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Largest Yangtze River Cruise Ships 2020

Have you already decided which cruise ship to get on for the Yangtze River cruise sailing in 2020? If yes, congratulations! If not, be worriless! Choose one of the top largest Yangtze River cruise ships to enjoy the large space onboard, spacious and comfortable cabins, nice services of the reputable cruises, and have fun with different people in the various activities and performances, etc.

Top 7 Largest Yangtze River Cruise Ships

Among all the large-size Yangtze River cruise ships, we here recommend you the top 7 largest cruises for your highlighting sailing in 2020. Let’s see the details at below.

Largest Yangtze River Cruise Ships
Top 7 Largest Yangtze River Cruise Ships


Century Glory, a Newly Constructed Super Yangtze River Cruise, from only $453-$551

Century Glory
Largest & Newest Century Glory

Size: 149.98m*21.2m

Tonnage: 15000 T

Largest Ship Size on Yangtze River: The luxury cruise ship Century Glory is expected to enter service in September, 2019. With 6 passenger decks, this three-hundred-million-yuan ship will has a maximum capacity of 650 passengers and 189 ship staff. It will set a new big size record at the time of its launch and also boast a largest sundeck of thousands of square meters ever to sail in Yangtze River.

Richest Selections of Accommodation: From Presidential Suite, Family Suite, Couples Suite, Executive Suite to Deluxe Cabin, there are 6 totally different cabin and suite options onboard to suit your different needs and preferences. Each of them enjoys a spacious area of about 26㎡ - 85㎡. Let alone every cabin and suite onboard is delivered with a private balcony, thus even inside the cabins you can admire the river view conveniently.

Unique Double-decker Global Restaurant: Aside from the elegant Pavo Lyons VIP restaurant, Century Glory also features a first ever two-story restaurant, where you can savor seasonal and delicious foods in both Chinese and Western style, with beautiful views passing by outside the glass windows in a gentle speed.

Check more details and cruise calendar of Century Glory.


President No.7 & President No.8, Large Ships with Largest President Suites, from only $371-$456

Largest Yangtze River Cruise Ships - President No.7
Largest President No.7 & President No. 8

Size: 146.8m*20.2m

Tonnage: 17000T

Largest Ship Size Just behind Century Glory: constructed into 146.8m in length and 20.2m in width, with 6 decks in all, President No.7 and President No.8 are the largest in size, therefore, spacious dining rooms, entertainment places, sundeck, rooms and so on are easy to enjoy during your relaxing holiday.

Largest President Suites: the two Presidential Suites onboard of 198.00㎡ are super spacious with a king-size bed, large private sightseeing terrace to drink in the natural scenery, which is the best choice for you who want to spend a luxurious vacation to match your status and also who would like to enjoy the memorable time with family in a large private suite.

Check more details and cruise calendar of President No.7 & President No.8.


Century Paragon & Century Legend, Best Large Yangtze River Cruises, from only $408-$528

Largest Yangtze River Cruise Ships - Century Paragon
Best Large Century Paragon & Century Legend

Size: 141.8m*19.8m

Tonnage: 12516T

Best Large Ships of Century Cruises: finely designed by the Norwegian company Yran&Storbraaton of the Seabourn, adopting 7 creational new technologies and 5 Firsts on Yangtze River, and boasting a series of full equipment and facilities, the two large cruise ships tell you what the best experience of a large Yangtze River cruise is.

Excellent Services for World Guests: perfectly managed by the advanced principles from the Europe, Century Paragon and Century Legend provide excellent western services for honored people from the whole world, aiming to take good care of everyone onboard.

Largest Standard Room: arranging standard cabins of 28㎡ onboard, the two star ships boast the largest standard rooms among all the large Yangtze River cruises for your demand of a roomy and luxury cabin.

Check more details and cruise calendar of Century Paragon & Century Legend.


Yangtze 2, Cheap Large Yangtze River Cruise Ship, from only $392-$423

Largest Yangtze River Cruise Ships - Yangtze 2
Budget Large Yangtze 2 Cruise Ship

Size: 140m*20m

Tonnage: 13000T

Large Multi-functional Sun Deck: the super large sun deck is well designed and equipped for the different demands for sunbathing, open-air BBQ, open-air performing area, jogging track, etc. Play it to the most in the sunshine!

6 Features of New Generation of Cruises: strictly built to meet the high-standard features of new Yangtze River cruises, such as large size, high quality, intelligent information, personalized service, leisure tour, and environment-friendly concept, Yangtze 2 guarantees you a healthy and enjoyable sailing.

Cheap Cruise Ship with High-quality Facilities: costing only from $386 - $449 for a cozy standard cabin, at a really low price, Yangtze 2 offers luxury restaurants, sunshine bar, café, library, recreation center, SPA center, souvenir shops, sightseeing elevators and other reputable facilities to ensure your budget but wonderful cruise vacation.

Check more details and cruise calendar of Yangtze 2.


Yangtze Gold 7, Luxury Large Yangtze Gold Cruise Ship, from only $402-$472

Largest Yangtze River Cruise Ships - Yangtze Gold 7
Luxury Large Yangtze Gold 7

Size: 136m*19.6m

Tonnage: 11250T

Luxury Cruise Facilities: built like a large 5-star hotel on water, Yangtze Gold 7 elaborately arranges a large number of luxury facilities and amenities of high quality for your free enjoyment. Have great fun in the business pedestrian street, internet café, library, children’s playing center, SPA center, sauna center, swimming pool, theater, etc.

More Choices of Cabins & Suites: thoughtfully considered while designing, Yangtze Gold 7 offers 6 different types of rooms to satisfy the diverse needs and group sizes of travelers. So no matter you want to spend your private time in a single room, or a happy hour with your family members in a suite, or a wonderful sailing with your friend in a standard cabin, etc., you will definitely find your ideal great accommodation.

Check more details and cruise calendar of Yangtze Gold 7.


Compare Largest Yangtze River Cruise Ships

Compare more information of the top largest Yangtze River cruise ships and choose what you like most to start sailing in 2020.

Ship NamePrice of 2020DecksLength*Width
Room Sizes
Private BalconyTwo Beds into OneExtra Bed
Century Glory $453-$551 8 149.98*21.2 26 – 85 Yes Yes Yes
Century Paragon &
Century Legend
$408-$528 7 141.8*19.8 28.0 – 108.0 Yes Yes Yes
President No.7 &
President No.8
$371-$456 6 146.8*20.2 27.5-198.0 Yes / Yes
Yangtze Gold 7 $402-$472 6 136.0*19.6 13.0-135.0 Yes / Yes
Yangtze 2 $392-$423 6 140.0*20.0 23.0-65.0 Yes / Yes

Note: the above information is only for your reference, if you have any question, please feel free to contact our travel expert for help.

Yangtze River Cruises vs. Ocean Cruises

Don’t know what large Yangtze River cruises are like? Compare them with the ocean cruises to know their differences and have a prior understanding of the Yangtze cruise.

Largest Yangtze River Cruise Ships
Yangtze River Cruise vs. Ocean Cruises

• Ship sizes:

Usually built into a little over 140m long and about 20m wide to ensure sailing through the low bridges and the comparatively narrower river path, a large Yangtze River cruise ship can accommodate up to over 450 people onboard while a normal ocean cruise usually could hold thousands at once. So you could walk less from your cabins to other recreation places and the dining rooms.

• Cabin sizes:

Though cabins and suites on a large Yangtze cruise ship are usually smaller than those on an ocean cruise, the standard cabin of 22-28 square meters wide is mainly great like a room of a luxury hotel with full equipment and facilities, which surely meets your demands of a cozy stay. Furthermore, nearly all cabins facing the river scenery ignite your private time in the room.

• Dining rooms & styles:

Yangtze River cruise provide 1 or 2 dining rooms, so guests don’t have to transfer to different restaurants to enjoy the diverse kinds of delicious food as that on the ocean cruise ship. As most meals onboard Yangtze cruises are served in buffet style, it enables people to taste various types of food in a more leisure and relaxed atmosphere.

• Cruise price:

The cost-efficient Yangtze River cruise needs only from $382-$594 for one guest to enjoy the whole sailing of 4 or 5 days, furthermore, the prices are usually inclusive would give better enjoyment of meals, drinks, activities, shore excursions and more without more charges onboard. However, the ocean cruises need much higher prices with more extra payments after boarding.


Although, the Yangtze River cruises are not as large as the ocean cruises, they definitely would provide new, different and great sailing experience. That’s also why there are still continuous groups of travelers choose to take a Yangtze River cruise during their holiday in China.


Already have your ideal ship to start the Yangtze River cruise? Please feel free to contact our travel expert if you have more questions or needs. If you still have no idea about which one ship to choose, you could check all Yangtze River cruise ships 2020 to have more choices.

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