entertainment. Such kind of service needs extra payment of around 150RMB/person for a whole sailing. If you need, just tell the reception desk and pay the money, and the staff will help you link your mobile phone or other digital device willingly. Besides, for guests booking the suites, the cruise usually provides it as complimentary service.

    Enjoy your cruise holiday in China!
    Recipe Ginger Tea
    I recently cruised with you and your amazing staff!!
    Time of my life!! Could not fault a thing and I have done many cruises but thos was my first river cruise.
    Wondering if you could share the recipe for the Ginger Tea served to us when we came back on board after an excursion??
    Your kindness would be greatly appreciated.

    Rita Ellis
    2018-09-24 05:05
    Hi Rita,

    Thank you for the message! It is simple to make Ginger Tea. Prepare the materials, 6g black tea, 10g old ginger, some honey; boil the black tea leaves and ginger with clean water together; cool it down to not too hot and add some honey when you drink it.

    Wish you a good day!
    Does each cabin have their own bathroom?
    2018-08-15 18:27
    Hi Rene,
    Thanks for your question! Yes, each cabin has its own private bathroom onboard Victoria Jenna. For more questions and ship booking, please feel free to let us know.

    Wish you a nice day!
    Is there any way I can contact Dr Liu on the Yangtze Jenna cruise ship? I was onboard in June this year and bought a number of bottles of herbal-type pills. They are all to be taken in a certsin order, but I am not sure if I am following his instructions properly.
    I do hope you can help.
    Thank you very much
    Wendy Plane
    2018-08-13 10:06
    Hi Wendy,

    Thank you for the message! Nice to know you have enjoyed the cruise tour by Victoria Jenna in June. To contact the Dr Liu onboard that cruise, you could call the cruise ship at 86 136-1763-7297. Besides, you could also contact your travel expert from whom you booked the cruise tour.

    Wish you a great day!

    Are the cabins equipped with queen or king beds or do all cabins have single beds.
    2018-03-12 02:30
    Hello Nannie,

    Thank you for the question. Onboard the Victoria Jenna, beds are arranged differently according to the size and type of the cabins. Usually, there are two single beds (0.9m*2.0m) in the Superior Cabin and Executive Suite, one Queen bed (1.8m*2.0m) in the Delux Suite, and one King bed (2.0 m * 2.0 m) in the Shangri-La Suite. If you are interested in taking the Victoria Jenna to enjoy the Yangtze River cruise and Three Gorges view, just feel free to tell us about your ideal traveling time to China, group size, nationality, Email, and other information, and then our professional travel expert will help you sincerely with the planning of your tour with nice quotation.

    Wish you a wonderful day!
    Are there hair dryers on the ship
    2017-08-13 22:09
    Hello Kathy,

    Thank you for the question. Usually, cabins on Victoria Jenna are equipped with hair dryers. And you could borrow one at the reception desk in case there is none in your cabin when you are onboard.

    Wish you a comfortable trip on Yangtze River!
    Dress code
    Are there any dress codes whilst onboard
    2017-06-23 05:41
    Hello Derek,

    Thanks for your question. Usually dressing code is not very formal when onboard Victoria Jenna. And for the Captain’s Welcome and Farewell Parties, there are some advises. Such as, suite, tie, evening dress, etc. are not strictly required. You can dress as comfortable as possible to enjoy your cruise tour, but too casual clothes like jeans, round-neck shirts, shorts, slipperier, and so forth are better to avoid on such occasions.

    Wish you an enjoyable trip on the Yangtze River!
    Boat Times
    Hi there, I'm enquiring about the 4 days cruise from Chongqing to Yichang.
    Can I ask what the departing time will be in Chongqing and the arriving time in Yichang?
    2017-02-07 19:45
    Hello Jeff,

    Good morning from Chengdu! Thanks for your question.

    You are enquiring about "Victoria Jenna", and its downstream cruise from Chongqing to Yichang will be 4 days and 3 nights. In normal situation, the departing time in Chongqing (served port: Chongqing Chaotianmen Port) will be 21:00 on the first day; and the arriving time in Yichang will be around 12:30~13:00 on the fourth day (served port: Yichang New Century Port).

    Our professional travel consultant will send you detailed cruise itinerary including the departing and arriving information as well as price for you. Please check your email and know more latest info for your Yangtze River cruise.

    Best Regards,

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