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Shennong Stream - A Collection of Local Culture

Shennong Stream (神农溪), a tributary of Yangtze River between Wu Gorge and Xiling Gorge, joins the Yangtze in Badong County, Hubei Province. Originating at Shennongjia Mountain in Hubei Province, the first peak in Central China, it enters the Yangtze River at the eastern mouth of the Wu Gorge.

With a distance of 60 km, Shennong Stream, Just like a dragon meandering through the forests at a height of 3000m above sea level, rushing southward between mountains and cliffs. Therefore, it fascinates the tourists with its special virtue of serenity, uniqueness, primitiveness and wilderness.

Tourists Experience in Shennong Stream:

  1. Appreciate the natural scenery all the way;
  2. Drift on a local peapod boat and immersed in the wonders of zigzagging watercourse;
  3. Enjoy the canzonet singing by the boat trackers;
  4. Excited about the unique local ethnic minority Tujia flavor & culture;
  5. Explore the historic relics - mysterious ancient coffins suspended high on the cliff and more.
Shennong Stream in Autumn

Shennong Stream in Autumn

View Natural Scenery

Shennong Stream consists of three sections with their own features, that is, Mianzhu Gorge, Parrot Gorge, and Longchang Cave Gorge. A Shennong Stream excursion will take you to all of the three Gorges.

Mianzhu Gorge (棉竹峡)

If you look at the cliffs in Mianzhu Gorge, you will be treated to a view of stalactites in every shape and size imaginable. This gorge is so narrow that the walls above almost touch, a place known as Yixiantian, which means a "Rift in the Sky".

Parrot Gorge (鹦鹉峡)

Parrot Gorge too is simply a gorgeous area that boasts sweet smelling flowers and dense green vegetation. From this vantage point, the three-colored springs spray the air. You will also discover the Swallow Cave, a unique place where virtually thousands of short-beaked golden swallows live.

Longchang Cave Gorge (龙昌洞峡)

The third gorge along your trip on the Shennong Stream is Longchuan Cave Gorge. With a reputation for its magical beauty, this gorge is stunning with rocky cliffs, one in particular known as the Peak Baota, translating to "tower". This cliff reaches upwards, an incredible site where archaeologists have discovered a number of ancient battle tools.

Mianzhu Gorge Scenery in Shennong Stream

Pristine Gorge Scenery

Best View in Shennong Stream

Longchang Cave Gorge Scene

Drift along the Stream

Drifting along the Shenong Stream in a small local sampan (called “peapod boats” by the locals) is the unique method for viewing the natural scenery, the ancient village and the flavor of Tujia (the local ethnic minority).

Before you take the peapod boat, an environmental protection boat will first take you to admire the gorgeous scenery. Then you will change to the peapod boat (14 yards long and two yards wide). Floating on a peapod boat, you can appreciate not only the natural scene all the way, but also the joys and excitement in fighting the winds and waves. It will be your lifetime thrilling and exciting experience.

Drift along Shennong Stream

Have fun while drifting along the stream

Authentic Experience from Our Guest:

"Certainly it is a Worthwhile Tour of a Magnificent Offshoot of the Yangtze."

A Shore excursion to Shennong Stream gave us the opportunity to see cascading waterfalls, steep cliffs, karst caves, three-colored springs, and an amazing array of fish, birds, and monkeys as they play near the water's edge. Probably the best excursion we did.

>> Check more photos of Shennong Stream.

In 2024, President Cruises, Yangtze 1 cruise and Yangtze Explorer offers both upstream and downstream shore excursion experience to Shennong Stream; Victoria Cruises and Yangtze 2 cruise only offer short trip to Shennong Stream for their upstream cruises.

Drifting Experience in Shennong Stream

Authentic Drifting Experience


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