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Yangtze River Cruises Drinks & Beverages 2024

Appreciating the marvelous scenery at the riverside of Yangtze River with one cup of wine or beer in hand is such a stunning experience that can be too appealing to ignore. The riverbanks are lined with rolling peaks of almost equal height, with lush green plants covered. The top of those mountains and peaks are hidden in the mist - resembling unique roads lead to the sky. Such amazing scenery is right in front of you, within a close distance not more than 20 meters. Facing the marvelous scenery and taking a sip will not only feast your eyes but also satisfy your taste buds!

A Yangtze River cruise journey usually lasts for about 4-11 days. For the drinks, you are not really recommended to bring them by yourself, because you may get problems at airport or train stations in China. Besides, during the whole ship journey, all the Yangtze River cruises will offer drink service in your cabin, the dining hall and also the bar and Café onboard. Check the information below to know the details about what drinks will be served on the ships.

Drinking in Your Cabins

Onboard Yangtze River cruises, staff prepares 1 to 2 bottles of mineral water for each person per day in your own cabin. And tea kettles are mostly available in cabins of most Yangtze River cruise ship, which you can use to heat some drinkable water since water is purifies and sterilized with the advanced installation on the ship.

Yangtze River Cruise Drinks - Drinkable Water
Bottled Water and Tea Kettle in the Cabin

Drinking in the Dining Halls

During your dining time in the restaurant, several kinds of drinks are provided for free to suits your dishes, such as juicy, cola, sprite, milk, soy bean milk, yogurt, coffee, tea, hot water, etc. And you can refill you glass until the drinks are all out.

And for some meals prepared in Chinese sit-down style, soft drinks, champagne and red wines are also offered for you.

Yangtze River Cruise Drinks - Dining Service
Great Beverage Service in the Yangtze River Cruise Dining Hall

Drinks & Beverages in the Bar or Café

If you want more drinks of other brands or more flavors, you can buy at the bars or at cafes onboard your Yangtze River cruise, which needs extra pay. Let’s see the types of beverages as below for your reference.

Yangtze River Cruise Drinks - Drinks in the Bar
More Drinks in the Bar Onboard the Yangtze River Cruise Ship

  • Cocktail: Dry Martini (Gin/Vodka, Martini Day), B-52 (Kahlua, Bailey’s, Grand Mamier), Kamikaze (Vodka, Triple Sec, Lime Juice), Fruit Daiquiri (Fresh Fruit, Bacardi, Triple Sec, Lime Juice), Cuba Libra (Fin, Cherry, Brandy, Lime Juice, Soda), Margarita (Tequila, Colntreau, Lime Juice), Long Island Ice Tea (Vodka, Rum, Gin, Tequila, Triple Sec, Lime Juice, Coke, etc.
  • Sparkling Wine & Champagne: Grand Imperial, Chinese Sparkling Wine, Prosecco Italy, Veuve Cliquot/Yellow Label, etc.
  • Gin: Gordon’s, Beefeater, Bombay, etc.
  • Tequila: Tequila (gold), etc.
  • Bourbon: Jim Beam White Lable, Four Roses, Jack Daniels, etc.
  • Canadian Whisky: Canadian Club, etc.
  • Aperitif: Martini Rosso, Martini Dry, Campari, Sandeman Medium, Harvey’s Bristol Cream, Sambuca, Pemod, etc.
  • Rum: Bacardi (Light), Captain Morgan (Dark), Meyers’s (Dark), Malibu, etc.
  • Vodka: Stolichnaya, Smimoff, Absolut, Grey Goose, etc.
  • Irish Whisky: Jameson, etc.
  • Brandies & Cognac: Hennessy VSOP, Remy Martin VSOP, Martell Cordon Bleu, Courvoisier XO, Hennessy XO, Remy Martin XO, etc.
  • Liqueur: Kahlua, Blue Curacao, Triple Sec, Cherry Brandy, Apricot Brandy, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Crème de Cassis, Crème de Menth (G), Crème de Menth (W), Crème de Cacao (W), Crème de Cacao (D), Amaretto, Cointreau, Dnambuie, Tla Maria, Grand Mamier, Galliano, etc.
  • Coffee: Coffee, Ice Coffee, Espresso, Cappuccino, Coffee Latte, Irish Coffee, Royal Coffee, etc.
  • Chinese Spirit: Wu Liang Ye, Mao Tai, Lu Zhou Lao Jiao, Guo Jiao 1573, Jian Nan Chun, Gu Yue Long Shan, etc.
  • Bitter: Jagermeister, etc.
  • Scotch: Cutty Sark, Famous Grouse, Red Label, Black Label, Chivas Regal, Glenfiddich 12 Years, Glenfiddich 18 Years, Royal Salute, etc.
  • Beer: Chong Qing Beer, Tsing Tao Beer, Budweiser, Heineken Beer, etc.
  • Soft Drinks: Local Mineral Water, Evian, Perrier, Soda Water, Coca Cola, Diet Cola, Sprite, etc.
  • Alcohol Free Cocktail: Shirley Temple (Grenadine, Ginger ALE or Sprita), Fruit Punch (Pineapple Juice, Lemon Juice Orange Juice), Swan Lake (Grenadine, Lemon Juice, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice), etc.
  • Tea & hot drinks: Jasmine Tea, Wu Long Tea, Biluochun Tea, Longjing Tea, Black Tea, Milk, Hot Chocolate, etc.
  • Juicy: Orange Juice, Tomato Juice, Pineapple Juice, Cranberry Juice, etc.

Yangtze River Cruises Drink Packages

Drink package is a nice way to limit your cost or simply make your cost more predictable. After buying the package at a flat fee, you can enjoy the included kinds of beverages during the whole sailing journey. There are non-alcoholic beverage packages and also alcoholic beverages for you to choose. Different cruises have different drink packages. You can check form below to know what drink packages of the cruises have. For more detailed information about what's included in each drink package of each cruise, you can check Drink Package on Century Cruises for your reference, or ask the staff onboard for help after boarding the ship.

Cruises Do They Have Drink Packages? Drink Packages Price
Victoria Cruises Yes Mealtime Drink Package about 400
Century Cruises Yes Extra-value Drink Package, Beer Package, Soft Drink Package and Red Wine Drink Package about 200 - 800
Yangtze Gold Cruises Yes ask the staff onboard for help ask the staff onboard for help
Yangtze President Cruises Yes Mealtime Drink Package, Drink Package in the Bar about 398 - 650
Changjiang Cruises Yes Mealtime Soft Drink Package about 30
Yangtze Explorer Yes Premium Package, etc. about 488 - 1,288

Warm Tip: The above prices may be changed according to practical situation, and the prices on downstream and upstream are different.

www.yangtze-river-cruises.com will keep updating the latest port information and news. For more questions and help about the Yangtze River Cruise drinks and beverages, please feel free to contact our professional cruise agents who are here ready to help you at any time!

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Questions & Discussions

Following are latest questions and answers from our webusers and customers. You can learn many useful information from the discussion and cases. You can also join in the discussions or ask your own question. Our experts will help you ASAP.

Wine on board Century Sky
I will be on the Century Sky from Yichang to Chongqing in April 2020. Will there be white wine available? Can I bring alcohol onboard to enjoy in my cabin? Thank you
2019-12-29 09:18
Hi Kathy,

Thanks for your question!
There are several kinds of drink packages onboard Century Sky, including soft water packages, red wine packages, beer packages, extra-value packages, etc.
Extra-value package covers all the cocktail, beer, coffee, tea, soft drinks, fruit juice and wine except Erdinger, Remy Martin and Chivas Royal Salute.
The prices of those packages may vary from 200-800 RMB per person. After booking the package, you can enjoy the included drinks during the whole trip. Please refer to the actual price onboard. If you are in need, you can ask the reception desk for help, with your room card carried.

Wish you a memorable ship experience in China in April, 2020!
drinks package
On the Century Legend upstream, do both occupants of the same cabin have to take the same package?
2019-05-16 23:58
Hi Helen,

Thanks for your question! All the drink packages onboard Century Legend are sold by per person. For more details of the drink packages, you can check the following page as your reference:

Warm tip: The price and kinds of drink packages onboard the cruise may be changed according to practical situation, you can ask the staff for more details after boarding.

Hope it helps and wish you a memorable ship experience in China!
Century Diamond
We will be sailing on the Century Diamond from Yichang for 4 nights. Is beer, wine and whiskey included for dinners?
2019-04-02 10:20
Hello Linda,

Thanks for the good question! Only soft drinks like juicy, cola, sprite, milk, soy bean milk, yogurt, coffee, tea, etc. are included during your dinning time in the Dining Halls. All the beers, wines and whiskey are not included, but you can ask the staff for help if you are in need.

Wish you a nice trip onboard Century Diamond!
Drink Packages
We are sailing on the Victoria Katarina in April and we were wondering if there is a drink package we could purchase in advance to include alcoholic drinks as well?
2019-03-24 10:12
Hello Debbie,

Thanks very much for your good question! There are drink packages onboard Victoria Katarina. The prices are a little higher than those on land but still acceptable. Sometimes, there may be promotion activities onboard, so you are more suggested to book the drink package after boarding the ship. If you are in need, you can ask the reception desk for help, with your room card carried.

Wish you a wonderful ship experience onboard Victoria Katarina!
Can you take alcohol on the cruise president 7?
2019-03-06 09:27
Hi Brigitte,

Thanks for your question! Yes, you can take your own alcohol like spirits and wine onboard President 7, and to your room. However, it is not allowed to bring your own drinks to the dining halls or bar. You can enjoy in your cabin and private balcony as freely!

Wish you a memorable ship journey in China!
Weather in April
What is the weather likely to be in early April? Thanks
2019-01-17 09:25
Hello Kathy,

Thanks for your question. Early April is during the spring along the Yangtze River. About the weather, it is still a little cold, and sometimes sunny in the day time, but there would be some cold wind during night. You still could prepare some warm clothes, like coats, knitwear for your shore excursion visits and time on the Sun Deck. However, the whole cruise is facilitated with central air conditioner with a temperature at about 26℃, so you could feel warm when stay in your room, restaurant, and other public areas onboard. Besides, there may be some light raining days during the spring, so you are also advised to take your umbrella and rain coats. You could follow the weather report before you go.

Wish you a memorable ship experience in China!
Which Boat
My wife & I have booked a Wendy Wu tour (Majestic Yangtze) for May 2019. We are cruising the Yangtze from Yichang to Chongqing boarding on May 9th ( I think) Are you able to tell me the name of the boat we will be on Thank you

Robert Kennedy
2018-10-06 08:41
Hello Robert,

Thank you for the message. I’m glad to know you are going to enjoy your Yangtze River cruise in China in May 2019. If you are boarding your Yichang to Chongqing cruise on May 9th 2018, you are probably embarking Victoria Jenna which is the only cruise ship offering the route that day as we know. However, as we yangtze-river-cruises.com is actually a local travel agency based in Chongqing and offering the booking of Yangtze River cruise and tour booking, we do not know the details and arrangement of the travel agency from which you booked your cruise. So to have a better understanding and preparation for your cruise, we suggest you ask your travel expert for the detailed cruise ship name and more information.

Wish you a wonderful cruise holiday in China!
stops during the cruise
Hello, does ship stop for the night at the shore? If yes in which places, please. I'm gonna take a cruise from Chongqing to Wuhan
2018-08-29 19:44
Hello Dorote,

Greetings from China! At present, we have no Chongqing Wuhan cruise offered in 2018, so we have no idea about the night stopping of the cruise. If you have booked a cruise, you may know the detailed of stopping at night from your travel expert. And if you have not, we also recommend you to experience the more popular Chongqing Yichang cruise to savor the real essence of Yangtze River and Three Gorges. If you are interested, please tell us directly, and our travel consultant will help you sincerely.

Enjoy your nice day!
What are the benefits of upgrading to a better room besides the room? (Are drinks, food the same?)
What are the benefits of upgrading to a better room besides the room? (Are drinks, food the same?)
2018-05-23 12:37
Hi Ruben,

Greetings from China! The policy of room upgrading is various based on different Yangtze River cruise companies. On some cruise ships, if you upgrade your room into a suite class, you could enjoy dining in the VIP restaurant without extra pay to enjoy the ordered food, however, on some cruises, dining in the VIP restaurant needs extra fee. Besides, on some ships, there would be some complimentary services and facilities to enjoy for free, like free drinking in the bar, welcoming fruit basket, wine, etc. Since there are many cases, you could directly tell us about your ideal cruise company or detailed cruise ship, other needs, nationality, group size, and other information, and our travel expert will tell you the detailed services and equipment you could enjoy by upgrading your room.

Have a nice trip!
Credit card payment
Can we settle our drinks bill by credit card on board ship?
2018-04-30 19:44
Hello Ross,

Thanks for your question. Yes, you can settle accounts by credit card, such as VISA, MasterCard, or American Express.

Have a great day!
Coming middle of November
WHat is the usual weather for November. Should we Pack light, heavier, water wear. Also is there one side of the ship better for viewing? Do they do anything special for birthdays
2017-11-02 14:05
Hi John,

Thank you for the question. The middle of November is the early winter of Yangtze River, when it is a little cold and the temperature is varied from about 8℃ to 20℃. During that period, it would rain. Therefore, it is advised to prepare your warm clothes like sweater, long trousers, coats, scarf, etc. to keep warm and the rain gears for the rainy days. As the cruise is facilitated with central air conditioner with an average temperature at 26℃, so you would feel comfortable and warm onboard. Both sides of the Yangtze River have great sightseeing, so you could choose either side to enjoy the fancy view. You could tell your birthday to your travel consultant in advance or the staff onboard when you check, and the cruise staff would prepare a birthday cake or some other gifts on the Captain’s Welcome Party or the Captain’ Farewell Party for you. You could spend a happy and unforgettable birthday with many travelers and staff together onboard.

Wish you a memorable Yangtze River cruise trip!
We are traveling with Gate 1 tours in March of next year and doing the 4 night upstream trip. Will we be able to upgrade once we board the ship.
And what is the weather like in mid March. Thank you
2017-10-13 04:28
Hello James,

Thanks for your question. For my suggestion, it is better to upgrade your room as early as possible in case there is no one available after your embarkation. Besides, if you do the upgrade in advance, the staff could prepare your room ready before your boarding, so you could have a relaxing time or a break after your check in there.

About the weather, it is still a little cold during the middle of March along the Yangtze River, and sometimes sunny in the day time, but there would be some cold wind during night. You still could prepare some warm clothes, like coats, knitwear for your shore excursion visits and time on the Sun Deck. However, the whole cruise is facilitated with central air conditioner with a temperature at about 26℃, so you could feel warm when stay in your room, restaurant, and other public areas onboard. Besides, there may be some light raining days during the spring, so you are also advised to take your umbrella and rain coats. You could follow the weather report before you go.

Have a nice trip!
Drink Prices
Was wondering the cost of a beer or cocktail aboard the Gold 8 ship. CAD$
2017-08-15 11:10
Hello Darrell,

Thank you for the question. I’m sorry to tell you that we do not have the prices of drinks onboard Yangtze Gold 8 cruise, and as we know there are a lot of different kinds of drinks there and the prices are usually higher than that of products in a land store but also reasonable. You could know the detail prices of Chinese RMB after boarding from the staff. And the staff at the bar would serve you well.

Wish you a happy cruise trip!
Can you tell me what kind of weather we can expect in early September ,we are booked on Selina for my 70 th birthday on September 6th .Thank you for your help.
2017-07-27 06:49
Hello Joyce,

Thank you for the question and happy to know your 70th birthday on September 6th.
Usually September is the one of the best months to take the Yangtze River cruise. During daytime, the sunshine is still adequate, t-shirts are ok, and you can wear your sun-protecting cloth or use the sunblock to protect your skin. And at night, it may get cooler, and you could put on your light coat. Since the entire cruise is equipped with well central air conditioner, you would feel comfortable and enjoy the trip at ease. However, in Chongqing, it is very hot in September, and it is suggested drink more water during your day in this city.

Have a nice trip on the Yangtze!
Can we purchase wine on shore and bring it to our room?
2017-07-13 12:57
Hello Carolyn,

Thanks for the question. You can buy wines and other drinks and food on shore in the Chongqing, Yichang, and shore excursion sites along the Yangtze River, and they are allowed to be brought onboard the cruise ship, and to your room. However, it is not allowed to bring your own drinks and food to the dining halls or bars on your ship.

Wish you a enjoyable cruise trip on the Yangtze River!
I like white wine with my dinner. Is that available in the dining room?
2017-07-12 23:57
Hello Fran,

Thank you for the good question. Different drinks are provided for free during the three meals in the dining room on different cruise ships, mainly covering water, coffee, wine, soft drinks, etc. You can enjoy them as you like. And if there is no white wine, you can go to the bar onboard where a lot of various drinks and wines are offered, and you can buy some to enjoy your leisure drinking time with the charming sightseeing of the Yangtze River and Three Gorges outside the windows.

Hope you enjoy your trip on the Yangtze River!
Dress code
Is there a dress code for the evening meals on Victoria Grace?
2017-03-31 16:24
Hi Brent,

Thanks for your question. Usually dressing code for dining during night is not very formal. Such as, suite, tie, evening dress, etc. are not strictly required. You can dress as comfortable as possible to enjoy your cruise tour, but too casual clothes like jeans, round-neck shirts, shorts, slipperier, and so forth are better to avoid.

Hope you enjoy the trip on the Yangtze River!

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