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Tribe of the Three Gorges - Explore the Ancient Past

Tribe of the Three Gorges Scenic Spot (三峡人家风景区), praised as the “Protected Center of the Popular Culture and Art of the Three Gorges”, is located in the hinterland of Xiling Gorge between the Three Gorges Dam and Gehzouba Dam. Being the “Two Dams, One Gorge” tourist line, It is the only large scenic spot which would not be influenced by the Three Gorges Dam.

The wheel of the history seems stopped here, leaving behind a piece of ancient and mysterious idyllic land with abundant Ba Culture and Chu Culture. Meanwhile, Tribe of the Three Gorges, with a total area of 14 square kilometers, consists of the Village on the Water, the Brook-side Village, and the Mountain Village.

In these villages, you could see young women dance and sing as old sailboats moor placidly below stilt houses hidden in the bamboo grove. Maidens wash clothes by the brook side with their whirling batons; fishermen cast their nets in the misty distance… Entering the region feels like coming from afar into a dreamland garden.

Tribe of Three Gorges Local People

Local People in Tribe of the Three Gorges

Tribe of the Three Gorges

The Village on the Water (水上人家)

At the juncture between the Longjin Brook and Yangtze River locates the Village on the Water, where the scenery, with the green mountains covered by mist against the blue water, is like a beautiful landscape painting.

The people here, from generation to generation, live off the mountains and waters, and stretch their ancient culture of fishing life.

The Brook-Side Tribe (溪边人家)

Located by a stream and against mountains, the Brook-Side Tribe is surrounded by mountains full of greenness, with the half on the land and the half into the water. You will feel like slandering in the fairyland with the fine rain breezing.

The Mountain-Top Tribe (山上人家)

The suspension building on the top of the mountain is called by the modern architect as "building with railing style". Due to the steep terrene along the three gorges area, buildings here, with Banana trees planted around, are mostly built by the mountains with wood materials.

Its name come after the fact that pillar and wall needs to be established when facing the almost vertical ridges, and its unique lies in its low front and high behind, passage on the side and the balcony in the behind.

It reflects the spirit of optimistic, fun and love of life of the people living in the gorges area. On the suspension building with windy passage and looking around, picturesque scenery will bring you with great pleasant feelings.

Scenery of Tribe of the Three Gorges

Singing on the water

the Brook-Side Tribe

the Brook-Side Tribe

the Mountain-Top Tribe

the Mountain-Top Tribe

Other Attractions in Tribe of the Three Gorges

Tribe of the Three Gorges embraces by the mountains, rivers, luxuriant, serene valley and drifting clouds that tourists could stay in the scenic area to far from the madding crowd.

  1. the First Tablet in China - Stone Table (石令牌)
  2. the No.1 stone along the Yangtze River - the Shadow-Play Stone (灯影石)
  3. the No.1 Cave - Shadow-Play Cave (灯影洞)
  4. the Forth Spring in the World - Toad Spring
  5. King Ba Palace
  6. Yellow Dragon Fall
  7. Qinyang Waterfall
  8. Seven Piles Spring
  9. The Monkey Mountain
  10. Boatman Performance
  11. the Moon-Inviting Pavilion

>> Check more photos of Tribe of the Three Gorges.

The Shadow-Play Stone (灯影石)

The Shadow-Play Stone (灯影石)


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