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Yangtze Cruise FAQs & Tips

Before Your Cruise

  1. When is the best time to have my Yangtze River Cruise?
  2. What to Pack for My First Yangtze Cruise?
  3. What kind of clothes should I wear and pack?
  4. What kind of daily commodities should I bring with?
  5. The proper travel documents I have to bring with all the time?
  6. Can I pay the fees onboard by the Credit Card? Or I have to pay the cash?
  7. How about the medical service on aboard? Is there any basic medicine to be offered?
  8. If I travel with my little kids, can they arrange extra bed for my children?
  9. Can I take my pets to travel China?
  10. How to Get to the Port for My Yangtze River Cruise?


Choose Your Best Cruise Line

  1. Which cruise line I should choose? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each line?
  2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of upstream and downstream each?
  3. How to choose the Best Ship for My Yangtze Cruise?
  4. How long is the cruise vacation?
  5. Why some itineraries include the Shennong Stream and Lesser Three Gorges, while others not?
  6. Chongqing to Wuhan cruise route is listed as lasting 5 days, but why it really covers only 4 days?


Decks & Cabins of Cruise Ships

  1. How to Choose the Best Cabin for My Yangtze Cruise?
  2. How many types of cabin do the cruise ships have generally?
  3. What's the relation between the cruise price and the types of ships cabins?
  4. Where are the Staterooms, dining rooms, restaurants, entertainment and gym facilities located?
  5. Are there any Barber Shop, Clinic, Gift Shop, Library and Business Center? And Where are they?
  6. Can I have a private balcony or ocean-view portholes for sightseeing?
  7. What does the standard staterooms look like?
  8. What does the deluxe suites look like?


Dining and Sleeping on Cruise Ship

  1. What kind of foods to be offered on my cruise ship?
  2. Can I ask for some special request about the dining service?
  3. Are there any special dishes for vegetarian, religious custom, or something else?
  4. Is the water onboard safe to drink?
  5. Do I have a private bathroom?
  6. The room service usually includes?


Cruise Payment

  1. What about tipping?
  2. How much should I pay the porters when I embark and disembark?
  3. What does my cruise fare include?
  4. How do I pay for my cruise?
  5. How do I book my cruise?
  6. Can I know the assigned cabin for me now? So that I can assure myself that I get the best cabin according to my booking?
  7. Must I pay in the Chinese Currency / RMB?
  8. What kind of stuff I have to pay onboard?
  9. What currency is used onboard? Is there currency exchange service?


Onboard Experience

  1. Do the staffs onboard speak English?
  2. Can I smoke onboard and what are the smoking policies?
  3. Are there laundry services onboard?
  4. Is there the Internet access on board? How can I touch with the outside world?
  5. What is the voltage on board? Can I use my phone, hair dryer or shaver?
  6. Which cruise has swimming pool onboard?
  7. Are the shore excursions weary?
  8. Can I have the services of some private tour guides while on board?
  9. What kind of activities, entertainment or parties to be held on board?


Security, Luggage & Valuables

  1. How about the securities are on board?
  2. Where should I put my luggage?
  3. Should I bring with my valuables?
  4. My luggage will be delivered aboard if I join in the group travelers? But, if I am an individual tourist?

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