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Reviews of Yangtze River Cruise

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Thankyou Vivien and the team

My mum and I are in Spain where I live and we have been in total lockdown for 11 days now and have at least another 19 days, we have to stay at home other than going to supermarket for essentials or pharmacy.

We loved our cruise and I actually wrote a blog about our whole trip so other people can do it and I added a link to your company

I am glad to hear it is improving in China and hope this passes quickly so next year we can come back to your lovely country


Saludos, Spain
March 24, 2020

Hello Vivien,

Thank you very much for your warm wishes and for sending this information. It is an interesting read and it does very much agree with the advice we are getting here in the UK. Yes, we are well but as we are in the early stages of the pandemic here in UK it remains a worrying time.

Of course, we have also been watching the situation in China and are pleased that things seem to be moving back towards normal. Our daughter Stephanie who works in Fuzhou was at home in the UK for a month following the outbreak and the closure of public schools in China after the New Year celebrations. She intended visiting for just one week but while she was home the outbreak spread around China and so she remained here. Her school have started teaching on-line and she has been able to do that.

Hearing that the situation was starting to get better in China, she was anxious to return and so she left home on the 15th of March. Unfortunately, she arrived in Haikou, en-route from Hong Kong to Fuzhou, and was caught by the 14-day quarantine for passengers arriving in China that started last Monday. She is now one week into her enforced stay before she will be allowed to fly to Fuzhou. However, although obviously a bit lonely, she is well and quite comfortable in the hotel, and is able to continue her on-line teaching. She is due to continue her travel next Tuesday, 31 March, and is now looking forward to re-joining her colleagues. And it does seem that she left here just in time as we are now starting a period of lockdown.

We do still have flights booked for a future visit to China in May but we have not made any plans yet because we do not know if we will be able to travel. If we can travel then we will contact you nearer the time to help with bookings – no doubt it has been a very quiet time for you recently. 

It is a very difficult time for everybody. We are doing our best to heed the advice, as no doubt you have done. Thank you again for your message and we send you our very best wishes for the future.


Chris & Jude

Chris, England
March 24, 2020

Dear Ms. Wang, 

Thanks for your email. My wife Tracy and I think of you often during the present crisis. We are very glad we were able to visit beautiful China last year, well before the present Corona Virus outbreak. It was a fantastic trip you put together for us with some very good hotels and wonderful guides and drivers. The hotel we settled on for Beijing was great and in a superb location, and Amy, our guide was the best.  The hotel in Ping Yao Ancient City was one of the best we have stayed at, ever, and the town itself was an amazing time capsule - similar to Williamsburg Virginia in the United States, or Louisbourg Nova Scotia in Canada. The hotel in Xian was also Outstanding, as was the hotel in Shanghai. Great drivers, too, in Beijing, Xian, and Shanghai, and the Luxury SUV in Shanghai was great (in wonderful contrast to the terrible train ride and unacceptable reception and vehicle we received on arrival in Shanghai... vehicle in Ping Yao was also below expectations.) 

Luoyang was also amazing, the only drawback there was the quality and location of the hotel. Excellent Museum, World Class. Amazing Grottos and Shao Lin Temple. We did try to do too much on our last day there. Had we cut out the last visit on the itinerary and taken an earlier train (and from a station further down the line instead of returning to Luoyang?) we might have had a better China Rail experience (which on other segments was pretty close to perfect.)  Wang Family Compound was Amazing.  (But that was Xian, yes?)

Thanks again for your concern for us during out trip while we were in China, then, and for our welfare as we deal with the Corona virus in the United States, now.  We are very glad to hear that you are well and that the Crisis is close to its conclusion there. 

We are currently under "voluntary quarantine" for the last week or so, expected to continue so at least for the next two weeks.  Essential travel only, which includes going to the grocery stores and pharmacies, which are still open, or to pick up from restaurants which are all now close except for carryout or delivery only.  Who knows how long this may take. I hope we will be able to handle as well as you have in China, if not better, and that all of us worldwide will see an end to the present crisis soon.  Although the world will never be the same again. Hopefully for the better.

Best wishes to You and Yours; Thanks Again for a Great Trip to China last year and for thinking of us in the current crisis now.

Sincerely,  Henry and Tracy

March 24, 2020

Dear Mark,

It is good to hear from you. Firstly, yes I can confirm I received the refund thank you. 

It is also very encouraging to see chinas progress in fighting COVID-19 - thank you for the informations. I think many lessons can be learned. 

Australia is at the beginning stage with shut downs commencing. We are hopefully that with discipline we can also overcome these challenges. My husband and I are well. We staying isolated as are many others, in an effort to avoid the virus. 

We look forward to returning to China in the future and joining for this cruise! Maybe in 2021 (my China work contract finished so we would come back as tourists). 



Joanna, Austraila
March 23, 2020

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Questions & Discussions

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Eating inn the restaurant
Hello, We will be joining a tour which includes a 4 night cruise on the Century Sun... Can you let me know if you can sit anywhere in the restaurant, and do you have tables for 2 people? Also, are you able to eat/ have dinner in your cabin ?
2019-07-04 11:28
Hi Lisa,

Thanks for your question! To offer a better service for guests, Century Sun will considerately arrange seats according to guests' eating habits, nationalities and cabin number onboard. Everyone onboard usually eats at a fixed seat of a big round table with 8-10 people.

If you want to eat in your own cabin, you can call the reception desk and order dishes and drinks you like. Attendants will deliver the great food to your cabins, and this service needs to pay extra.

If you are interested, check more about eating onboard Yangtze River cruises (for reference) at:

Enjoy your coming cruise journey with Century Sun!
Clothing for Yangtze River Cruise
We are travelling on the Yangtze River cruise in early May 2019. Is it normally cold or can we wear shorts during the day
2019-04-18 17:08
Hello Robert,

Thanks for your question. Early May is during the spring along the Yangtze River. The weather changes warmer and warmer, and usually sunny in the day time, but there would be some cold wind at early morning and during night. It's ok to wear shorts on balmy sunny days. However, you are also recommended to prepare pants with you, because there may be some light raining days during the spring.

Wish you a memorable ship experience in China!
Vegetarian Food
Hi, We are traveling in the cruise from 9 May. Is there any Indian vegetarian food. What are the other vegetarian options
2018-04-30 04:51
Hello Ravi,

Greetings from China! At present, there is no Indian vegetarian food served onboard Yangtze River cruise ships. However, the breakfast, lunch and dinner are almost arranged in buffet styles with about 3-5 vegetarian dishes, like cabbages, vegetables in season, vegetable and fruit salad, and so on, and some cruises prepare the dinner in Chinese sitting form with some specially cooked vegetarian dishes for guests. And if want, you could also pay extra to order some vegetarian food at the reception desk and tell the staff about your needs and eating habits, and the cruise chefs would prepare great food for your enjoyment. Besides, the Yangtze River ships serving foreign guests from the world have provided service to many vegetarian travellers and have gained rich experience and good reviews, so you can enjoy your dining time on the ship!

Wish you a wonderful Yangtze River sailing trip in May!
Room with balcony
If I book a China tour with webjet, what is the name of cruise ship used. Also can I book a cabin with balcony
2017-12-06 19:37
Hi Christine,

Thanks for your question. As I know, there probably is no Yangtze River cruise business on the Webjet. And if you are interested in enjoying the leisurable cruise in China, you could book the cruise tour with us. Nearly all cabins onboard the cruise, such as the Century cruises, Victoria cruises, President cruises, Yangtze Gold cruises, Yangtze Explorer, etc. are facilitated with an open balcony for your sightseeing enjoyment and also many great services and high standard facilities and amenities. Please feel free to tell us your Email address, nationality, group size, traveling time to China, needs, and other basic information, and our professional Travel Consultant could help you as soon as possible to tailor make a route for you with really nice price.

Have a nice day!
Should we worry about Motion Sickness
Just not sure if we should need motion sickness meds. We are on your cruise that departs from the Yichang Port for Yangtze River from April 24- April 27, 2017. Thank you so much
2017-04-07 08:13
Dear Mary,

Thanks for taking a Yangtze River cruise with us. April is a great time with fine weather to enjoy the gorgeous scenery along Three Gorges.

No matter which ship you take, it will run very steady at a relatively slow speed. As you know, the construction of Three Gorges Dam controls the water level and flow velocity of Yangtze River that it will be steady to guarantee every ship to sail smoothly. Unlike the ocean cruise, there is no need to bring motion sickness meds for travelers who on Yangtze River cruise. If your physical condition are seasick easily, take some just in case. And no worry, there is a clinic onboard who will serve at any time.

Wish you have a nice journey!

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