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Rita Jiang - Cruise Consultant & Customer Service Manager

Yangtze River Cruise Service Manager


Hi, dear friends! I’m Rita Jiang, your travel consultant from Chengdu Bamboo International Tours.

I’m glad to be in this family which is full of friendliness, enthusiasm and great cooperation. During my work, I’m a hard worker to serve you with my passion, knowledge and experience. After my work, I’m an enthusiastic traveler to explore the beautiful scenery and nature like you. I’m well prepared to help to DIY the tours you want most. Right here waiting for you!

See my blog:

Cruise with Rita: Yangtze River Cruise Victoria Anna Experience from Chengdu

Why not take the advantages of Rita's travel experience to design a itinerary just for you, that suits your budget and interests. Her passion to serve you never fades away!

Yangtze Cruise Tips from Rita

The "best" depends on what you are more concerned about, weather or price. To most visitors,the best best time for natural scenery should be the Spring and Autumn, namely, April to June and September to November when the weather is cool and comfortable, neither cold nor hot. For the biggest discount, winter period, usually December to the next January or early February are top reccommended. Also, July to August for summer vacation also offer some discounts for families with student children.

There are different cruise lines to cater different customer demands. Cruise between Chongqing and Yichang is the most classic and golden route to appreciate the famous Three Gorges view. Besides, if interested in discovering more nature, culture, history and economy in cities along the Yangtze, cruising between Shanghai and Chongqing, Shanghai and Wuhan, Chongqing and Wuhan, etc. are recommended for special savory. (note: cruise routes are changed every year.)

Upstream means sailing from lower part of river to the up to the higher part of the river. It usually takes one more day and spares more time onboard for leisure activities, lectures, etc. Downstream mean sailing from higher part of the river to the lower part of the river. There is enough time to enjoy the shore excursions because all scenic sites are arranged in the daytime. Besides, upstream cruise prices may be a little higher than that of the downstream cruise for some companies.

You cruise vacation duration usually is about 4 to 5 days for the Chongqing Yichang sailing route, which is decided by the ship and itinerary you have chosen and booked. For the longer Chongqing Shanghai cruise route, it usually needs 11 to 15 days for different ships.

Yangtze River Cruise - including Century Oasis / Century Victory / Century Glory (same sister ships), Victoria Sabrina, Yangtze Gold 8, Yangtze 3 cruise and Yangtze Explorer. Book now with great discount!

    See What My Customers Say & See!

    Nihao RITA.

    My family and I truly enjoyed every minute of our China tour. You've met and exceeded our expectations.

    We've given our feedback to KEVIN, JIM, EILEEN, AIRA, and LINDA, but I also plan to email you my feedback to this unforgettable tour. You should get this by next week.

    Very much worthwhile.


    Itinerary for reference: 15 Days Beijing - Chengdu - Chongqing - Yangtze River Cruise (Chongqing to Yichang) - Zhangjiajie - Xian - Beijing

    USAMay 17, 2024

    Hello Rita,

    The cruise was wonderful and perfectly organized. The best things were:
    - perfect organization,
    - nice Amie, who made me feel welcome,
    - very good food; there were enough healthy things for me f.e. salad, fruits, vegetables,
    - cappuccino in the bar
    - perfect organized (optional) tours

    There are some things I would change if I were you:
    - Cappuccino should be included and available for breakfast, I had to ask twice and then they brought it (for € 5, what is very expensive; the other days I went to the bar myself);
    - my neighbours (cabin 408) were strong smokers and were smoking on the balcony all the time. The smoke came over to me (when the boat moves), so I couldnt sit on the balcony. Non-smoking should mean, that it is not for smokers. In Germany smoking is out and the people think very much about health. Moreover they were talking at 4.30 h, so I couldnt sleep anymore.
    - the announcements in the cabin are annoying. I dont need it. The schedule is enough. I asked them to turn off the announcements and they did :-)

    So, it was a wonderful experience and everything worked well.

    Best regards from Germany

    Dr. Sabine Kohley

    GermanyMay 13, 2024

    Hi Rita,

    Thank you. Yes we have recovered well. We really enjoyed the trip.

    Yunnan Review

    Steven Visited the Stone Forest in Kunming in April 2024, tour made by Rita

    Yunnan Review

    Steven Visited Pudacuo National Park in Shangri-la in April 2024, tour made by Rita

    Yunnan Review

    Steven Visited the Songzanlin Monastery in Shangri-la in April 2024, tour made by Rita

    USAApr 20, 2024

    Hi Rita,

    Thank you again for your assistance with our tour. My wife and I very much enjoyed our 11 days in China, and hope to return to see more of your country in the future.

    Let me start by saying that when I began thinking about luxury travel to China, I considered four possible agencies to help me -- Abercrombie & Kent, Kensington Tours, Audley Travel and China Discovery.

    The only real problem we had during this trip was with cars. I am a very tall man (two meters tall) and recently had leg surgery, so I needed a lot of space for my long legs. Of the various cars we used in our various stops, the only one that was truly comfortable was the Toyota Velfire/Toyota Alphard.

    The Buick GL8, which you originally recommended and we tried in Shanghai, LOOKS like a large car, but in fact has relatively little room to stretch out long legs in the second row. It is not really suitable for a tall person. The Mercedes was somewhat better, but the only one really good for a longer day of touring was the Toyota.

    I had no objection to paying more for the Toyota, and wish these had been arranged at all stops. They are increasingly common in China, and would have made our travels considerably easier.

    I would also say that while we only had 11 days for this tour, you might want to recommend that travelers spend a minimum of three days in Chengdu and Xi'an rather than the two we had scheduled. There is simply too much for two days, and as a result, we cancelled a couple of things because we simply wanted more time to relax and rest.

    The cruise on the Yangtze Explorer was very nice, but I had thought there would be an opportunity to see the Three Gorges Dam. I had not realized that in Yichang, we would be boarding 20 kilometers up the river from the dam and would never really have an opportunity to see it. The best day of the cruise was the first full day out of Yichang when we sailed through the major Gorge. I also think you might wish to caution travelers thinking about a Yangtze trip that in Chongqing, there is no escalator and passengers boarding or debarking need to climb up or down a LOT of stairs to the river. This was impossible for me, and if a group of men had not carried me up the stairs on their shoulders, I probably would still be on the river. But even my wife, who is in quite good physical condition, had a hard time going up all the stairs.

    In Chengdu, we were very glad that we decided to take the longer trip to see the pandas at Bifengxia. This is a beautiful location, and because it is not at all crowded, we had an opportunity to see a lot of pandas up quite close and it was certainly a highlight of the trip. We were VERY impressed by the city of Chengdu, which most westerners are not familiar with, and hope to return to see more of it another time. Your agent in Chengdu was also excellent.

    In Xi'an, the terracotta warriors were another highlight of the trip. They are amazing. Our hotel there (which we booked separately) was the Ritz Carlton, and I would just observe that it is NOT up to the high standard of the Ritz Carlton in Chengdu. We plan to communicate with Ritz Carlton about this separately.

    Your guide in Xi'an was a historically knowledgeable person and when we cancelled a couple of tour stops because we were tired and preferred to rest, I think she was concerned you might think she had not done her job. She was a bit rigid about what we should do, but was a very helpful and knowledgeable person. She also took us to a theater performance there that was excellent. Your agent in Xi'an, Mary, on the other hand was very resistant about the car we wanted, and I think made that stop unnecessarily stressful.

    In all of our stops, the assistance provided in getting into and out of airports and train terminals was excellent. We were extremely impressed by the bullet trains, and business class is definitely what I believe most luxury travelers would prefer.

    The drivers in all cities also were excellent.

    Otherwise, I again appreciate the efforts you made to put this trip together for us. China has been a definite high point in our world travels, and I want to thank you again for your personal concern and efforts.

    I would (and will) recommend you and China Discovery to anyone seeking to tour China.

    Until next time, best regards


    AmericaApr 02, 2024

    Hi Rita,

    1. Tour arrangement was swift and met the experiences we wanted to see in Harbin.
    The driver and tour guide were efficient and on time.

    2. I would definitely recommend your service to others who have an interest in exploring China.

    3. No suggested improvements. Keep doing what you are doing!


    IndonesiaJan 10, 2024

    Hi Rita,

    I am very satisfied with your arrangement of my tour in Hangzhou. The tour guides and the transportation are done professionally.

    I definitely will recommend your services to others. Your service is excellent and I don't see any need for improvement.

    Thank you very much for your good work. Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    George Lee

    (Mr. Lee's Travel Route: Hangzhou - Wuzhen - Hangzhou - Suzhou - Nanjing)

    USADec 23, 2023

    Hi Rita,

    The ship is fabulous and thank you.

    GermanyNov 01, 2023

    Hi Rita,

    Perhaps a longer time would do. It would be good to end at past 5 instead of before 4pm. Felt like we didn't see quite enough. But otherwise it was a decent trip.

    It was a very nice experience overall. Really enjoyed it.

    IndonesiaOct 30, 2023

    Dear Rita,

    Yes, we enjoyed the cruise very much, thank you! Let other clients know the main entrance has moved to just south of #11.


    CanadaOct 14, 2023

    Hi Rita,

    we had the most wonderful time on our holiday!!! Everything you organised was just perfect - from the program, to the guides, to the accommodation. You managed to fit in all of the things on our 'bucket list’ and we loved every moment. All of the guides were very knowledgable about their local area and so passionate and welcoming! I cannot express in words how fantastic our trip was. So, thank you, thank you, thank you.

    We will definitely recommend you to our family and friends!


    AustraliaJul 07, 2023

    Good morning Rita,

    We want to say thank you for the very nice gifts and for arranging a wonderful trip.

    Can you send me your contact card for WeChat so I can share it with a friend. Thanks


    USAJul 06, 2023

    Good morning Rita,

    It is so good to have our children with us again. It's been a long time.


    South AfricaApr 03, 2023

    Hello Rita,

    Happy New Year to you too! May 2023 bring many tourists and good health for you!

    All the guides and both drivers were great. Yunnan is beautiful.


    South AfricaJan 06, 2023

    Hello Rita! We are enjoying the tour. Thanks for your arrangements!

    USAOct 08, 2021

    Hi Rita. The trip was very nice. We will finish it tomorrow.

    BrazilOct 05, 2021

    Hi Rita. Everything ran smoothly on the cruise. We are now in Chongqing for a few days.

    Thank you


    South AfricaAug 01, 2021

    Dear Rita,

    The cruise journey goes very well, thank you.


    USAJul 31, 2021

    Dear Rita,

    The cruise was wonderful - Jeffery especially but all the staff were so so kind and we will 100% do it again! It totally exceeded my expectations.


    UKJul 27, 2021

    Hi Rita,

    The cruise is allright, cabin is great, and kids are happy. We enjoy the journey!


    FranceMay 03, 2021

    Hi Rita,

    Hi Rita. Sure! I am glad to do so! We want to recommend you further All the best! Cheers.


    GermanyApr 25, 2021

    It’s great. We’re having a brilliant time, thank you.

    UKMar 31, 2021

    Hi Rita.

    Yes I’m aboard the train for Guangzhou. It was a really great trip. I have recommended my colleagues to visit and to contact you if they do.

    Jun 30, 2020

    Dear Rita, 

    Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful email. We are glad to hear that you and your colleagues have kept well at this time and we also hope that our guides Cheri, Sandy and the others, who gave us such a wonderful holiday in your beautiful country, are also keeping well. Here, in South Africa, we have just gone into a three week lock down in the hope that this will help to defeat the spread of the virus. 

    Here’s hoping that next year we can look at options for another visit to your amazing country.

    Kind Regards and Best wishes

    Barbara and David Harland

    Mar 27, 2020

    Dear Rita:
    Thank you for your email. 

    It is good to hear that matters are improving in China. Here in Manila the virus is only just beginning to take its toll.

    One of the doctors at the hospital that recently treated me for a minor cancer has died from its effects and most of the others at that hospital are now under quarantine. Many more people will die in the coming weeks. Because of my age (over 60) the local authorities do not allow me to leave my apartment -but that is fine with me as it will force me to write up material I have been meaning to write up for some time now.

    Once this is over I sincerely hope to get back to China - this time covering Xining and Chengdu. Always on the search for rhubarb growing in the wild! And when the virus allows that to happen I shall be in touch with China Discovery. The last trip you organized for us was excellent.

    Best wishes

    Richard Jackson

    PhilippinesMar 27, 2020

    Dear Rita,

    During this hard period of time in CHINA our hearts are with the people of CHINA. We listen and watch the news and are deeply sorry for the terrible events in Hubei Province and we see with big sorrow the empty streets in Beijing and many other cities. We are positive that the Chinese medical system together with the people will overcome the Corona virus Disease, but the cost of lives is very high. We see that many people are afraid to go out of their homes, schools are closed and also all public places. Tourists are not coming, which is very bad for the Chinese economy.

    My wife and myself love CHINA and the Chinese people. Although we do not know the Chinese language, we have found that we can quite easily communicate with the people in the street, in the train stations and in various places we have visited. The people are very helpful, trying to assist give direction and answer questions.

    We are sure that we shall visit CHINA soon. My wife has visited China 6 times. I have been to China many more (over 30). First time in 1992.

    We wish you Happy New Chinese Year. We hope life will soon get to normal. We wish you and your family, friends and co-workers in your company to be in good health and happy in the days to come.

    Love from Israel and from us personally

    Nurit and Beny Arad

    IsraelFeb 20, 2020

    Hi Rita,

    We would like to thank you for all the arrangements. 

    The cruise was wonderful. 

    Nancy was on time and very helpful. 

    Best regards from us in Israel. 

    Nurit and Beny

    IsraelNov 11, 2019

    Dear Rita,

    Thank you for making the arrangements for my trip. It was very enjoyable and I am impressed by the reliable service that you rendered. Please feel free to add this to the testimonials by your customers.

    Firstly, Rita, I appreciate your prompt response whenever I had a query on the booking or facilities available on the cruise. It is very reassuring to receive a reply and to know that my requests were being attended to.

    Secondly, thank you for arranging for the guide and booking the train tickets. The train seats were well planned as we had ample space at the back for our large luggage. Porsche, the guide, was also very helpful and knowledgeable, she brought us safely into the train station, got our tickets for us so we did not have any problems. She shared interesting facts about the culture & history of Chongqing too.

    Lastly, the cruise was enjoyable as we intended to have a relaxing trip, and the food was good.

    I will be submit a more detailed review of the cruise in trip advisor, i hope that the review will help other travellers to decide on making their travel arrangements.

    I will certainly recommend booking by www.yangtse-river-cruises.com to anyone!

    Thank you, Rita.



    Sep 24, 2019

    Hi Rita,

    Everything was great in Huangshan! Zora was a lovely guide.

    We are just waiting for out train back to Shanghai.



    (The followings are photos shared by Beth.)



    Sep 19, 2019

    Hi Rita,

    Thanks for your note !

    I was very pleased with your services. You provided everything you said you would and that made the cruise most enjoyable for me because I did not have to worry. I even had good aisle seats on the planes.

    I told the summer school program that I would be interested in teaching again in the future. So there is a possibility I might come back. I would certainly consider your company to see something else in China!

    Thanks for caring,


    Sep 06, 2019

    Hi Rita,

    Yes, everything just ended too quickly.

    Both Anna and I are back at work in South Africa, so it is a mad house.

    Firstly, I want to thank you for the excellent experience we had, that is 100% as a result of your good planning and execution of your planning.

    We will send a further mail with photos as soon as we can.

    Secondly, can you please pass on our thanks to all companies, drivers and guides you made use of for our trip.

    Everything was PERFECT and we thoroughly enjoyed it.


    Jul 08, 2019

    Dear Rita,

    We just returned from our second trip to China, both organized by you from China Discovery.

    In 2016, I opted to visit Xi'an (Terracotta Warriors)  and Chonqing, before getting on a Yangtze River cruise. I was a bit apprehensive, having never done business with a China-based travel consultant, but my fear turned out to be completely unwarranted. You and China Discovery exceeded my expectations by providing excellent, knowledgeable English-speaking tour guides that took care of all of our needs - transportation, lodging, some meals, and of course, the tours zero stress, everything was arranged and in place upon our arrival, thanks to your efforts.

    This year, we decided to visit Zhangjiajie, and I immediately went through my e-mails to find your contact information. Once again, you did not disappoint me. We had a very tight schedule, but you were able to build a flexible itinerary that allowed us to see all the amazing sites we wished to see, in the all too short time we were in Zhangjiajie. Our tour guide, Carrie, was simply the best. She was prompt, professional, knew her way around the National Park, and most importantly, she had a great attitude. She was able to lead us though about 6-10 miles of hiking each day, and skillfully kept us away from the noisy tour groups that invade the area. Again, zero stress, everything was perfectly arranged.

    Your customer service was distinguished and made both trips very easy and pleasurable.


    Jun 22, 2019

    Dear Rita,

    Thank you for all you have done the guide met us at the train station and got us into the ship and thanks to you we were upgraded to s suite the ship is very nice and the service is excellent

    We had a very nice tour this morning

    I cannot thank you enough as Ibsaid so will write letter on my return to trip advisor and to your company singing your praises

    With best wishes

    BS Foad. MD

    Apr 05, 2019

    Hi Rita,

    Thank you for putting this trip together for us.  The only thing that could have been better was the weather. Something no one has control of, the views made up for the lack of Sunshine.

    I think we made the right choice in our choice of boats and taking the upstream cruise. The smaller boat was less crowded and very comfortable and the crew was outstanding.

    Attached are a few Photo's to share.

    I will recommend you to others.

    Thank you again


    (The following pictures were shared by Otto)

    Yangzte River Cruise

    Nice Picture with Kuimen Gate as Backdrop

    Shibaozhai Pagoda

    Panorama on the Top of Shibaozhai Pagoda

    USAMar 06, 2019

    Hi Rita,

    Just back home, due to I have limited wifi in CQ just seen your email, sorry for the late reply.

    My friends really enjoyed the cruise, appreciated for the swiftly transfer arrangement in CQ n Yichang, please thank to DAVID, n Fay too.

    Attached some of the photo at the cruise n CQ, we really get some attention on our group name”....”

    Thanks and regards,


    (The following pictures were shared by Leow)

    Yangtze River Cruise

    Yangtze River Cruise

    Short Excursions - Three Gorges Dam and Kui Gate

    SingaporeNov 11, 2018

    Hi Rita,

    We had a wonderful time on the cruise and everything worked out perfectly.  We were very lucky with the weather – it was a beautiful day when we were travelling through the Gorges and we saw a lot of wonderful scenery. 

    I’m not a photographer so I don’t have any good pictures to send you but thank you again for your service and I will recommend your agency and the Century Sun to others who may be thinking about booking a cruise.


    Oct 09, 2018

    Hi Rita,

    Thank you Rita for all the help you gave us along the way.  We had a wonderful trip on the Yangtze!

    Kind regards,



    EnglandSep 21, 2018

    Dear Rita,

    Yes, just arrived home. The whole tour is very good. All the guides and drivers are super helpful. All of us enjoyed the entire tour. Thank you for making the arrangement

    I will be glad to recommend you to all my friends

    I am planning another tour in the beginning of Sept to Guilin to see Liu San Gie show on the river.And some other nearby good destinations. May be you can suggest.


    Jul 05, 2018

    Hi Rita,

    I am working very hard in the University after the beautiful travel. 

    Thank you so much, it was great.

    I always will say Rita is a very good travel agency.

    I would like to see you, but you are very busy.

    Good bless you!


    Jul 04, 2018

    Hi Rita,

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the FABULOUS Chinese tour to Detian Waterfall and Mingshi Scenic area.  We were of course the only western people on the bus.  The guide was wonderful and took very good care of us.  She was sweet and worked very hard to make sure we did not get lost…smile.  We gave her a very nice tip.  The people on the bus were very friendly and we had a wonderful time.  We made some new friends.  The included lunch was lovely and the boat ride down the river in Mingshi was awesome.  The guide on the boat sang to us, the musical show with the kids in Mingshi was very special.  Thank you again very, very much.

    Thanks again,


    Jul 01, 2018

    Dear Rita Jiang. ☺
    O Yes we enjoyed the cruise ,had a nice room and the tours especially the one to the lesser three gorges where so beautiful .The only thing which was not the best was the weather.On the first day it rained a lot. We visited the Three Gorges Damm with an umbrella.Anyway we have seen a lot, had some fun, met some new people and got save to Chongqin. We want to say thank you so much for your good Organisation. Wishing you all the best.
    Torsten Langer 🙌

    May 26, 2018

    Dear Rita Jiang,

    I still travel in China. I do have one suggestion regarding organizing the tour. As in your confirmation letter the terminal was not indicated, I had very stressful experience finding it. The dock in Chongqing is huge and the ship was on the other side of it, so not seen at all from the entrance of the dock. I have asked a lot of people about the ship but they couldn’t help me. So it took me almost one hour to find the right  terminal and I was really worried that I could miss the whole cruise.

    There is also something you could probably help me with. I have left one shirt in the cabin, which is quite dear to me. Could you probably contact the crew and ask if the shirt can be sent as a package within China?

    I would cover the expenses. My cabin was 220.

    So it would be great if you could find it out.

    Thank you in advance!


    Emil Taxir

    May 15, 2018

    Hello Rita,

    We arrived back home last night and had a wonderful holiday thank you.

    I was going to email to thank you for helping us organise the trip but have not had a chance yet. We were so tired last night. After the cruise we visited Xi’an and Beijing. I will send some photos when I have had a chance to download them. Back to work today so it may not be for a while.

    Thanks again for your help.


    Apr 26, 2018

    Hi Rita, 

    My husband and I have returned from the cruise. Overall, everything went fine and we didnt have diarrhoea.

    Two comments :

    1.I was disappointed the cruise didnt pass through the locks of the Three Gorges dam. My brother who went before said it was a fantastic experience.

    2.The itinerary on day 4 states at ETA 12:00 "..to enjoy the Xiling gorge.." and ETA 13:30 ..."arrive..Yichang city..."

    But after the dam visit at 11am, the tourist guide left the bus and the driver drove us straight to Yichang city. So we missed the Xiling gorge viewing and arrived at Yichang City too early at noon.

    I have given your contact to a few cruise passengers i met as i mentioned you provided very good service. They said they have friends who are interested in going for the Yangtze river cruise in future.

    Thank you and wish you all the best for the future.


    Mar 14, 2018

    No problem, dear Rita,

    Actually you probably stated there was no pearl market and I did not remember. We went (briefly) to Chunxi Road (Kowloon and other places) and the ladies were satisfied about what they had seen. They did not purchase anything. So we had in summary another good day yesterday.

    In a few minutes we will move to the airport — therefore in hurry.

    Thank you again for your excellent preparation of our trip and warm regards,


    Oct 28, 2017

    Hi Rita,

    Thank you for everything and surely if I have any friends who will come to China I will recommend your agency


    ItalyAug 21, 2017

    Hi Rita

    Sorry for the late response

    Just got back from our trip yesterday.

    Overall trip was good and very happy with the arrangements made by you

    The van and guide on time and polite and helpful. Especially our driver for the chongqing/wulong is very good. His driving is careful.

    I will be happy to recommend your services to my friends

    Best regards


    Nov 08, 2016

    Hi Rita,

    Sorry for disturbing you when you were on holiday, I should have looked at the letter with contact information better! Thanks for getting the checkin information for me even though you were on holiday. The cruise was even better than I anticipated. The cabin was excellent and had nicer and more facilities than I thought and the food was great. The staff were helpful and well organised, as were the tours. Very enjoyable. Thanks for your prompt and clear communication.

    Best wishes


    Oct 11, 2016

    Dear Rita

    We are back from a fantastic trip to the Yangtze. You don’t have to miss us, we still are in China and will stay here for another 3 years :)

    The Century Legend was fantastic. We were surprised. The staff of this ship is great.

    When they keep this high quality standard, I can highly recommend this tour to everyone and I will do in the near future.

    If you need more detailed information, please feel free to ask.

    Best regards


    Oct 11, 2016

    Hi Rita:

    We have returned from our trip to China and I want to provide you with just a few comments. Overall, we had a good time without any problems. We enjoyed seeing all the sites and being on a "private" tour. We didn't have to wait for other people and were driven close to the entrance of all the sites.

    We liked all the guides (Linda, Waldner, Steven, Diana, Frank and Frank). We liked Steven the best because he was very calm, patient and spoke English well. The drivers were also good. The driver who only drove us back to the hotel from Disney was professional and had a nice car - we wish we had him the entire time in Shanghai.

    We did like that all the drivers had bottled water for us. Mr Tang (driver with Linda) was especially prepared with kleenex, wipes and candy - very nice!

    We liked some of the meals that the tour provided, but would have liked more input, possibly tasting more "local" types of dishes and not dishes that all the tourists enjoy. I could eat similar dishes at home.

    We enjoyed the cruise and were pleased with the arrangements.

    We were also very pleased with all the hotels that we stayed in. Good locations and easy to walk to restaurants for dinner.

    Thank you for making our vacation a very enjoyable one. We definitely liked learning about Chinese history and culture.

    Joanne and Phil Tokeshi

    Sep 30, 2016

    Hi Rita,

    We had a great time on our cruise. There were only 10 English speakers but we were made to feel very welcome with Vivi looking out for us. My adult daughter, husband and myself enjoyed the scenery, the excursions, and had a great time at the Captain's welcome and the Theatrical night as well as working on our table tennis each night after dinner, We would definitely recommend your services to our friends.


    Hilary Davis

    (The following pictures was shared by Hilary Davis)

    Yangtze River Cruise

    Hilary Davis Visited Yangtze-River

    Yangtze River Cruise

    Hilary Davis Visited Yangtze-River

    Jul 20, 2016

    Dear Rita

    We arrived home from our China tour last Wednesday after visiting Chengdu, the Yangtze, Yichang and Shanghai. Apart from the cruise I made my bookings on the internet. However I would like to commend you on your service and attention to the booking of our cruise. Every time I emailed you regarding the cruise, before, during and after making the booking, your reply came courteously and promptly. You answered all our questions and at all times your service was outstanding. I would have no hesitation in recommending you and your company to other clients interested in booking travel to China. We really enjoyed the cruise and, although there were few English-speaking people on board, we were looked after by a young lady named Gracie.  The cruise was very pleasant - the food, the cabin and the facilities were all very nice.  

    Once again we thank you for making our booking and for your excellent service.

    Kind regards

    Christine Foster


    AustraliaJul 10, 2016

    Hi Rita,


    The trip that you arranged for us was wonderful and just about everything worked out perfectly.

    Your tour guide, Waldner, and driver in Xi'an were exceptional and the Sofitel hotel was very nice and in a perfect location for visitors.

    The Century Paragon was a great experience for us as well, as they balanced the need to entertain and feed  western and Chinese passengers perfectly. The ships facilities were very nice, as the boat is relatively new.

    All of our agreed arrangements worked out perfectly, and when the low river level in Chongqing changed our plans, your team worked quickly to get us back on track. 

    We were very pleased with working with you and I will recommend your company to all my friends interested in a trip to China. 

    I will also post to the trip advisor web site about our positive experience.

    Thank you, again, for helping to make our tour of China so pleasurable.



    Jun 05, 2016

    Dear Rita,

    Thanks for the excellent service and we really enjoyed the Century Paragon Cruise on the Yangtze River. Excellent Cruise with great service & very good Cabins with Balcony and well arranged transfers.

    This is a  premium Cruise for international travelers as half of the travelers are international travelers and half are Chinese.

    Staff speaks partly English and all tours on board were available in English language which was very easy for us.

    We certainly engage you when we visit China again and thanks for your hospitality and excellent service.

    Johan van Haften

    Apr 07, 2016

    Dear Rita,

    We will miss you too and thank you for arranging everything for us! We will definitely contact you when we come back to China.

    Everything was perfect. Our tour guide in Beijing, Sabrena, did an spectacular job. She helped us with our problems at the hotel. She explained everything very thoroughly and was very friendly and nice. We loved her! The cruise was very nice and so was the hotel at Xian.

    We felt very relaxed and at ease, because we knew we were being taking care of.

    Thank you for everything!

    Valerie Muniz

    Mar 13, 2016

    Hello Rita,

    I apologize for not getting back to you earlier but I have been very busy with work.

    Our Yangtze River cruise was well worth taking. We enjoyed every part of it, especially the part about letting us get on board early as we had had such a bad time with our flight connections and were exhausted. We also got bumped up to a nicer cabin and that was also really lovely.

    The tours were good although I think the best one was the first one we went on. It was lovely walking through the forest and seeing the beautiful environment.

    Your company did a great job for us and was very quick in organization, especially any questions we had. We would definitely recommend your company to others of our friends who might be touring China. Thank you for your service.

    Jenny and Allan Tomkins

    Nov 12, 2015

    Dear Rita,

    Sorry to be so late with our response to your questionnaire. We have finally recovered from our wonderful trip. We are working on our pictures and we’ll send a little travelog to you when we are finished.

    Our tour arrangements were excellent and the service was more than we expected. We saw everything you planned for us and in Yichang, Fay took us to a free museum in addition to a lovely lunch. All our guides were so knowledgeable and helpful. The drivers were excellent and patient with all that traffic. We particularly enjoyed Maria Lu in Shanghai and Timo in Xi’an.

    We have and will continue to recommend your company and the services and you to our friends. I have already given you an excellent review on trip Advisor and hope you are able to view it.

    All in all, we had a wonderful experience using your company to tour your lovely country and hopefully will be able to return someday and call upon your services once again.

    Best Regards,

    Linda & Dan Santucci

    Nov 07, 2015

    Dear Rita,

    We are home safely in Australia now having had a wonderful trip to China. Your part in the success of the trip is greatly appreciated and I regret that we could not meet so that I could show my appreciation to you.

    The Yangtze River Cruise was a highlight of our travels. The staff were friendly and helpful, especially the Cruise Director Amanda. The unfortunate haze was not able to suppress the magnificent scenery.

    The train trip in 2nd class was fine so no problem. The train was changed to a 14:17pm departure. This worked out well with an efficient transfer from the cruise to the station there was plenty of time, plus we arrived in Shanghai earlier. Caroline met us in Shanghai and she too was an excellent friendly guide with good English. We will remain friends with Caroline.

    So that all add up to a wonderful experience which you put together for us. Thank you so much. Please feel free to contact me again as a friend rather than an employee of YRC.

    Kind regards

    David Wettenhall

    Nov 06, 2015

    Hello Rita,

    We really had a good time during the cruise aboard the Victoria Jenna ship, thank you very much ! As we are travelling in China we haven't sorted out our pictures yet but the views of the three gorges and the dam were amazing, with beautiful sunshine.

    In general we appreciated the level of service on the boat, the kindness of the personnel, the comfort on the boat. We also approve strongly of employing local guides for the visits. The general organization was very efficient too.

    Thank you again for helping us.

    Best regards,

    Stephane Mulard

    Nov 03, 2015

    Hi Rita,

    We aren't quite home yet. We are visiting old friends in Hawaii. So, I will e-mail you when we get home. A real quick note to let you know we had a wonderful time and everything was great. We definitely will recommend your agency to everyone.



    Oct 25, 2015

    Dear Rita,

    The Yangtze River Cruises we chosen to arrange our travel from Nanning to Shanghai was excellent provided by you, Rita. You have been very quick to respond to all our many and changing requirements. You have understood the style of tour we seek. You have been professional at all times.

    Yangtze River Cruises was more expensive than several other service providers but it was Rita’s support which made the difference.

    We hope the rest of the tour lives up to the high standard set by Rita.

    Kind regards,

    David Wettenhall

    AustralianSep 28, 2015

    Hello Rita,

    We enjoyed the trip and we will recommend you to our friends.



    CanadianSep 15, 2015

    Dear Rita

    Please translate and pass this message on to your supervisor/manager and copy it back to me in Chinese.

    The main reason we chose Yangtze River Cruises to arrange our travel from Nanning to Shanghai was the excellent service provided by you, Rita. You have been very quick to respond to all our many and changing requirements. You have understood the style of tour we seek. You have been professional at all times.

    Yangtze River Cruises was more expensive than several other service providers but it was Rita’s support which made the difference.

    We hope the rest of the tour lives up to the high standard set by Rita.

    Kind regards

    David Wettenhall

    Aug 29, 2015

    Hello Rita,

    We're all fine and we had a wonderful vacation in your great country. Wow, what a country and what an experiences we had. We're back home now and we're working on securing as many as possible of this probably once in a life time experience.

    Special THANKS from me and the family to you for supporting us in finding a very nice hotel after arriving in Chongqing. You delivered a great service and many thanks for that. This really felt good!

    Your arrangement is perfect! All went well, very smoothly and we had a wonderful and in many ways exciting river cruise. Definitely something we will recommend to friends that want to visit China for vacation.

    Your service is very oriented and helpful. You're absolutely understanding the importance of a hassle free and trustworthy vacation experience and how to deliver such an experience.

    Therefore again many THANKS for your great services and we definitely will recommend your perfect services to our friends. We had a wonderful time and many unforgettable experiences in China. Thank you!


    Johan and the rest of the family

    Aug 09, 2015

    Hi Rita,

    The Victoria Jenna cruise was a wonderful experience and we all enjoyed it so much. The bus ride from Chongqing to Fendu was a beautiful ride and was no problem. We boarded the ship in Fendu at about 9 pm. Each day on the cruise was perfect. Thank you for making the arrangements. Kitty met us in Yichang and we went to a wonderful restaurant in a cave. Kitty was a good guide.

    Thank you again for all the help


    Jun 26, 2015

    Hello Rita,

    Greetings from Australia, I hope all is well with you in China. I just wanted to let you know that we had the most wonderful time in China. We especially want to thank you for organising everything. The drivers and guides in both Yi Chang and Chong Qing were wonderful. The cruise was just great and we were spoilt by the staff. Unfortunately we were the only English speaking guests on board but it didn't matter as everyone was just wonderful and friendly and we managed to communicate effectively and were able to laugh together when we tried out our Chinese. There was only 120 guests on the cruise so it wasn't crowded and it was easy to get to know everyone. I will be recommending you to our friends if they are planning to come to China as your service was excellent and much better than that provided by Australian travel agents. We will be visiting China in the future and would be happy to engage your services again. Do you organise other trips in China with a guide and driver as we like small groups and don't really enjoy big groups?

    Kind regards

    Peter and Frances Millmore

    Jun 23, 2015

    Dear Rita,

    Thanks for the email. Betty and I had a great trip in China and thoroughly enjoyed it. I would certainly recommend your travel firm to our friends.

    Our only problems were in regard to the air travel, as the flights from KL to Guangzhou and then to Xian were very late, as I detaiiled in my previous email to you. This resulted in the Guide there not being at the airport and we had to wait about 90 minutes for her. I was not critical of her as it was outside her control., and the changes in flight schedules must have been confusing.

    On the way beween the end of the cruise and Ghnagzhou the plane was on time, but the flight from Ghangzhou to Penang was late and was subsequently diverted to Kua;a Lumpur because of a very severe storn with lightening in Penang. We ultimately got to Penang at midnight, 3 hours late.

    We are in Penang for 7 days because I am examining medical students here in their final exams.

    I will send some photographs to you afetr we return to Melbourne on 15 June.

    My comments to the various questions you asked are in your email in UPPER CASE type.


    Roger Pepperell

    Jun 08, 2015

    Hi Rita,

    Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. We have only just arrived home in Australia.

    We sailed on the Century Paragon, departing Chongqing on the 14th of April 2015. The ship was beautiful and clean. The extra activities were fun. The tours were well organized.

    I have never traveled 5 star before so how the Century Paragon compares to other cruise ships I don't know but I was really happy and would recommend Yangtze River Cruises to anyone looking for a couple of days of rest and relaxation.



    AustralianMay 16, 2015

    Hi Rita,

    A quick note to say thank you for all your help and the cruise was terrific, we loved it.



    AustralianApr 19, 2015

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