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Mini Three Gorges - Wushan Little Lesser Three Gorges

The Mini Three Gorges (小小三峡) is also called Little Lesser Three Gorges. Locating at Madu River (马渡河), a branch of the Daning River (大宁河) in Wushan, Chongqing is a primitive land to admire nature beautiful deep gorges, lovely water and lush plantations on both banks. Boasting the “mountains in Zhangjiajie and water in Mini Three Gorges”, the Mini Three Gorges is well-known and popular among visitors, so enjoy your time getting close to nature and fun. Furthermore, reputed as the “best area for drifting in China”, it is also regarded as the “No. 1 Drifting in China”.

What to Enjoy at Mini Three Gorges

Mini Three Gorges consists of Changtan Gorge, Sancheng Gorge and Qinwang Gorge. Although only winding for 15 kilometers along the Madu River, the Mini Three Gorges in this serene natural place offers great resort and highlighting activities for your holiday relaxation.

Sancheng Gorge

Sancheng Gorge (三撑峡) from the entrance of Madu River is the first gorge of Mini Three Gorges and stretches for around 5km. With especially steep cliffs on two banks, seeming cut by an axe, and interesting narrow water path lit by sunshine from the string-like sky above, the Sancheng Gorge presents tranquil and elegant sightseeing for every visitor. Take a little wooden boat to sail through this awesome gorge upstream, and you could experience the old local transportation with the enjoyment of beautiful and poetic view.

Scenic spots: Deer Turning Back, Mother Stone, Lovesickness Spring, Dragon Tiger Pool, Moon Village, Stone Pillar Bay, etc.

Qinwang Gorge

Section between Shangdukou to Shuanghe is the Qinwang Gorge (秦王峡) at the Mini Three Gorges. This about 4km long gorge has clear and peaceful water and emerald mountains, so it is a fine part for nature appreciation. You are recommended to go there to enjoy its wonderful natural splendors, hear the local legends and stories about its name and history, and discover the mysterious Qinwang Cave and its stalactite at the east bank.

Scenic spots: Tiger Head Cave, Fairies Welcoming Guests, Yellow Dragon Passing River, Hall of Arhats, etc.

Changtan Gorge

Changtan Gorge (长滩峡) is about 5km long and refers to the gorge from Shuanghe to Pinghe. Since there is a river shoal of around 2km long and over 10m wide, straight like a line and calm like a mirror, this gorge has got its name of Changtan Gorge, meaning Long Shoal Gorge. This gorge shows you the joy of watching multiple fishes swimming in the crystal clear water, colorful cobblestones onshore, steep cliffs facing each other to present the magic and nice ability of nature.

Scenic spots: Dripping Cave, Smart Spring, Climbing Cave, etc.

Mini Three Gorges

Splendid View of Mini Three Gorges

Small Lesser Three Gorges

Serene Mini Three Gorges

Mini Three Gorges

Emerald Mini Three Gorges

Where is the Mini Three Gorges & How to Get There

The Mini Three Gorges is situated at the Madu River, a branch from Dicui Gorge of Daning River, at Wushan County in Chongqing, China. It is about 20km away from Wushan County, about 150km from Yichang City and about 370km from Chongqing downtown. To arrive there, you need to drive about 5.5 hours for about 270km from Yichang City. However, if you are interested in visiting this tranquil and amazing scenic area, we highly recommend you take a Yangtze River cruise that will take you there with convenience and provide great tour guide for your enjoyment of the highlights there.

Note: at present, you could choose any ship of Yangtze Gold Cruises that arrange the Mini Three Gorges as an optional shore excursion site during both upstream and downstream cruise. If you have any question about the Mini Three Gorges, please feel free to ask our professional Travel Consultant for help!

Mini Three Gorges
Mini Three Gorges Location Map

Tips for Visiting Mini Three Gorges

1. There are frequent rains in July and August at Wushan area, so we advise you take your rain gears like umbrellas. However, the summer is still hot, therefore, shore-sleeve shirts and other clothes for summer are suggested.

2. As the Mini Three Gorges is very narrow for Yangtze River cruise ships passing, you would visit this mini and beautiful spot by transferring on small boats.

3. During you cruising there, the local fishermen would sometimes sing beautiful folk songs, which would take you back to the past years of Wushan to feel the simple and nice life of that time.


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