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10 Days Yangtze River Cruise from Chongqing to Shanghai 2019
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Yangtze River Cruise from Chongqing to Shanghai

The downstream Yangtze Cruise from Chongqing to Shanghai is the most relaxing cruise route, taking 9 nights and 10 days. Covering all the upstream, middle stream and downstream of Yangtze River, it is best to appreciate the full section of the essence of this river and have a complete understanding of this “Mother River” in China.

This cruise route makes stops in the Three Gorges, Three Gorges Dam, Jingzhou, Wuhan, Jingdezhen, Chizhou and Yangzhou in the middle way, therefore, it offers an awesome chance to admire diverse kinds of beauty of cities along the Yangtze River and let you visit a large number of places in leisure.

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10 Days & 9 Nights Chongqing Shanghai Cruise Itinerary

Chongqing to shanghai Cruise Route Map


Day 1 Chongqing Embarkation

  • Embark the ship before 21:00 at Chaotianmen Dock, and depart from Chongqing

Chongqing is China’s fourth municipality after Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin, attracting visitors from home and aboard for its delicious food, cultural heritage, tourist attractions, unbelievable mountain landform... Located at the confluence of Yangtze River and Jialing River, it is best to appreciate the view of the city center. Embark the ship and come to the sundeck to enjoy the terrific night view of Chongqing, which is reputed as the “little Hong Kong”.

Chongqing City

Chongqing City

Day 2 Yangtze River Cruise (B, L, D)

  • In this morning, you can take the OPTIONAL shore excursion visit to Fengdu Ghost City. In the afternoon, visit the Shibaozhai Pagoda onshore.

Shibaozhai Pagoda situated in Zhongxian County is treated as a pearl on Yangtze River. As the gem of Chinese Architecture, this 12-story, red wooden temple from the 18th Century is listed by the American Discovery as one of the “Top 8 Most Peculiar Architectures in the World”. Visit this amazing building site to admire its appearance and know the interesting legends and stories.

Shibaozhai Pagoda

Shibaozhai Pagoda

Day 3 Yangtze River Cruise (B, L, D)

  • In this morning, you could take the OPTIONAL shore excursion tour to White Emperor City. Sailing through Qutang Gorge and Wu Gorge at noon hours. Visit Shennv Stream for shore excursion in the afternoon.

Shennv Stream, also called Goddess Stream, is a dreamy place in Wushan County to purify your mind. With a total length of 30 km, it is a wondrous gorge with extraordinary view. Take the little sightseeing boat to get close to nature in the deep valley with towering peaks to feel the comfortable serenity and vibrancy of the lush plant-covered nature fairyland.

Qutang Gorge at the western section is narrow and dramatic like an art gallery of nature, which offers superb magnificent scenery for all guests. Wu Gorge is the middle one gorge. It is a mysterious gorge site well-known for its frequently rising and passing mists, which is extremely beautiful and gorgeous with the leaves in red, yellow, golden and orange during autumn.

Shennv Stream

Shennv Stream

Day 4 Yangtze River Cruise (B, L, D)

  • Take the shore excursion visit to the Three gorges Dam. And in the afternoon, you could take the OPTIONAL visit to Tribe of Three Gorges.
  • Sailing through Xiling Gorge and Gezhou Dam

The Three Gorges Dam is the largest construction projects ever undertaken by mankind. This great dam, the biggest hydropower project in the world, provides China with tremendous power generation, flood control service, and many other series of benefits to the region of the Yangtze River will show a lot of unbelievable function and knowledge.

Sail through the Xiling Gorge at the eastern section to enjoy its beautiful sightseeing with some feeling of the dangerous gorge landform with turbulent river, high hills, rugged shoals, etc.

Gezhou Dam is the first hydraulic station on Yangtze River and does much to the electricity supplement of the middle and east China areas, which also helps to deal with those dangerous places on the Yangtze River for the navigation today.

Three Gorges Dam Site

Three Gorges Dam

Day 5 Jingzhou (B, L, D)

  • Take a half-day shore excursion to Jingzhou City. Visit Jingzhou Ancient City Wall and Jingzhou Museum.

Jingzhou Ancient City Wall is one of the best preserved and larges scaled city wall in southern part in China, which is historic from the Warring States period. Visit this ancient site to admire its look kept from the Qing dynasty and understand the history of Jingzhou being the famous place in the past dynasties.

Jingzhou Museum is a great museum to appreciate over 130,000 cultural relics of this historical city. Multiple outstand lacquer relics will tell you the high skill of people at that field during the Qin and Han times. Also, it is famous for the most impressive well preserved male corpse buried in 167BC.

Jingzhou Ancient City Wall

Jingzhou Ancient City Wall

Day 6 Wuhan (B, D)

  • Take a half-day tour to Wuhan City to visit Hubei Provincial Museum, Chu River & Han Street, and East Lake Scenic Area

Hubei Provincial Museum, one of the 8 national class museums in China, displays nearly 1,000 pieces of state-level historic and cultural relics. It currently holds over 240 thousand objects to logistically introduce the history and culture of the ancient Chu State and the ancient Yangtze River, among which the most astonishing are the objects excavated from the Zenghouyi Tomb which was built about 2,400 years ago.

Chu River & Han Street is a business street with rich flavor of the Republic of China times. Walking along the street to admire those antique buildings left by time, black bricks, Shikunmen structures, and enjoy the prosperity of this historical but modern city. Take a leisure walk at East Lake, and admire the colorful and peaceful sightseeing of the lake, wooden architectures and Wuhan city at Tingtao Scenic Spot.

Hubei Provincial Museum

Hubei Provincial Museum

Day 7 Jingdezhen (B, L, D)

  • Arrive in Jingdezhen. Take a full-day shore excursion visit to Jingdezhen Town.

Jingdezhen Town has been especially famous for over 1,000 years and reputed as “City of Ceramics” for its excellent skill of porcelain production. Visit this elegant town in Jiangxi Province to watch in person the real ancient porcelain factory, ancient kiln porcelain yard, Expo area and various exquisite artistic porcelain works.



Day 8 Xinghuacun Village (Chizhou( (B, L, D)

  • 09:00-12:30 Take a half-day shore excursion tour to Xinghuacun Village

Visit Xinghuacun Village in Chizhou, the “No. 1 Village under Heaven”. Admire the literal and poetic track of the famous poem “Qingming” by Du Mu and experience its ancient and idyllic charm combined with rain, blossoms, and liquor and the nice life in rural area in Anhui.


Xinghuacun Village

Xinghuacun Village

Day 9 Yangzhou (B, D)

  • In the morning, take a half-day shore excursion tour in Yangzhou to visit Geyuan Garden and Dongguan Ancient Street.

Geyuan Garden is a representative classic garden in Jiangnan region. Built for about 200 years by a local salt merchant, it is famous to admire and know more about the private garden of ancient people in Jiangnan area. Geyuan is really skillful at its rockery display that shows the scenes of spring, summer, autumn and winter for your enjoyable savory.

Dongguan Ancient Street, a famous old street in China of over 1100 meters in length is attractive to enjoy the old flavor of the bustling market and street of Yangzhou in the Qing and Ming dynasties. Stroll on the paved path, taste the local snacks, hear the vendor’s hawking and travel to the past by the time machine.

Dongguan Ancient Street in Yangzhou

Dongguan Ancient Street

Day 10 Shanghai Disembark (B)

  • 09:00 disembark at Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal

Situated at the mouth of Yangtze River, Shanghai is the largest and most developed city in China. It is a flourishing international metropolis and a popular tourist destination renowned for its historical landmarks the Bund, Yu Garden as well as the extensive and growing Lujiazui skyline.

Shanghai City

Shanghai City

Besides taking the cruise from Chongqing to Shanghai, you can choose to cruise from Shanghai to Chongqing upstream. Also, you can choose the shorter cruise itinerary running from Chongqing to Yichang, which takes 4 days & 3 nights as the whole voyage. All the essences of Yangtze River are covered including the Three Gorges and Three Gorges Dam Site. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our professional cruise agents!


1. The above information including itinerary, attractions, and shore excursions, is not fixed and will be changed slightly because of the differences in ships, seasons, water levels, and weather condition.

2. Included meals as noted in above itinerary: (B) = Breakfast; (L) = Lunch; (D) = Dinner. 

Not easy to find the right cruise ship/itinerary for you? Please contact one of our Yangtze cruise specialists to save your time and money. Click the right button to send an online inquiry and we will get back to you within 0.5~23.5 hours.

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Hi, I like to understand what are the departure dates available in July for the Chongqiong to Shanghai cruise? Mike
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Hi Mike,

I am so sorry to tell you that there is no ship sailing from Chongqing to Shanghai in 2017. If you are interested in downstream Yangtze River cruising, you can take the 4 days & 3 nights itinerary from Chongqing to Yichang which covers all the essence of Yangtze River.

You can check the cruise calendar in July http://www.yangtze-river-cruises.com/find-a-cruise/calendar2017-7.html which gives you more ideas about the Yangtze River cruise.

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