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Three Gorges Dam-The Biggest Dam in the World

The Three Gorges Dam, situated in the Yichang, nearby the Xiling Gorge, is the biggest dam in China and the world’s largest hydroelectric station for the usage of the flood control and power generation. In 1997, the dam is officially opened to public, which surely was the great news to home and aboard tourists to unveil its spectacular dam structure and the complete history.

Tourists Experience in Three Gorges Dam

  1. Appreciate the largest Dam in different angles;
  2. Learn the background history of the great dam project;
  3. View the flood discharge spectacular view when time’s right;
  4. Enjoy the scenic area and landscape around the dam.
Three Gorges Dam

Three Gorges Dam

Main Scenic Spots of the Dam

As the pearl of the Yangtze River, Three Gorges Dam is the top highlight during Yangtze Cruise Tour between Chongqing to Yichang and Shanghai. Now each Yangtze Cruise has the arranged shore excursion to the dam. Tourists can have time to visit the dam tourist area, which includes mainly:

Gorges Exhibition

Built in 1992, the Gorges Exhibition mainly tells the history of the construction of the Three Gorges Dam by documentary films, pictures and some facilities. Besides, the exhibition has preserved kinds of patterns of the dam in different stages of construction and the sample of Chinese sturgeon. If you are interested about the history of the dam, you can speed more time visit here and get to know the dam more.

Tanzi Ling Park

With 262.48 meters above sea level, Tanzi Ling Park is the first spot opened to tourists in 1997. As the dam construction survey point, it shares the best location to see panoramic views of the Three Gorges project. Here you can not only able to enjoy the powerful& splendid Three Gorges Dam, but also watch the precipice of "Yangtze River gorge IV" Two-way lock (the five stages ship locks), as well as spectacular fountains, beautiful waterfalls, meandering streams, green lawn throughout the meantime.

185 Park Zone

Located in the left side of the top dam road, the 185 Park Zone has the same sea level of the dam, so it was called “185 Park”. Standing at the platform, you can feel the height of the dam and view the surface of water in the impounding reservoir. Looking at the foot of the magnificent, distant and calm river, you will be astonished by the static and dynamic beauty rhyming each other.

Memorial Park

Situated in the right side of the dam with 800 meters lower, Memorial Park is composed by performances square, display halls, slide shows and more scenic sites. Facing the dam and mountains behind, Memorial Park is the best place to taking photos with the dam, which can’t miss out.

Gorges Exhibition

The Three Gorges Dam Project Pattern

Tanzi Ling Park

View the dam at Tanzi Ling Park

Memorial Park

Memorial Park Area near the dam

2020 Arrangement of Three Gorges Dam Visiting & Transfer

Due to the unavailable of passing through the Three Gorges Dam ship locks, Yangtze River cruises (except Yangtze 1) would change their ports in Yichang and have some adjustment of the visiting of the Three Gorges Dam site and transportation arrangement. (PS: Visitors still could appreciate the five stage ship locks at the site and could choose to experience the amazing world largest and most complicated ship lift with the visiting of the dam site) Check the details for upstream and downstream cruises at below.

For upstream cruises (Yichang – Chongqing):

Day 1 Around 16:00-21:00 Gather at Yichang East Railway Station or Yichang Three Gorges Center Cruise Terminal. Take the arranged shuttle buses (about 1.5 hours) to Maoping port for embarkation.
Day 2 Some cruises during around 08:30-11:30;
Some cruises during around 14:00-17:00
Only Visiting Three Gorges Dam:
Leave the ship to take the arranged buses to the dam site, after visiting, return to the ship by the same bus.
Three Gorges Dam + Lip Lift:
Transfer to a small sightseeing boat to experience the Three Gorges Ship Lift. Take the arranged bus to the dam site. After visiting, take the bus and go back to your cruise.

For downstream cruises (Chongqing – Yichang):

Day 4 At around 08:30-11:30 Only Visiting Three Gorges Dam:
Disembark the ship to take the arranged buses to the dam site, after visiting, transfer to Yichang Three Gorges Center Cruise Terminal by the same bus (about 1.5 hours) to end your cruise sailing.
Three Gorges Dam + Lip Lift:
Disembark the ship to transfer onto a small sightseeing boat to experience the ship lift. Take the arranged bus to the dam site. After visiting, transfer to Yichang Three Gorges Center Cruise Terminal by the same bus (about 1.5 hours) to end your cruise sailing.

If you have any questions about the Three Gorges Dam, please feel free to ask our professional travel expert for help!

Tips for Three Gorges Dam Excursion

  1. In Summer, the sunlight and heat are quite strong, so you should prepare sunglasses and sunscreen before excurse the dam;
  2. If you want to see the grant sight of flood discharge, you’d better cruise in the rainy season and flood season, which have more chance to meet water release;
  3. The service of sightseeing car in the Three Gorges Dam site scenic spot is charged 10 RMB per person. You could take it to save some time for more sightseeing and photographing. And you are advised to take some small money.
Flood Discharge

Flood Discharge

>> Check more photos of Three Gorges Dam.

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What do you call the large book outside the dam in the Tanzi Ling park
What do you call the large book outside the dam in the Tanzi Ling park
2018-01-07 15:03
Hello Shirley,

Thank you for the question. The sculpture of a large book is called Tanziling Ridge in English and Tan Zi Ling Lan Sheng (坛子岭揽胜) in Chinese, which give brief introduction of Tanziling Ridge and the Three Gorges Dam Project. if you are interested in that and what to know more of this great project, we highly recommend you visit this place by our Yangtze River cruise that would also enable you to feel the great positive impact brought by the project and enjoy the fancy view of the Three Gorges. Please feel free to tell us about your group size, nationality, visiting time to China and other information by Emails, and our professional travel consultant would help design your ideal cruise tour with high quality and good quotation.

Wish you a nice day!
Victoria Jenna Smoking Policy
Is smoking allowed on that ship and are there no smoking areas available
2017-03-15 12:01
Hello Glenn,

Cigar Room on Victoria Jenna is specially provided for smoking people, and the sun deck is also okay to do that. However, other places onboard like cabins and other public areas are non-smoking areas.

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