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Tipping on Yangtze Cruise Ships | Guide on Yangtze River Cruise Gratuities & Service Charge 2024

When traveling aboard, tipping is always one of the most concerning things for most travelers. Tipping cultures varies from country to country makes it very hard to predict. To give you the most comfortable and relaxing Yangtze River tour, here are some information about tips (gratuities) & service charge on Yangtze River cruises for your reference.

Gratuities & Service Charge for Yangtze River Cruise Ships

Most of onboard costs are included in your Yangtze River cruise fare, such as accommodation, daily meals, room cleaning service, cruise arranged shore excursion and guide fee, accident injury insurance and tax ,etc. However, there are also several optional services and activities need extra charge. Ship gratuity is one of the items which is excluded in the cruise fare for most Yangtze River Cruises.

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There are two kinds of gratuities on Yangtze River Cruise, one is called the mandatory gratuity, the other is volunteer gratuity.

Service Charge/Fee (Mandatory Gratuities)

Mandatory gratuities onboard also known as cruise service charge. It’s the fee every guest has to pay during Yangtze Cruise tour. It is also the regulation of the cruise companies which passengers are supposed to follow.

Some Yangtze cruise companies has already included the service charge in the cruise fare, which means there is no additional charge after boarding the ship.

However most top cruises sailing on Yangtze River didn’t include the service fee in the cruise ticket (cruise fare) directly. Passengers need to pay the service charge when checking in at the reception counter. Service charge amount differs from different cruise lines, routes, companies and customers’ nationality. If you already book the ship, service charge (mandatory tips) fee will be specified in our confirmation letter, please kindly note this so that inconvenience can be avoided.

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Service Onboard

Cruise Service

Cruise company include service charge in the cruise fare:

Cruise company exclude service charge in the cruise fare:
(need extra pay when checking in at the reception counter)

  • Reference Amount of Payment: CNY 150/person (passengers ≥ 12 years old)
Check in at Reception Counter

Check in at Reception Counter

Note: Service charge mentioned above is only for your reference, cruise companies’ policy is subject to change. For latest information about service charge/fee on Yangtze River Cruise, please feel free to contact us!

Volunteer Gratuities (Volunteer Tip)

The service charge does not include a gratuity to our river guide or cruise director, which may be given at travelers' discretion based on their satisfaction with services received, as a gratuity for additional special services requested by cruisers. For porterage between the cabin and lobby, an optional gratuity of about $1.00 / CNY 10-15 per bag is recommended.

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Massage Service Onboard

Massage Service Onboard

Why Tipping on Yangtze River Cruises?

1. Tipping is an act of thankful and appreciation for the excellent service provided by the staff during cruise tour.

Service is the spirit of Yangtze River Cruise. Ships sailing on Yangtze River are normally smaller than sea-going cruise, so the experience and service are more personal and outstanding. The well-trained crew will make you feel comfortable during the whole journey.

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2. Tip is not only a bonus but a good portion of cruise staff income.

Yangtze River cruises attach great important to their service. The average crew to passenger ratio on Yangtze River is about 1:4 (Yangtze Explorer provided the finest and most personalized one-on-one service). That means staff pay is one of the biggest expense at Yangtze cruise companies.

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3. Tipping to Service Charge on Yangtze River Cruise

Tipping cultures varies from country to country. In order to guarantee the compensation of crew members, most mainstream Yangtze River cruise companies require a mandatory cruise gratuity, also known as the service charge/fee during the cruise tour. Service charge is required to be paid when checking in at the reception counter.

Tea & Coffee Service Onboard

Services Provided on Yangtze River Cruise

Calligraphy Class Onboard

Calligraphy Class Onboard

Yangtze River Cruise Shore Excursion

Yangtze River Cruise Shore Excursion

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How much luggage can I take on the President 8 cruise?
2017-06-13 23:27
Hi Ronnie,

Thank you for the good question. Usually there is no specific limitation of the sizes and weights of your luggage taken onboard the President No.8. However, it is suggested not to take too much luggage so to leave more space in your cabin for better activity.

Wish you a good trip onboard the President No.8
Details of Vegetarian Food
We are a group of 14 pax travellling on 8 th june for 3 day s. please let us know what food is being provided to vegetarians on the cruise ??
2017-05-29 20:10
Hello Shah,

Thank you for the question! Glad to know your cruise trip to the Yangtze River. Onboard the Yangtze River cruise ships, the breakfast, lunch and dinner are almost arranged in buffet styles with about 3-5 vegetarian dishes, like cabbages, vegetables in season, vegetable and fruit salad, and so on, and some cruises prepare the dinner in Chinese sitting form with some specially cooked vegetarian dishes for guests. Besides, the Yangtze River ships serving foreign guests from the world have provided service to many vegetarian travellers and have gained rich experience and good reviews, so you can enjoy your dining time on the ship!

Have a nice trip in June!

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