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Why Taking Yangtze River Cruises

Taking a Yangtze River cruise is always chosen by our customers as a break during their long-time China tours. But why cruise the Yangtze? Why they’d like to spend few days on the ships?

According to hundreds of feedbacks from our former customers, we would like to tell you that thousands of travelers choose to take Yangtze cruises every year because:

  1. It is about the Yangtze, the Three Gorges and mostly, the Three Gorgers Dam!
  2. It is a relaxing and comfortable journey.
  3. The All-inclusive cruises save much money and time.

Exploring the Highlights of the Yangtze

A Yangtze cruise, ordinarily between Chongqing and Yichang, is a journey to visit the most attractive parts of the Yangtze River. The highlights of a yangtze cruise include:

  1. Sailing across the natural wonder: Three Gorges

    The Three Gorges, including Qutang Gorge, Wu Gorge and Xiling Gorge, are famous not only for the stunning natural beauty, but also for the time-honored culture, with myriad of ancient temples, villages, paths etc.

  2. Visiting Three Gorges Dam - the world-largest dam

    You can never imagine how huge the Three Gorges Dam is unless you just face it! The marvel Three Gorges Dam project where you could see the completed powerhouse, the spillway with the powerful water and mist and the in progress second powerhouse and cofferdam.

    Passing through the five-level ship lock, witness the largest Dam in the world, only Yangtze cruise can offer you this life-time chance and provide a memorable and culturally-enriching cruise experience.

  3. Exploring the authentic lives of local people & culture

    During the whole cruise, you will have chances to witness the daily lives of Chinese people who live by the river. And the various arranged shore excursions will offer you some special experiences, such as learning the unique history and culture oriented from the Yangtze.

Cruise to see the World Largest Dam!

Cruise to see the Largest Dam!

Shennong Stream Shore Excursion

Excursion deep into the river!

Enjoying the Comfort and Relaxation onboard

Staying on the cruise, you could simply sunbathe on a comfortable deck chair by the pool, breathe some fresh air, view the stunning passing scenery and snap photos. It's relaxing to sail through the Yangtze on a luxury cruise ship. You can take it as a break of your hectic China tour schedule.

Onboard those 5-star yangtze ships, there are:

  1. Kinds of staterooms and suites, all with private balcony, where you can enjoy a private leisure time as you wish.
  2. Interesting onboard activities arranged by staff, including Yangtze History & Culture Lectures, Chinese Painting, Taichi, Staff Show, Chinese Folk Dance, Acrobatic Performances and more. All you need to do is just join as you like.
  3. Lounges, night bars, and massage rooms, where you can relax yourself after daytime shore excursions.
Clean and Comfortable Staterooms

Clean and Comfortable Cabins

Worry-free & Saving More

When taking a Yangtze cruise, it all about all inclusive cruises' experience. You don't need to hurry on and off the coach to catch the next destination, search for hotels, coordinate transportation and budget for meals.

The ship will take you directly to the destination, and the staff on board will arrange various activities on board. The prices of meals, accommodations onboard and entrace fees of arranged shore excursions are included in the Cruise price. All you need to think about is join which one first. More Tips, Advices and FAQs about Yangtze River Cruises, Please visit customer support of Yangtze River Cruises.

Private Balcony of each room onboard

What are you waiting for?

What Our Former Customers Say?

"The ship, Victoria Katarina was better in every way than we expected. The accommadation was clean and spacious, the resturant quality was excellent, and the crew was very polite and helpful. The river guide, Luther, was knowledgeable and very entertaining. The evening activities were good fun without being extravagant, in all a very good balance.

The side trips to the Dam, Ship Locks, Lesser Three Gorges, Fengdu Ghost City were well organised and not rushed, giving plenty of time to see everything we wanted. The scenery is spectacular."

-- Reviewed by Peter Withers

Top Recommended Yangtze River Ships (Chongqing - Yichang)

Top Recommended Yangtze River Ships (Chongqing - Shanghai)



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