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How to Choose a Cruise by Four Ways

1. Your Fixed Vacation Schedule

If you can make sure when and how long you can enjoy your vacation, you just need to browse our cruise ship schedules or use the search engine to find the ones that fit.

After choosing some ships which fit your schedule, you can compare them by reading their detailed information, including, introduction, cabins, facility, onboard activities, photos, and reviews of Yangtze Cruise Ships, so as to determine the prefect and most suitable one.

2. Your Ideal Cruise Lines

Generally, there are six popular cruise itineraries on China Yangtze River: Chongqing and Yichang, Chongqing and Wuhan, and Chongqing and Shanghai.

So, you need to consider about which cities are better for your embarkation and disembarkation, and then compare the ship itinerary.

- Choose your Yangtze ship by cruise lines.

3. Your Reliable Cruise Series

Ships are managed and manufactured by different companies. If you have known the cruise series, and read detailed information about them, you can just search the cruise series and then determine your right ship according to your practical conditions. Read more about Yangtze Cruise Ships Series.

4. Find Our Top Best Cruises

If you have no idea about which cruise ship you are choosing, you can read our top cruises series, including luxury cruises, budget cruises, newest cruises, family cruises and best valued cruises. Those cruises have listed detailed comparison between each other, so you can easily select your suitable cruise.

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Top Recommended Yangtze River Ships


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Questions & Discussions

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River boat
What are the boats that travel the yangtze called
2017-04-29 14:45
Hi Paul Murphy,

Good morning from China. The main cruises sailing on the Yangtze River are called Victoria Cruises with seven ships (like Victoria Jenna, Victoria Anna), Century Cruises with five ships (like Century Paragon, Century Legend), President Cruises with three ships (like President 7, President 8) and more. For more ideas, please visit http://www.yangtze-river-cruises.com/ships.html

Have a nice day!

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