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Shennv Stream - An Original Virgin Valley on Yangtze

Shennv Stream, also called Goddess Stream, is a small stream between Qinshi Town and Feifeng Peak. Located in the hinterland of the Yangtze River, Shennv Stream is on the opposite of Three Gorges, a famous scenic spot in Yangtze River.

Having a total length of 30 km, it is the wondrous gorge. You can see an extraordinary view: Thousands feet of cliffs hanging on the sky; Hundreds meters of blue peaks green the water; Group rocks block out the sun; A slight line opened between the heaven, and so forth. These breathtaking sceneries make the Shennv Stream deserved the reputation of original Virgin Valley--the legendary fairies.

Tourists Experience in Shennv Stream:

  1. Appreciate the natural scenery all the way;
  2. Drift on a local boat and immersed in the authentic wonderland;
  3. Enjoy the quiet and secluded moment along the stream.
  4. Excited about the unique local ethnic minority Tujia flavor & culture;
  5. Explore the historic relics - mysterious ancient coffins suspended high on the cliff and more.

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Experience Cruise Tour in Shennv Stream

Cruise Tour in Shennv Stream

View Natural Scenery

Attracted by the Three Gorges, you will leave regret without visit Shennv Stream. Being one part of Wushan Mountains, water can compare with one in Lijiang River: absolutely quiet, clear and green.

Sleeping Beauty Peak & Palm Peak (睡美人峰&手掌峰)

By entering the Shennv Stream, you can see a head-on the right of Sleeping Beauty lying on her back. This is actual a vivid shape of Sleeping Beauty Peak, also the name comes from. In side of the Shennv Stream, you may find the Palm Peak. It is also known as cactus. The shape looks like Buddha outstretched palms standing upward, with the thumb points in the side. These two peaks will give you kinds of imaginations about nature.

Cuiping Peak (翠屏峰)

Drifting west bank of Shennv Stream, you will be astonished by a big green screen covering bottom of hillside along the stream. It will spread further if you enter inside. With the reputation of big green screen,Cuiping Peak gives you more mystery about things behind the screen, which tempt you to make an adventure.

Rising Peak (上升峰)

As one of the Wushan 12 peaks, Rising Peak has altitude of 780 meters, likes a steep mountain suddenly spiking in the cloud. One corner of the peak diagonally, fluttering fly straight to the sky, likes a giant bird (named Kunpeng) soaring into the heaven. Because peak shape likes Kunpeng’s wings, local people also call it “ Eagle Rock”.

Qiyun Peak (起云峰)

About 8 kilometers east of the Qingshi town, Qiyun Peak is there. With gradually perennial misty clouds, Qiyun Peak is a good place to view of the cloud, constantly changing and jumping from the bottom up to the mountainside. Because of the cloud, Qiyun Peak more likes a heaven, only when you climb up to overlook spectacular nature.

 Sleep Beauty Peak Scenery in Shennv Stream

Sleep Beauty Peak Scenery

Rising Peak in Shennv Stream

Rising Peak in Shennv Stream

Qiyun Peak in Shennv Stream

Qiyun Peak Scene in Shennv Stream

Authentic Experience in Shennv Stream

"Certainly it is a Worthwhile Tour of a Magnificent Offshoot of the Yangtze."

A shore excursion to Shennv Stream gave us the opportunity to see verdurous peaks, limpid water and rare original ecology Vegetation near the water's edge. Probably the best excursion we did.

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Drifting Experience in Shennv Stream

Authentic Drifting Experience


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