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Services on Yangtze River Cruise

Service is the spirit of Yangtze River Cruise. All the Yangtze cruises have offered various kinds of services and made great efforts to satisfy your needs. The well-trained crew will make you feel comfortable during the whole journey.

VIP Personal Treatment Onboard

Yangtze cruise vessels are tinier than those on the vast majority of sea-going cruise vessels. So, the experience and service are more personal and outstanding.

From the moment you first step aboard our cruise ships, you’ll be part of an exclusive circle. With two staff members for every three guests, Yangtze cruise’s personal service is unparalleled and anticipates your needs, unobtrusively and intuitively. So you’ll feel restored and relaxed-effortlessly.

In your stateroom, outside in the deck, in the library, anywhere at all, at any time, we go the extra mile to ensure every aspect of your cruise exactly the way you want it.

Enjoy the High-quality Service on Yangtze Cruise

Enjoy the High-quality Service on Yangtze Cruise

All Inclusive Cruise Services Onboard

Once you book with us for Yangtze Cruise tour, all things for you to do is preparing to enjoy your cruise trip. And all inclusive services are offered when you onboard, even before or after your cruise with local driver transfer to bring you to cruise port or sent you off at the airport/train station.

Great services when you getting aboard

With great enthusiasm, the attendants are waiting for you at the boarding point to get aboard safely and comfortably. Their sincere smiles and comfortable words will impress you well at your beginning of the Yangtze River tour.

Luggage Service

In order to get aboard lightly, the luggage service offers free delivery for you to carry your packages to your cabin in advance.

Front Desk Service

Located in the main hall on the second floor, you can see it at first sight you getting aboard. With the inquiry office, the cash desk, and the baggage sections, it offers guests all day long services, such as inquiry, cashing, food ordering, exchange, waking-up, depositing, luggage conveying, etc.

Professional Guide Service

Each cruise ship has one to two professional guides, including the language of Chinese and English. The tourist guides will gather in a general way all the tourists to hold a meeting about the journey before the cruise ship navigates. Every day, the guides will inform through the central broadcasting system or bulletin board all the tourists of activities arrangement of the next day. They participate in various activities and introduce the Three Gorges to tourists during the whole cruise way.

Guest Room Services

Each guest room has the control for the central air-conditioning and central broadcasting system. You may regulate by yourself according to your need. Also, the room attendants will clean the room, supply bottled drinkable water, and make the bed for you every day.

Catering Services

Each day, various kinds of Chinese and Western food is provided in the dining rooms to meet your appetite. Also you can enjoy some free non-alcoholic beverage (water, coffee, tea, juice, cola, etc.) and beer with limited amount. Professional staff will serve you well there proactively.

Facilities Services

Related to your daily life, there are gyms, libraries, reading rooms, sun deck and more facilities onboard for you to enjoy freely.

Activities Services

When you are onboard, there are kinds of activities present for you, such as singing dancing performances, lectures, calligraphy show, tea show, Tai chi playing, kite flying and more cultural activities. Besides, 3 to 4 shore excursion land tours are arranged for tourists to experience typical historical sites along Yangtze River.

Welcoming Guest Service on Yangtze Cruise

Welcoming aboard your cruise

 Front Desk Service on Yangtze Cruise

Front desk service your cruise

Yangtze River Cruise Services - Guide Service

Professional Guide Service

Guest Room Services

Guest Room Services

Yangtze River Cruise Services - Activities Services

Activities Service

Chargeable Superb Services To Enrich Your Life Onboard

Managers of Yangtze River cruises prepare a lot of other superb chargeable services and facilities to enrich your experience on your cruise. Therefore, you just keep your good mood and enjoy the convenience and happiness created by these services onboard.

Optional Shore Excursion

Yangtze River cruises also arrange some famous and interesting sites as optional shore excursion choices to offer more chances for guests to enjoy more natural sceneries and know more about the brilliant culture and history there. If you would like to get more time onshore to rich your tour, you need to pay extra.

To see all the arranged and optional shore excursions.


Some Yangtze River cruise ships have 1 to 2 swimming pools onboard, with one kind of the ordinary outdoor swimming pool and the other kind of the indoor thermostatic constant temperature one. The ordinary outdoor swimming pools allow you to get close to nature, surrounded by hills under the sky. However, spending wonderful time with friends and families in the indoor constant temperature swimming pools is of much fun as well. You deserve to get this swimming experience on a Yangtze River cruise with some payment.

Wi-Fi & Internet Access

Onboard Yangtze River cruises, Wi-Fi is provided only in some specific areas like the lobby, the business center, etc., and if you want to use the Wi-Fi in these areas, you can ask staff at the reception desk, and they will help you with the access and payment.

Also, internet bars or cafés serve onboard most Yangtze River cruises, so you can pay to use the computer to send some electronic greeting cards, emails, and so forth to your friends and families very conveniently.


Many souvenir shops and snack bars are arranged on Yangtze River cruises, so you can stroll along these stores to select your favorite items, such as clothes, jewelries, books, dolls, post cards, food and beverages, etc. for extra cost.

Bars & Cafés

One or two luxury and comfortable bars and cafes are accessible for guests onboard Yangtze River cruises. Various kinds of red wines, vodkas, champagnes, beers, spirits, soft drinks, coffees, teas, juices, water, etc. are provided for you with reasonable prices.

SPA, Massage & Sauna Relaxing

Services for body relaxing are also specially prepared for guests. You can pay to enjoy the SPA and massage to release your tense and pressure of both your mind and body. Also, you can do a sauna to expel the toxin through perspiration while chatting with your companies.

Beauty & Hair Salon Services

Beauty & Hair Salons are provided on Yangtze River cruise ships, usually at the lower decks, providing skin care, hair washing, hair styling, hair cutting, hair perming, hair dying, etc. to keep you look glamorous and energetic throughout your trip. Detailed prices are to be known from the staff at the reception desk or the salon.

Clinic Service

There is 1 or 2 doctors professional at traditional Chinese and western treatment working in the Clinic on every Yangtze River cruise. Guests feeling uncomfortable or ill onboard can have treatment there and need to pay extra.

Laundry Service

You can do some easy laundry with the tap water in your cabins or suites, and the cloth hangers as well as a cloth line are prepared also. Besides, same-day laundry service is provided for guests as well to leave more time for sightseeing and joy. You can put your clothes in the laundry bag in your cabin and fill the laundry service form or directly call the reception desk. The staff will take them to do laundry and return to your cabins after ready. The prices are reasonable. (PS: Laundry services are not provided during the first day and the last day of the cruise trip.)

Room Service

When you are onboard, if you want to have meal in your own cabin or have a night snack, you can call the reception desk and order dishes and drinks you like. Attendants will deliver the great food to your cabins, and this service needs to pay extra.

Note: To know more detail price of each chargeable service onboard Yangtze River cruises, please feel free to inquire our travel consultant!

Besides, cruise staff onboard speaks good English, and you don’t have to worry about the communication. With some personal requests, please feel free to ask the service staff and your tour guides, even our cruise experts. Your satisfaction is always we are pursuing for!

Land Excursion & Guide Service

Shore Excursion with private guide

Yangtze River Cruise Services - Swimming

Swimming Service

Internet Services on Yangtze Cruise

Internet Services

Yangtze River Cruise Services - Shopping Onboard

Shopping Service

Yangtze River Cruise Services - Massage Service

Massage Service

Yangtze River Cruise Services - Hair Salon Service

Beauty & Hair Salon

Business Service on Yangtze Cruise

Business Service on Cruise

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Do they serve wine on board ship
2019-06-20 05:37
Hi Yvonne,

Thanks for your question! Yes, wines are served onboard Yangtze River cruises.
If you are interested, you can get more about Yangtze River Cruises Drinks & Beverages at https://www.yangtze-river-cruises.com/experience/cruise-drinks-beverages.html

Wish you a memorable ship journey in China!
Currency used on board
What is the currency used on board?
2017-09-06 03:42
Hello Tony,

Thank you for the good question. Onboard the Yangtze River cruise, you can use major currencies like US dollars, British pounds, Euro, Chinese Yuan. And the reception desk usually provides currency exchange services for guests. Besides, you can also pay the bill by using the major credit cards, such as VISA, MasterCard, or American Express, with more convenience.

Have a nice trip on the Yangtze River!

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