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Onboard Activities of Yangtze River Cruise

Sailing on the Three Gorges, the best part of Yangtze River, needs at least 4 days and 3 nights. Many people are afraid of getting bored on cruise ship. Here we can guarantee that such worries are absolutely unnecessary. In order to give you the most memorable journey, all Yangtze River cruises have scheduled a large variety types of activities to delight your onboard life from early morning to midnight!

So what exactly can we do onboard? What kinds of activities can we take during day and night? Are there special onboard events for us to learn more about Chinese Culture? Continue to read the passage and identify onboard activities that interest you the most.

Overview of Cruise Activities, Click to Jump:

Morning Activities Onboard Learn to Play Taichi
Early Bird Treatment
Daytime Onboard Activities Sports & Exercise
Amusement & Recreation
Relaxing & Learning
Nighttime Onboard Activities Captain's Welcome & Farewell Party
Performance & Shows
Night Bars & Lounges
Eating & Drinking on
Yangtze River Cruises
Cruise Food & Cuisines
Cruise Drinks & Beverages
Onboard Activities Day & Night

Onboard Activities Day & Night

Onboard Activities for Morning

Get up early in the morning, you can stretch your body on the sundeck by doing Tai Chi. To reward those who get up early, Yangtze cruise companies also prepare a special treatment to those early birds.

Learn to Play Taichi (early morning 6:30~7:00)

Every guest on board China Regal Cruise will have a chance to practice this ancient art. Taiji Quan Lessons are held each morning and will be taught by a trained Taiqi master. Each lesson lasts twenty to thirty minutes.

Early Bird Treatment (usually at 06:30~07:00)

Early risers can enjoy complimentary early bird coffee and tea in the Sundeck Bar after a fresh walk on the sundeck.

Taichi Class Onboard
Morning Taichi Class Onboard

Onboard Activities for Daytime

During daytime, except for shore excursions, you can choose to spend a comfortable and relaxing time one the ship. The cruise is just like Doraemon’s Treasure Pocket, provides all kinds of amusements you can think of.

During the cruise journey, you can keep doing exercise in gym, swimming pool, golf room; relax and enrich yourself by trying spa or massage, planning an afternoon reading at the library or joining a cultural lecture; or you can plan a date with your friends and families to the movies, Karaoke, Card & Mahjong room...

Daytime Onboard Activities, Click to Jump:

Sports & Exercises on
Yangtze River Cruises
Exercise in Gyms
Try Golf Onboard
Amusement & Recreation on
Yangtze River Cruise
Duty-free Shopping
Watching Films
Karaoke Singing
Card Room
Relaxing & Learning on
Yangtze River Cruises
Spa & Massage
Libraries Onboard
Enrichment Lectures
Daytime Activities

Daytime Onboard Activities

(Note: 1. Different Yangtze River cruise ships are equipped with different kind of onboard amenities. Only some Yangtze River Cruise ships have facilities like swimming pool, golf room, movie theater,Karaoke, etc. If you would like to know the overview of cruise facilities & amenities, please visit Yangtze River Cruise Facilities & Amenities or you can contact our travel consultants directly, they are more than willing to help. 1. Gyms, swimming pools, golf clubs on different ships have different layout, size, location and facilities. 2. Additional costs will be generated when you doing sports at sports centers mentioned above. )

Exercise on Yangtze River Cruises

To keep fit and healthy onboard, tourists can stick to their exercise plan on the cruise. Yangtze Cruise Companies prepared gym or exercise room onboard for you to work out. Some cruise ships even have swimming pools and golf playground onboard.

Gym Exercise

Almost all Yangtze River Cruises (except President No.6) has gyms onboard. All Century cruises, all Victoria cruises, all Yangtze Gold cruises, President No.7 and President No.8, Yangtze 1 cruise, Yangtze 2 cruise and Yangtze Explore all has Gym onboard. Gyms on different ships have different layout, size, location and facilities.


Not all Yangtze River cruises have swimming pool onboard. Only few Luxury Yangtze River cruises like Century Paragon, Century Legend, President No.7, President No.8, Yangtze Gold 7, Yangtze Gold 8 and Yangtze 2 also have indoor thermostatic swimming pools. Yangtze 1 is the only cruise ship equips with an outdoor swimming pool.

Golf Course

Golf courses serve on Yangtze Gold 6, Yangtze Gold 7 and Yangtze Gold 8, stretch your body and swing your golf club!

Swimming Onboard

Swimming Pool on Century Cruises

Golf Playing Onboard

Golf Class on Yangtze Gold Cruise

Amusement & Recreation on Yangtze River Cruise

In order to keep passengers entertained all the time, during the cruise tour, Yangtze River cruise provide almost all kinds of big cities amusement you can think of, shopping, films, Karaoke, billiards and Mahjong...

Duty-free Shopping

Shopping is a good and one of the most popular ways for people to relax and pastimes. On board and in port, you can buy the souvenirs and Chinese symbolized cultural stuffs to memorizing your China tour. Shopping also offered a way to connect socially; it’s a good way to make some like-minded friends.

Watching Films

As an audiovisual art, film has the function of reproduction. Fidelity is the basis of reproduction function; therefore movies can truly reflect objective things and reflect the life of local people in a specific historical period. People can learn about the culture and history of the other countries easily by watching movies.
Century Glory, Century Paragon, Century Legend, Victoria Sabrina, Victoria Jenna, President No. 7, President No. 8, Yangtze Explorer, Yangtze 2, and all Yangtze Gold cruises have movie theaters onboard.


There is a saying that singing can create a sense of well-being. If you are a singing lover, book a Karaoke room and spend a wonderful afternoon with your friends and families might also be an excellent choice.
Century Glory, Century Legend, Yangtze Gold 8, etc. have movie theaters onboard.

Card Room - Mahjong, Chess, Card

Take some time to play a game of chess, Mahjong, or card. Mahjong is an ancient Chinese game that uses tiles. The staff on board will offer instructions on how to play the game. It's easy to learn and quite interesting to play with your friends.

If you would like to know onboard activities on one specific Yangtze Cruise ship, please feel free to contact our experienced travel consultants.

Onboard Shopping

Shopping on Yangtze River Cruises

Watching a Film Onboard

Movie Theater on Victoria Sabrina

Playing Card Onboard

Private Card Room on Presidnet No.8

Learning & Relaxing on Yangtze River Cruises

Want to have a relaxed but enrich cruise tour? Spa and massage are wonderful antidotes to stress. For book lovers, most Yangtze River Cruises have libraries onboard. You can also attending the cultural lectures which are well-prepared by cruise companies. More details about cultural activities, please visit Yangtze Cruise Onboard Cultural Activities.

Spa & Chinese Massage

Take some time for yourself as you get pampered in one of the luxurious relaxing spas or Chinese massage onboard your cruise ship. Massage is used to relax muscles, relieve stress and improve circulation. After shore excursions, a massage can help you relax your tired muscles, regain your strength!

Reading in Libraries

Let knowledge increase so that life may be enriched. Reading is one of the most common ways to acquire knowledge; all cruises would try their best to offer a comfortable setting for you to read. Sit and Relax in a leather chair surrounded by countless books, brewed a pot of tea, step into and immerse yourself in the world of words.

Enrichment Lectures - Calligraphy, Painting, Acupuncture...

You have a choice of many free onboard activities including cultural lectures and demonstrations on calligraphy, Chinese painting, Mandarin language, acupuncture, Yangtze River history and kite making and flying. Different ship companies may arrange different lectures onboard.

Spa & Massage Onboard

Massage Enjoyment on Yangtze River Cruise

Onboard Library

Reading and learning Onboard

Onboard Activities for Nightlife

As the sun goes down on the Yangtze River, the ornamental lights have just lit up on board as passengers are treated to a host of after-dinner entertainment. There are live performance, including captain welcome and farewell party, folk dance, fashion show, comedians, China calligraphy show and much more to assure that you will not be bored during the evening. When the lights flicker on and all goes quiet, how pleasant the life would be to invite your friends to hang in the bar with you and have a drink or two.

Captain's Welcome and Farewell Party

Heart-warming and impressive Captain's Welcome and Farewell party on Yangtze River Cruises can give you a chance to make new friends and social with other tourists onboard. During the party, dinner and drink will be provided. The crew members will perform folk dances and traditional music for the guests. The Captain will toast the guests and all guests will be welcomed onboard. Learn more about Captain’s Welcome & Farewell Cocktail Party | Dress Code on Yangtze River Cruises.

Performance and Shows during Night

Cabaret Show: Singing, dancing, music! The cabaret show is also an opportunity for passengers to display any special talents they may have.

Fashion Show: Bring your cameras and your smiles, as our crew presents some of China's most elaborate fashions dating back to the Han Dynasty.

Folk Dance Show: Then take your seat in the club for a spectacular traditional folk performance. Crew members will demonstrate Local folk dances. Different Chinese minority dances will be demonstrated for your enjoyment.

Night Bars and Lounges

Take time to sip cocktails in the ship's lounge, or to enjoy a nightcap and cigar before bed. There are lounges and bars to suit every taste on most of Yangtze cruise ships.

► For more information about onboard activities in night, please visit Night Entertainment | Cruise Drinks & Beverages

Captain's Welcome and Farewell Party

Captain's Welcome and Farewell Party

Folk Dance Show Onboard

Folk Dance Show

Night Bars and Lounges Onboard

Night Bars and Lounges Onboard

Eating & Drinking on Yangtze River Cruise

Eating is very important for all people. And in order to leave you a wonderful culinary experience on your Yangtze River ships, the cruise companies make their efforts to provide large dining places, great dining environment, exquisite food of rich types, and tasteful beverages for all guests from different cities around the world.

Cruise Cuisines

Chinese are dedicated to great food, with a long and rich history in the art of the food. Tasting Chinese foods are the best of best for any Yangtze River cruise. Yangtze River Cruises would carefully design and prepare every meal you take on the ship. There, you can taste cuisines of Chinese, Western, Japanese, Italian, French, etc., from hot dishes, cold salads, soups, desserts, drinks, to local specialties, etc. For more dinning information on different Yangtze Cruises, please visit Dining on Yangtze River Cruise.

Yangtze River Cruise Cuisines
Cuisines on Yangtze River Cruises

Cruise Drinks & Beverages

Appreciating the marvelous scenery at the riverside of Yangtze River with one cup of wine or beer in hand is such a stunning experience that can be too appealing to ignore. During the whole ship journey, all the Yangtze River cruises will offer drink service in your cabin, the dining hall and also the bar and Café onboard. Diverse types of beverages are provided in bars onboard, such as cocktail, sparkling wine, Gin, Tequila, Bourbon, Whisky, Aperitif, Vodka, Beers etc.

To limit your cost, cruise companies also design different types of drink packages for convenience. After buying the package at a flat fee, you can enjoy the included kinds of beverages during the whole sailing journey. (Note: Different cruises have different drink packages). More information, please visit Yangtze River Cruise Drinking & Beverages 2022.

Yangtze River Cruise Beverages & Drinks
Drinks and Beverages on Yangtze River Cruises

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