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Yangtze Cruise Ship Rooms & Accommodation Tips

Accommodations onboard weigh a lot on your Yangtze River Cruise tour, so we have collected the main types of cabins and suites on ships of various Yangtze River cruise companies to give clearer information about the rooms. Now you can check the details about the cabin types provided on Yangtze River cruises, know about the helpful tips for accommodation, and main service in your room to decide your best choice.

Types of Cabins on Yangtze River Cruise

Cabins are different and classified and named into 3 to 6 kinds on the various kinds of ships of each cruise companies, and they are divided into mainly three types according to the size, facilities and services, namely the standard cabin, business & executive cabins, and luxury suites, to indicate the three levels of rooms on the ship and to give you e a clear understanding.

Standard Cabins

Standard cabins on Yangtze River cruises are mainly about 13.00 to 31.00 square meters wide and arranged on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th floors. In the room, there are usually 2 single beds, central air-conditioner, LCD TV, satellite programs, telephone, dresser, private bathroom with shower, toilet, wash basin, etc. In some cabins, there are also a safe box, a table, and a desk with chair.

Among all Century Legend and Century Paragon have the relatively top largest standard cabins of about 28 sq. m. wide. Also, tap water in your cabins is purified and sterilized with great equipment on the ship, and you can use it to do some easy washing or drink it after boiling at ease. So if you want a spacious room within your limited budget, these two cruises are high recommendations.

  • Standard Suite on Yangtze River Cruise Ship

    Standard Suite on Yangtze River Cruise Ship

  • Standard Suite on Yangtze River Cruise Ship

    Standard Suite on Yangtze River Cruise Ship

Business & executive cabins

Business and executive cabins or suites are larger than the standard cabins, which usually cover about 26.10 to 72.00 sq. m.. These rooms are mainly on the middle and upper decks of a cruise ship, like the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th floors. In the room, all amenities in the standard cabin can be found there. And in most of them, larger bathrooms with bathtubs, tea tables, larger private cabins, and small sofas are equipped well. Also, most cabins of these types have lounges with a curtain to separate it from the sleeping area, or a separate bedroom, which is especially suitable for guests on a business trip. And the sitting area is really good for a small meeting with your people.

Executive cabins and suites are the largest on Victoria cruises and Yangtze Gold cruises, of about 36.00 to 72.00 sq. m.

On Yangtze Gold cruises, cabins are quiet due to the appreciating adoption of the advanced technique of damping and noise-reducing, which can make the sound in your executive cabin down to about 40 decibels that is lower than the sound of an air-conditioner. Also, as rooms are decorated with elegant elements and high standard, guests can have a great stay along their whole Yangtze River explore tour.

For Victoria cruises, guests booking executive suites and suites of higher standard will have the great chance to dine in the A La Carte Restaurant with less people. Also, since Victoria Cruises is the only Yangtze River cruise company under the American management, staff and managers onboard will know better about the needs of people from America, Atlantic and Europe.

  • Deluxe Suite on Yangtze River Cruise Ship

    Deluxe Suite on Yangtze River Cruise Ship

  • Deluxe Suite on Yangtze River Cruise Ship

    Deluxe Suite on Yangtze River Cruise Ship

Luxury suites

There usually are 1 to 4 luxury suites on a Yangtze River cruise ship. Most of them are more than 100 sq. m., However, luxury suites on some smaller ships may cover more than 70 sq. m. wide. Luxury suites locate usually at the bow of the middle deck, namely the 3rd and 4th floor.

These kinds of suites are spacious for your Yangtze River tour, and there is usually a private mini kitchen, a sitting room, a separate bedroom with a large queen or king bed, delicate furniture and decorations, a private deck with chaise longue, armchairs and a drinks table. You will not only enjoy the superior facilities and environment in the suites, but also have the privilege to many special good services. If you are looking for high quality living environment and enjoyment, a luxury suite is your great choice.

Among all the kinds, the Presidential Suites of 198 sq. m. wide onboard the President No. 7 and President No. 8 are the largest. In the comfortable and spacious cabin, you will feel it very stable and quiet for the use of the voice reducing and damping technology. And to suit the visual enjoyment, cabins and suites are designed with the features of classic European aesthetic appreciation and traditional Western culture, which reduces the time for you to adapt to a quite different new area.

  • Super Deluxe Suite on Yangtze River Cruise Ship

    Super Deluxe Suite on Yangtze River Cruise Ship

  • Super Deluxe Suite on Yangtze River Cruise Ship

    Super Deluxe Suite on Yangtze River Cruise Ship

Note: The above information in the forms is only for your reference, detail data and conditions are based on practice.

>> How to choose a suitable Yangtze River cruise cabin?

Basic Facilities Provided in the Cabins

In the cabin, there are comfortable beds, pillows, and quilts to give you a sweet sleep, slippers and shower robes are offered for you to get relaxed in your own cabin. Also, English and Chinese channels are accessible from the television in your room, so you can spend some leisure time there. Besides, central air-conditioner, broadcasting system, private bathroom, shower, towels, sofa, wardrobe, mirror, tea kettles, glasses, and others are offered in every cabin. The staff onboard has tried their best to provide the best accommodating experience for guests. And if you can’t find some facilities in your cabin when needed, you can directly call the reception desk for help.

Room Service for Suites on Yangtze River Cruises

Choosing the luxury suites onboard Yangtze River cruises, you can enjoy some special services. Let’s see the attracting services for guests in luxury suites on Century Paragon for your reference.

  • Welcome fruit basket at the boarding night;
  • A complimentary bottle of house wine;
  • Complimentary morning coffee, tea and pastries;
  • Dining in the VIP Restaurant except Captain’s Farewell Dinner in the Globe Restaurant;
  • Free usage of the internet in Executive Lounge (new);
  • 24 hours complimentary coffee, tea, variety of daily snacks & fruits served in the Executive Lounge;
  • Nightly Century signature turn down service with printed daily itinerary;
  • Branded deluxe bathroom amenities.
  • Amazing visit to the Captain’s Bridge;
  • Sauna and swimming pool enjoyment once per person per cruise.
  • ……

So if you want to enjoy better and more services for free or if you travel with your family or friends, the luxury suites on Yangtze River cruises are recommended for you.

Tips for Yangtze River Cruise Onboard Accommodation

1. Private balcony:

Almost cabins and suites on a Yangtze River cruise have private balconies, where you can sit with your people to enjoy the sightseeing on the river. However, rooms like the Cabins without Balcony on Yangtze Gold cruises do not have balcony for sightseeing.

2. Two single beds into one double bed:

two single beds in the cabins on most Yangtze River ships can be put together into a larger double bed for a couple, a parent with one or two children, etc. If you need this service, you’d better tell our professional Travel Consultant in advance. Cruise ships without this service are all Victoria Cruise ships, all Yangtze Gold ships and Yangtze 1.

3. Extra bed:

some cabins on some Yangtze River cruises are too small to hold an extra bed, like Changjiang Cruises and Victoria Cruises. If you want to add a bed in your cabin that is allowed to hold an extra one, you are required to give the pay.

4. Upgrade deck:

a. Cabins are arranged from the second floor to the fifth or sixth floor of the ship. Usually, rooms at upper decks enjoy better natural views compared to those at lower decks.

b. If you want to upgrade the deck of your cabin after check in, you can tell the reception desk, and they will deal with it according to the condition of room occupation of that time. For most time, you can have your room upgraded to upper floors. If there is no room available, you can accommodate in your originally booked room. This upgrading service is for extra pay.

c. For early booking (for at least 1 month before the embarkation date) cruise ships of some Yangtze River Cruise companies like Century Cruises, you may enjoy the deck upgrading service with nice discounts or even for free. For detailed info about deck upgrading, please inquire our Travel Consultant.

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Questions & Discussions

Following are latest questions and answers from our webusers and customers. You can learn many useful information from the discussion and cases. You can also join in the discussions or ask your own question. Our experts will help you ASAP.

Is there a guest laundry/ironing room on board.?
2019-05-19 06:48
Hi Sheryl,

Thanks for your question! I'm sorry there is no self-help laundry or ironing room onboard the cruises. However, all the cruises provide warm laundry service for guests. After booking such a service, you can just put your clothes in the laundry bag in your cabin and fill the laundry service form or call the reception desk, and then the staff will take them to do laundry and iron and then return to your cabin. You can also choose the ironing service separately. The service is charged by the kinds and pieces of your clothes. Usually, the service price of each piece of clothes is reasonable but a little bit higher than on land. You could know the detailed price by asking the reception desk after boarding your ship.

Hope it helps and wish you a nice ship journey in China!
Bolted down beds
Hi, Are the beds bolted down on Yangtze 2 ship as per new Chinese regulations? Thanks
2019-04-20 00:49
Dear Jeff,

Thanks for your question again! For security reasons, you are not really suggested to put two singles beds together onboard Yangtze 2. However, there is no strict rule about that at present (may be used in the future). If you want only one bed or a largest bed in the cabin, maybe you can choose their Executive Suite and Presidential Suite. Each Executive Suite and President Suite onboard is delivered with a King bed, and the king bed (2.0 m * 2.0 m) is a little bit larger than the bed made of two single ones.

Wish you a memorable ship journey with Yangtze 2!
Bolting down beds
Is there a new law in China regarding the bolting down of beds and now unable to put 2 singles beds together on river cruise ships? Thank you
2019-04-16 23:34
Hello Jeff,

Thanks for your message! May I know which cruise you are going to take? Two singles beds in a cabin are now unable to put together on all the Victoria Cruise ships, Yangtze Gold ships and Yangtze 1, while that may be different on other ships. You can get further help from your travel consultant or tell me the exact ship you are going to cruise with.

Wish you a wonderful ship experience in China!
sea sick
Hi, is the cruise journey from beginning on calm waters. I am concerned about being sea sick. thank you.
2018-01-20 23:11
Hi Wai C Hooi,

Thanks for the great question. the cruise ships sailing on the Yangtze River are well designed and built to maintain a stable cruising, so seasickness happens less on the inner river cruise than a large ocean cruise on the sea. Moreover, you could choose a cabin on a lower deck, like the 2nd or 3rd floor to enjoy a smoother cruising.

Enjoy your highlighting Yangtze River cruise!
I have booked a trip on Victoria Selina, Bridge deck cabin.
Can you tell me if the cabins have hair dryers?
2017-08-28 12:36
Hello Odette,

Thank you for the question. Yes, onboard the Victoria Selina, every cabin has a hair dryer for your use. And if you cannot find it when you need, you could borrow from the front desk.

Wish you a happy cruise trip on the Yangtze River!

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