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Yangtze Gold 7

9.5 / 10
Yangtze Gold 7 Cruise Ship

Yangtze Gold 7, the popular valuable sister ship of luxury Yangtze Gold 8, is the newest Yangtze Gold Cruises vessel and the top chosen luxury Yangtze ship. Designed in simple & modern style and finely equipped with advanced appliances and amenities, Yangtze Gold 7 is truly a top recommendation for a cost-effective luxury river cruise vacation for all visitors, especially family groups!

2024 Possible Port Change for Special Events in Chongqing: Due to the rapidly decreasing water levels of the Yangtze River and its tributary of the Jialing River in Chongging Port areas, all cruises will not be able to dock in Chongqing for passenger embarkation for downstream cruises and disembarkation for upstream cruises from April 8th to April 14th, 2024. Instead, docking will be available at Fengdu Port. The cruise companies will be providing shuttle bus transfer services between Fengdu Port and Chongging passengers to reach the ship accordingly. (2.5-hour bus ride)

For upstream cruise with DISEMBARKING guests (Yichang to Chongqing)
Passengers will disembark in Fengdu and then take a two-and-a-half-hour bus ride to the entrance of Chongqing Jiangbei Grand Theater (重庆江北大剧院公交车站).(Approx.10:00 am)

For downstream cruise with EMBARKING guests (Passengers will meet cruises' staff (check the poster stand with cruise company's LOGO) at the entrance area of Chongqing Longtousi Tourist Transportation Center (重庆龙头寺游客集中心). From there, a two-and-a-half-hour bus ride to Fengdu will be provided for cruise embarkation. (Shuttle Bus:15:00-17:00)

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Yangtze Gold 7 Overview

Yangtze Gold 7, first sailed on March 3rd in 2013, is the newest Yangtze Gold ship and one of the most popular large and luxury Yangtze cruise vessel for international people.

Designed and constructed according to the high criteria of international ocean cruises, 5-star hotels and various high-class recreation clubs, Yangtze Gold 7 adopted all the advantageous experience to offer the best allocation of cabins, dining halls, entertainment areas, etc. for the best luxurious trip experience of every visitor onboard. Offering 178 cabins of total 5 types onboard, including Deluxe Standard Cabins, Executive King-size Bed Cabin, Executive Suites, Presidential Suites, etc., Yangtze Gold 7 ship meets the accommodation needs of various types of travelers, such as couples, family visitors, single visitors, people on business trip, etc. And all the rooms, designed in the simple and modern style, are well-equipped and decorated with neat and clean beds, good facilities and pleasant style to provide really relaxing and great resting place for trip enjoyment! Breaking the traditional construction of Yangtze River cruises, Yangtze Gold 7 built an over 800 sq.m wide awesome business pedestrian street where visitors can find desserts shop, café, boutique shop, etc. Thus, visitors can both admire the natural landscape from the window in their cabins on the exterior side and feel the modern urban charm of a different city on water on the balcony on the interior side. Furthermore, for the free time off the shore excursion exploration, visitors are going to have wonderful or relaxing moments onboard since Yangtze Gold 7 excellent arranges a lot of great facilities and public entertainment areas, including movie theater, billiards, mini golf course, internet café, children’s playground, gym center, surfing swimming pool, and so on! All cruise staff is here waiting for your boarding to enjoy an unforgettable river cruise trip with their activities & entertainment, food & snacks, service & care, etc. on the Yangtze River!

  • Maiden Voyage
    Mar., 3rd, 2013
  • Tonnage
    11,250 T
  • Length
    136 M
  • Width
    19.6 M
  • Speed
    26 KM/H
  • Itinerary
  • Capacity
  • Crew
  • Decks
  • Elevators
  • Restaurants
  • WIFI
  • Swimming Pool
  • Laundry Service
  • Cabins
  • Private Balcony
  • Private Bathroom
  • Hair Dryer
  • VIP Restaurant

Why Choose Yangtze Gold 7?

Yangtze Gold 7

Leading Vessel of New Benchmark of River Cruise

Yangtze Gold 7 is the best luxury vessel under Yangtze Gold Cruises line that has been regarded as the new standard of river cruise after its launching of the first Yangtze ship over 10 thousand tons and has won "Best Luxury River Cruise Favored by Visitors", the top "Best River Cruise Brand" and other over 40 awards during past years.
Yangtze Gold 7

Rich Types of Deluxe Accommodation

Yangtze Gold 7 designed 5 kinds of luxurious and spacious cabins & suites for both single, couples, family and group visitors to enjoy a sweet sleep! All the fantasy rooms are fully and well-equipped with private balcony, private bathroom and other appliances and items of high standard and specially decorated in beautiful modern style for your like!
Yangtze Gold 7

Diverse Entertainment and Fun

Sailing with Yangtze Gold 7 gives a chance to have fun and learn more about China as one go! Since there are abundant different activities and entertainment arranged along the day during the trip, including Tai Chi practicing, Chinese painting learning, Chinese medicine lecture, Mahjong learning, crew cabaret show, etc. to ignite every minute onboard!
  • Top Business Selection: Having large and professional facilities and venues including large conference hall, business center, multi-function hall, lobby, helicopter apron, sundeck, large and private dining halls, Yangtze Gold 7 is a top selection for business conference and other gathering needs!
  • Brand-New & Cost-Effective: Spacious rooms and public places, classic luxury design and decoration, high quality hardware, advanced environmental-friendly technologies and high standards same for ocean cruises, Yangtze Gold Cruises is the extremely ideal selection for a stylish deluxe and also cost-effective cruise.

2024 Yangtze Gold 7 Cruise Routes

Yangtze River Cruise

3 Nights & 4 Days Chongqing - Yichang Cruise

Most popular downstream itinerary to see the best significant mountains and gorges of Yangtze.

Destinations: Three Gorges, Three Gorges Dam, Fengdu Ghost City, Lesser Three Gorges...

Yangtze River Cruise

4 Nights & 5 Days Yichang - Chongqing Cruise

Another classic upstream route to appreciate the golden section of Yangtze with a more leisure pace.

Destinations: Three Gorges, Three Gorges Dam, Lesser Three Gorges, Fengdu Ghost City...

What to Expect on Yangtze Gold 7?

Schedule of Yangtze Gold 7

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    Chongqing → Yichang

    from $459

    Yichang → Chongqing

    from $459

    Chongqing → Yichang

    from request
    Please Note:
    • The above price range is based on a standard cabin for twin sharing.
    • The prices are valid by Dec.31 of the year.
    • Please enquire us of the exact price according to your nationality, cruising time and cruising route.
    • The cruise prices for holidays such as National Holiday (the first week of October), Labor Day, Spring Festival, etc., are quoted upon request.
    • Limited winter schedules may be adjusted into other dates, cruise ships, etc. based on the arrangement of the cruise company.

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