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Guilin Yangtze Tours

Guilin Yangtze Cruise Tour offers a great experience for two famous river cruises: you to see the world largest Three Gorges Dam of Yangtze River Cruise, together with the inland Li River Cruise with karst landscape along the way.

What to See & Experience in Guilin & along the Yangtze River?

  • 1. In Guilin: For most travelers, they spend 2-4 days to have fun with the iconic spots in Guilin downtown, enjoy the scenic Li River cruise, and get totally refreshed by the longing countryside lifestyle around the enchanting Yulong River in Yangshuo wonderland. Besides, if there are some more days for you, we suggest plan another 1 or 2 days’ trip and extend to admire the fascinating Longji Rice Terraces and local ethnic culture!
  • 2. Along Yangtze River: Travelers will catch the chance to view the old China in the central part of Yangtze River with a relaxing cruise between Chongqing and Yichang on the golden section of the river. Enjoy shore excursions to Shibaozhai Pagoda, Shennv Stream, Three Gorges Dam and appreciate beautiful scenery along Three Gorges.

Also China Yangtze Cruise Tours with Guilin give other choices for you to travel to Hong Kong, Beijing, Xian, Shanghai and other hot destinations, and not just Yangtze Cruise from Guilin. Why not go!

Top 2 Guilin Yangtze Tours

Our Top 2 Guilin Yangtze tour packages cover popular Yangtze River cruise tour starting from Guilin, as well as a tour with Yangtze River cruise experience and Zhangjiajie National Forest Park and Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge... Feel free to select your likes or if you have your own needs or personal requirements, please tell us and we are here to help you customize your own trip!

  • 6 Days Yangtze River Cruise from Idyllic Guilin

    Guilin / Chongqing / Yangtze Cruise / Yichang

    With the surreal Karst Mountains and Li river as its backdrop, it’s no wonder Guilin is a favorite city among travelers to China. From hiking to river cruising, the city offers a variety of activities to suit anyone. Head to Chongqing for a cruise holiday sailing freely along the Yangtze River - it is not just a cruise, but unique experience to get into the heart of China’s culture and beauty.

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  • 8 Days Guilin Yangtze Zhangjiajie Picturesque Nature Tour

    Guilin / Chongqing / Yangtze Cruise / Yichang / Zhangjiajie

    This 8-day nature tour is specially designed for nature lovers or who want to gain strength from nature, taking you to see Guilin karst landscape, idyllic Yangshuo countryside, Three Gorges, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon and Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. In the fresh and green land, you can totally free your eyes and mind.

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China Yangtze Tours with Guilin - Strongly Recommended

For most first-timers to China, they would like to cover several hot destinations in China, such as Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Yangtze River, Guilin, Chengdu, Lhasa, Zhangjiajie to get an overall impression about the vast and beautiful China. Usually, Yangtze River cruise is served as a relaxing short break during the whole vacation. The following are the top 6 strongly recommended China Yangtze tours with a visit in & around Guilin, and you can select your favored trip based on your interests, travel length and budget! If you have got your own ideas, contact us directly to discuss the travel plan and we can tailor made the tour for you!

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