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Yangtze Cruise Onboard Life & Experience

Wondering what to do during a day on your Yangtze River cruise?

A lot! You're not roughing it on ships. Just the opposite. Life onboard is quite colorful and a vacation in itself. Each day, a wealth of cruise activity and indulgences, along with the freedom to partake in as many   - or as few - as you please.

Life on Board: All you imagine and more...

Top 1: Relax yourselves all the time
Top 2: Appreciate superb Yangtze Food & Cusines
Top 3: Live in the comfortable & cozy cabins or suites
Top 4: Enojy the high-quality service
Top 5: Kinds of cruise facilities for you to enjoy yourself onboard fully
Top 6: Participate in the colorful cultural activities onboard

Please find your own interests and check them out below!



Cruise Experience for Different "YOU"

According to different types of Yangtze Cruisers, like Family Cruise with kids, Seniors and Adults, the onboard experience can be various. Though you can enjoy all cruise activities and services, the way to choose your cruise experience differs. Come on and find your most suitable cruise lifestyle experience.

Family Cruise Onboard

Family Vation on Yangtze
  • Fantastic family time;
  • Kinds of kids' activities;
  • Time for yourself.

Senior Cruise Onboard

Seniors Vactions
  • Delicious & healthy food;
  • Culture Activities offered;
  • Relaxed at all the way.

Adult Cruise Onboard

Youth Yangtze
  • Fabulous nightlife;
  • Varied shore excursions;
  • Leisure without any rush.


Highly Recommended Yangtze Cruises to Stay Onboard

The highly recommended Yangtze River cruise ships listed below are the TOP 8 cruise ships that appreciated mostly by our customers, for their high quality services, luxury accommodation, and the best cruise experience. What's more, we guarantee you the lowest price.

Top Recommended Yangtze River Ships


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