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Yangtze River Cruise Dress Code | Cruise Wear, Clothing, Attire & Dressing Tips

Yangtze River cruise tour is the best way to savor and appreciate the astonishing natural wonder of Three Gorges and learn the wisdom of Ba and Shu culture. Before cruise tour, many people may wonder about what clothes to wear or pack for their Yangtze journey. What to wear for Yangtze River Cruise in different season? Are there dress codes for onboard activities?

Check the detailed information below and learn more about Yangtze River cruise wear in different season, shore excursion dressing tips and dress code for onboard activities. Pack up your clothes and fare forth to Yangtze River in 2024!

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Cruise Wear & Attire for Yangtze River in Different Season

The classic part of Yangtze River cruise between Chongqing and Yichang belongs to the monsoon subtropical climate and has a distinct four seasons. Here are some recommended cruise wear in different season for Yangtze River cruise tour.

Recommended Cruise Wear in Spring & Autumn

  • Month: Spring (March - May), Autumn (September - November)
  • Average Temperature: 15°C - 22°C

With less rain, mild temperature and plenty of sunshine, spring and autumn are best time to take a Yangtze River Cruise tour. Casual spring clothing such as thin coats or jackets, long sleeves and shirts, light knitwear, jeans, pants, comfortable shoes, etc. is suitable.

Temperature changes greatly from the morning to the night. During sunny and warm daytime, wear a moderate thickness single layer might be enough for most tourists. But it’s frequently cold in the early morning and late night, therefore you are suggested to wear more layers after the night falls.

Yangtze Cruise Autumn Wearing

Yangtze Cruise Autumn Wearing


Recommended Cruise Wear in Summer

  • Month: June - August
  • Average Temperature: 23°C - 33°C

Summer is the hottest and rainy season in Yangtze Three Gorges. You are suggested to pack some summer cloth like light T-shirts, dresses, skirts, pants, shorts, light jackets, comfortable shoes or sneakers etc. with you. As central air-conditioner is well equipped in every cruise with an average temperature at around 26°C in the whole ship all year round, you would feel comfortable always.

In sunny days, ultraviolet radiation is strong, in order to avoid being hurt by harsh sunlight, you are advised to wear a hat, sunglasses and protective cloth. You may also prepare sunscreen with you all the day. In rainy days you are suggested to bring rain gear and wear anti-skid shoes while doing shore excursions.

Summer Cruise Tour for Couples

Summer Cruise Tour for Couples


Recommended Cruise Wear in Winter

  • Month: December - February
  • Average Temperature: 6°C - 12°C

It’s cold and windy in Three Gorges in winter. Therefore don’t forget to equip yourself with warm down jackets, heavy sweaters, thick trousers and thick shoes when you visit Yangtze Three Gorges in winter.

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Winter Wear for Yangtze Cruise

Recommended Cruise Wear in Winter


Yangtze River Cruise Wearing Tips - Shore Excursion

During Yangtze cruise tour, you may not only enjoy the leisure break onboard but can also take some rich and colorful shore excursions. Visiting shore excursions like Shibaozhai Pagodas, Fengdu Ghost City etc. may need travelers to climb hundreds of steps or hiking for a distance, therefore wearing comfortable shoes or sneakers would be a wise choice. For people in poor physical condition, you can bring alpenstocks with you to save the energy while hiking.

Summer is the rainy season in Three Gorges; you need to pay more attention to the weather forecast. If the weather is cloudy outside, you may bring umbrella or rain gear with you and wear anti-skid shoes while shore excursing.

Winter is cold and windy; you are suggested to wear gloves, scarves, masks when doing shore excursions. Generally, temperature in Three Gorges won’t be lower than 0 centigrade, but sometimes frost and fog in the morning would still made decks of ship and roads in shore attractions becomes slippery. Therefore wearing anti-skid shoes would be a wise choice when touring Yangtze River in winter.

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Shore Excursion

Comfortable Shoes for Shore Excursion

Rain Gear for Cruise Tour

Rain Gear & Anti-skid Shoes

Yangtze River Cruise Dress Code - Onboard Activities

During your Yangtze River tour, the cruise will not only provide you with various cruise food, quality service and comfortable accommodation. There are also kinds of activities for you to join and appreciate, such as Captain’s Welcome and Farewell Party, Cabaret Shows, Fashion Shows, Taichi Class in the morning, Night Bars and Lounges etc.

Check all cruise onboard activities

There is no strict dress code for most activities, just chill out, relax and wear as comfortable as you do. The cruises want you to fully enjoy your vacation. "Casual" wear is appropriate for daytime, and it consists of resort-style attire. The dress code is almost always "smart casual" after 6 p.m. Men should wear slacks and collared shirts (sport jackets are optional and ties are not required); skirts or slacks paired with blouses or sweaters, pantsuits or dresses are acceptable for women.

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Daytime Casual Dress

Daytime Casual Dress

Party Dress Code

Party Dress Code

Dress Code for Captain’s Welcome and Farewell Party

When attending formal parties like Captain’s Welcome and Farewell Party, wearing some elegant casual attire or opt for a more formal look (gowns, cocktail dresses, dark suits or tuxedos) would be appreciated by the cruise companies. Here are some advised dress codes for joining onboard activities:

  • Recommended Female Attire on Yangtzr River Cruise

    Female Attire for Cruise Parties

  • Female Dress Code

    Female Dress Code Do & Don't

For Ladies: To enjoy it in a more comfortable way, ladies could wear formal evening gown, long dresses, comfortable kitten-heels or low-heels, etc. If you want to join with better comfort, please avoid too short skirts, trainers, sports clothes, round-neck shirts, jeans, and other too casual things.

  • Male Dress Code

    Recommended Male Attire Onboard

  • Recommended male attire for Yangtze Cruise when joining captain's parties.

    Male Attire for Cruise Parties

For Gentlemen: Apart from the official evening suit or dark suit with tie and leather shoes, gentlemen could prepare some leisure suits, casual shirt, thin shoes, etc. However, please keep away from the shorts, trainers, sports clothes, round-neck shirts, jeans, and other too casual clothes.

Dress Code for Morning Taichi Class

Taijiquan, a national intangible cultural heritage, is based on the dialectical concepts of Taiji and Yin&Yang in traditional Chinese Confucianism and Taoism. It integrates the functions of reaping temperament, strengthening body and combat. Every guest on board will have a chance to practice Taichi Quan. Lessons will be taught by a trained Taiqi master every morning around 6:30-7:00.

  • Taijiquan, a national intangible cultural heritage, is based on the dialectical concepts of Taiji and Yin&Yang in traditional Chinese Confucianism and Taoism.

    Tai Chi Quan

  • Every guest on Yangtze Cruise will have a chance to practice Taichi Quan.

    Tai Chi Quan Practice on Yangtze Cruise

Participants are advised to dress in some baggy sweatshirts, tracksuits and comfortable sneakers for there are lots of stretching during the class.

Dress Code for Swimming Pool

Some cruise may have swimming pool, such as Century Paragon, Century Legendy, President No.7, President No.8, Yangtze Gold 8 etc.

  • Swimming Pool of Century Cruises

  • For guests who booked a cruise with swimming pool and want to swim while onboard, remember to take swimsuits, swim trunks, swim caps and goggles etc. with you.

    Swimsuit for Yangtze Cruise

If you booked a cruise with swimming pool and want to swim while onboard, remember to take swimsuits, swim trunks, swim caps and goggles etc. with you.

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