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How to Choose a Best Cabin on Yangtze River Cruises

Choosing a suitable cabin during your vacation is an essential thing to guarantee a perfect Yangtze trip. It is a personal choice which can be fun and challenging at the same time, depending on your budget and lifestyle. Wondering about how to choose the perfect cabins? Ask yourselves questions below:

  • Do you have a budget for Yangtze Cruise tour? If so, how much?
  • Does the cabin type, size, facilities matters to you?
  • What kind of cruise services do you want? Prefer VIP service?
  • How many people are there in your group? Travel alone, trip for two or family tour etc.?
  • Where would you like to stay? Which floor? High deck, or lower deck?

All in all, there are several essential factors to consider when making a decision: Find a Yangtze Cruise Ship, Cabin’s Price, Cabin’s Types, Size & Amenities, Services Provided in Cabins and Cabin’s Locations.

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Before Choosing a Cabin - Find a Yangtze Cruise Ship

Before choosing the cabin for Yangtze River tour, tourists need to decide which ships to take, there are 6 leading cruise companies with altogether 26 best cruise ships sailing on the Yangtze River, including Century Cruises, Victoria Cruises, Sanctuary Retreats (Yangtze Explorer), President Cruises, Yangtze Gold Cruises, and Changjiang Cruises. Check all Yangtze Rive Cruise Ship in 2024

Tourists may choose the ship according to the cruise time, cruise line, cruise company, cruise price, cruise service, facilities onboard, shore excursion for cruise, cruise onboard activities and so on. More inspiration to find the cruise ship that best suit your needs, please visit How to Choose Your Yangtze River Cruise Ship | Choose Ship by Cruise Line.

Yangtze River Leading Cruise
Yangtze River Leading Cruise Victoria Cruises & Century Cruises

During Choosing the Cabin - Price, Amenities & Service

The Price is Right

PRICE is certainly a consideration, and only you know your vacation budget. Your vacation time is limited, if you don’t mind the price, you might be willing to pay more to get a cabin better suited to your lifestyle. If you have fixed budget, choosing an ordinary cabin still help you enjoy a comfortable and unforgettable vacation.

Contact your travel consultant early and send an inquiry, and you may get a discount or so. While, it can guarantee that you will on the cruise you want and in the cabin or cabin type that you want.

Choose Yangtze River Cruise Cabins - Victoria Cruise Cabins
Cabins and Suites onboard Victoria Anna

Cabin Type, Size & Amenities Does Matter

Different cabin type varies in different price level on Yangtze Cruise ships. However it doesn’t mean that the cabin of the highest price is best for you. The suitable cabin is the best. Generally, there are 3 to 6 kinds of ships of each cruise company including: Standard/Deluxe Cabins, Executive Cabins/Suites and Supreme Deluxe Suite (including the Shangri-la Suites on Victoria Cruise, Presidential Suites on President Cruise, and Imperial Suites on Yangtze Explorer etc.). More information about cabin type, size & amenities, please visit Yangtze River Cruise Rooms & Accommodations | Facilities & Amenities.

Balcony or Not?

  1. All the cabins in Victoria Cruises have private balconies.
  2. All the Cabins in Century Cruises have private balconies.
  3. President No.6, President No.7, President No.8, Yangtze No.1 and Yangtze No.2 have private balconies.

Different ships have the different cabin types and locations, so you should choose the most suitable and right one according to your practical condition and requirement.

>> Click to get detailed cabins and info of all Yangtze cruise ships

Suite on Century Glory
Suite on Century Glory

Service Onboard

Service onboard is another key factor to consider because tourists would at least spend 4-5 days and 3-4 nights onboard when touring the best part of Yangtze River - The Three Gorges. Apart from shore excursion, tourists would spend most of their time onboard during Yangtze River Cruise tour. All the Yangtze cruises have offered various kinds of services and made great efforts to satisfy your needs. The well-trained crew will make you feel comfortable during the whole journey.

More VIP special service would absolutely make your trip more enjoyable. Attracting services for guests in luxury suites are including complimentary tea, coffee and snacks, complimentary laundry service, room service, express check-in and out service, dinning in VIP restaurant, branded bathroom amenities etc,. Check more detailed information, please visit Service on Yangtze River Cruise.

Note: Information given above is only for your reference. Different Yangtze Cruise Company may offer different special services for their VIP guests. If you would like to know more about special service for guests in luxury suites, please feel free to contact our experienced travel consultants, we are more than willing to help!

Century Glory VIP Services
VIP Services Provided by Century Glory

Choose a Cabin by Group Size

When making a decision about the cabin type, another thing to consider about is your traveling group size. Most standard cabins and executive suites on Yangtze River Cruise are for two people.

If you are an independent traveler and travel alone, you may share a twin beds deluxe standard cabin with others or you can pay for a single cabin by yourself. Recommended ships for independent travelers are Yangtze Gold 8 and Yangtze Gold 7.

When there are 3 people traveling together, here are some options for your references. Choice One, you can book one room for two people and let the third person to share a room with others. Choice Two, you can pay two complete rooms by yourself. Choice Three, some cruises have bigger cabins therefore can add extra bed, like Century cruises, Yangtze Gold cruises, President cruises and Yangtze Explorer. Cabins on Changjiang cruises and Victoria cruises are too small to hold an extra bed. If you want to add a bed in your cabin that is allowed to hold an extra one, you are required to give the pay.

Parents travel with kid can take the stylish family suites on Century Glory which is very well decorated with one double bed for parents and one lovely single bed for child. There is special discount for family with children on Yangtze Explorer, so it’s also suitable for a family tour.

Choose a Cabin by Group Size
Choose a Cabin by Group Size

After Choosing the Cabin - Location, Location and Location

After settle down the cabin type that you want, the next important step jumps to make a decision about the cabin location (which floor). The “real estate” that your cabin occupies, no matter the type, can either keep you up all night with noise or it can lull you like a kid and provide exquisite views of your surroundings. That’s why doing your homework is important. You can check the location of each type of cabins on Yangtze River cruise, pros & cons of higher deck versus lower deck. Then make the final decision!

Location of Different Types of Cabins on Yangtze Cruise

Make a decision about which floor to take is the finished step for choosing a cabin and it is not only decided in accordance with prices because prices are mostly dependent on cabin type. Standard cabins on Yangtze River cruises are mainly arranged on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th floors. Business and executive cabins or suites are larger than the standard cabins. These rooms are mainly on the middle and upper decks of a cruise ship, like the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th floors. There are 1 to 4 luxury suites on a Yangtze River cruise ship. Luxury suites locate usually at the bow of the middle deck, namely the 3rd and 4th floor.

Cabins' Location on Yangtze River Cruise

Location of Different Types of Cabins

Choose a Higher Deck Cabins


  1. It is much closer to sun deck and all the entertainment areas, such as bars, card rooms, reading rooms, internet bars and spas.
  2. Besides, you can get better sightseeing.


  1. It is further from the dining rooms and reception.
  2. You may experience more rocking motion up high, so those who are seasick prone might want to avoid a higher deck cabin. Seasickness happens less during a Yangtze cruise than that on an ocean cruise.
Observation Deck on Yangtze River Cruise

Best View of Three Gorges on Observation Deck

Choose a Lower Deck Cabins


  1. It is much closer to dining rooms and reception.
  2. You will experience a smoother ride than those in higher deck cabins.


  1. It is further from the sun deck and all the entertainment areas.
  2. Sightseeing is more limited than from higher deck cabins.
Vcitoria Sabrina's Lobby

Lobby at Lower Deck

Tips about Upgrade Deck

Cabins are arranged from the second floor to the fifth or sixth floor of the ship. If you want to upgrade the deck of your cabin after check in, you can tell the reception desk, and they will deal with it according to the condition of room occupation of that time. For most time, you can have your room upgraded to upper floors. If there is no room available, you can accommodate in your originally booked room. Upgrading service is for extra pay.

For Early Booking (for at least 1 month before the embarkation date) cruise ships of some Yangtze River Cruise companies like Century cruises, you may enjoy the deck upgrading service with nice discounts or even for free. For detailed info about deck upgrading, please inquire our Travel Consultant.

Front Desk Onboard

Privileges for Early Booking

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Top Recommended Yangtze River Ships (Chongqing - Yichang)

Top Recommended Yangtze River Ships (Chongqing - Shanghai)



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Questions & Discussions

Following are latest questions and answers from our webusers and customers. You can learn many useful information from the discussion and cases. You can also join in the discussions or ask your own question. Our experts will help you ASAP.

Stairs on the cruise ships
Do you have elevators on the ships or only stairs? Are there many stairs to climb to the cabins and dining areas? We are 70 and 80 years and cannot walk too far. Do all cabins have windows that open? Thank you
2017-04-08 09:23
Hi Ann,
Thanks for your questions. Most Yangtze River cruise ships have elevators onboard, and they are Victoria Jenna, Victoria Anna, Victoria Lianna, Victoria Katarina, Victoria Selina, Century Paragon, Century Legend, Century Sun, Century Sky, Yangtze Gold 1, Yangtze Gold 2, Yangtze Gold 3, Yangtze Gold 5, Yangtze Gold 6, Yangtze Gold 7, Yangtze Gold 8, President Prime 6, President No. 7, President No. 8, Yangtze 2, Yangtze 1, and Yangtze Explorer. Usually the main dining area is at the 2nd deck and some VIP restaurants are arranged at relatively upper decks such as the 3rd, 4th or 5th floor. As not so large as ocean cruises, there are not so many stairs to climb. For windows in the cabins, most of them on the cruise can be opened according to your need.
Wish you have a wonderful trip on Yangtze River cruise!

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