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Reviews of Yangtze River Cruise

Still not deciding if a Yangtze River Cruise is worth for you? Many of our travellers have experienced a lifetime changing trip and now more than happy to share their stories with you. Check out their memorable Yangtze Cruise reviews and experiences.

Hello Tiger!

Thank you for your contact and concern. I am now back in Sweden. I seem to have some kind of throat infection and it's taking a long time to get better. Hopefully now home I can rest better.

Yes, it was unfortunate that I got sick on the cruise and missed a little at the end. But I am very thankful for the care, concern and attention the crew gave me. They were really outstanding! And up till that last evening, I really did have a fantastic time on the cruise. It was amazing! Far better than my expectations! And certainly no need for you to apologize. I was very touched and impressed that you gave us a call when I was at the hospital. Thank you!

The nature scenery through the Three Gorges is breathtakingly beautiful! I'm so glad I've been able to see that! One of the most beautiful places in the world I've ever seen. And the cultural interest spots that we visited were fascinating, beautiful and fun. I took in two of the "extra" tours, so I really got to see a lot, which had been my hope. I was able to visit Fengdu, Shibaozhai Pagoda, BaideCheng and the little side river tour.

Shibaozhai was probably my favorite place! Really great! So beautiful and also historically interesting. Great experience climbing up the pagoda!

Just one question, I would love to express appreciation directly to the Victoria Jenna Crew. Is there an email I could write them a note?

Thanks again for your help, your concern and for handling this great experience for me. In spite of falling sick I was a very happy guest on the tour and I am truly glad I went!


Ronald Friend

Ronald Friend, Sweden
April 22, 2014

Hi Ian,

We would lik to thank your company for looking after us from the first minute we enquired about the Yangtze Cruise. Your communication and customer service has been outstanding. Everything that we had included in our booking such as pick up and drop off all went according to plan. When we arrived at Chongqing train station the driver was there waiting for us, he waited with us until the bus turned up to take us to Fengdu (due to the water level being too low to leave from Chongqing). At Yichang when the cruise ended the driver was there as soon as the ship docked. Everything went smoothly.

Our general opinion of your company is that you know what you are doing, you know how to treat customers well and you know how to make sure you deliver on your customer service promises. We were very impressed with your Company, and in particular yourself Ian.

Again, thank you Ian for all your help and for your EXCEPTIONAL Customer Service, I would not only recommend your company but I would also yourself as the person to deal with for any assistance in for travel in China.

Thank you,

All the best,

Kind Regards,

Rachel Collins

Rachel Collins, Australia
April 21, 2014

Hi Olivia,

Thank you for your reply. All worked out well with our cruise and we enjoyed it very much. What a wonderful country China is and how pleasant and helpful many of the Chinese people are.

Thank you again.

John F Hayward



John F Hayward, England
April 21, 2014

Dear Ian,

Yes, the arrangements are quite useful & easy and agent is willing to support and answer any query.

At the beginning I didn't have much confidence as the contact is based on internet, after the agent is supporting and giving the required information. I become full confident on the service I paid and I got the useful suggestion to plan my whole trip.

If my friend wants to come to China, I will recommend this service.

Thank you for your support.


Apiruk, Thailand
April 20, 2014

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Questions & Discussions

Following are latest questions and answers from our webusers and customers. You can learn many useful information from the discussion and cases. You can also join in the discussions or ask your own question. Our experts will help you ASAP.

Eating inn the restaurant
Hello, We will be joining a tour which includes a 4 night cruise on the Century Sun... Can you let me know if you can sit anywhere in the restaurant, and do you have tables for 2 people? Also, are you able to eat/ have dinner in your cabin ?
2019-07-04 11:28
Hi Lisa,

Thanks for your question! To offer a better service for guests, Century Sun will considerately arrange seats according to guests' eating habits, nationalities and cabin number onboard. Everyone onboard usually eats at a fixed seat of a big round table with 8-10 people.

If you want to eat in your own cabin, you can call the reception desk and order dishes and drinks you like. Attendants will deliver the great food to your cabins, and this service needs to pay extra.

If you are interested, check more about eating onboard Yangtze River cruises (for reference) at:

Enjoy your coming cruise journey with Century Sun!
Clothing for Yangtze River Cruise
We are travelling on the Yangtze River cruise in early May 2019. Is it normally cold or can we wear shorts during the day
2019-04-18 17:08
Hello Robert,

Thanks for your question. Early May is during the spring along the Yangtze River. The weather changes warmer and warmer, and usually sunny in the day time, but there would be some cold wind at early morning and during night. It's ok to wear shorts on balmy sunny days. However, you are also recommended to prepare pants with you, because there may be some light raining days during the spring.

Wish you a memorable ship experience in China!
Vegetarian Food
Hi, We are traveling in the cruise from 9 May. Is there any Indian vegetarian food. What are the other vegetarian options
2018-04-30 04:51
Hello Ravi,

Greetings from China! At present, there is no Indian vegetarian food served onboard Yangtze River cruise ships. However, the breakfast, lunch and dinner are almost arranged in buffet styles with about 3-5 vegetarian dishes, like cabbages, vegetables in season, vegetable and fruit salad, and so on, and some cruises prepare the dinner in Chinese sitting form with some specially cooked vegetarian dishes for guests. And if want, you could also pay extra to order some vegetarian food at the reception desk and tell the staff about your needs and eating habits, and the cruise chefs would prepare great food for your enjoyment. Besides, the Yangtze River ships serving foreign guests from the world have provided service to many vegetarian travellers and have gained rich experience and good reviews, so you can enjoy your dining time on the ship!

Wish you a wonderful Yangtze River sailing trip in May!
Room with balcony
If I book a China tour with webjet, what is the name of cruise ship used. Also can I book a cabin with balcony
2017-12-06 19:37
Hi Christine,

Thanks for your question. As I know, there probably is no Yangtze River cruise business on the Webjet. And if you are interested in enjoying the leisurable cruise in China, you could book the cruise tour with us. Nearly all cabins onboard the cruise, such as the Century cruises, Victoria cruises, President cruises, Yangtze Gold cruises, Yangtze Explorer, etc. are facilitated with an open balcony for your sightseeing enjoyment and also many great services and high standard facilities and amenities. Please feel free to tell us your Email address, nationality, group size, traveling time to China, needs, and other basic information, and our professional Travel Consultant could help you as soon as possible to tailor make a route for you with really nice price.

Have a nice day!
Should we worry about Motion Sickness
Just not sure if we should need motion sickness meds. We are on your cruise that departs from the Yichang Port for Yangtze River from April 24- April 27, 2017. Thank you so much
2017-04-07 08:13
Dear Mary,

Thanks for taking a Yangtze River cruise with us. April is a great time with fine weather to enjoy the gorgeous scenery along Three Gorges.

No matter which ship you take, it will run very steady at a relatively slow speed. As you know, the construction of Three Gorges Dam controls the water level and flow velocity of Yangtze River that it will be steady to guarantee every ship to sail smoothly. Unlike the ocean cruise, there is no need to bring motion sickness meds for travelers who on Yangtze River cruise. If your physical condition are seasick easily, take some just in case. And no worry, there is a clinic onboard who will serve at any time.

Wish you have a nice journey!

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