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Personalized Cruise Experience for Different "YOU"

With kinds of Chinese and Western delicious food & cuisine, high quality service, comfortable cruise cabins, a variety of cruise activities, Yangtze River Cruises give you all inclusive cruise feelings.

To give you more personal related cruise experience, here are three kinds of persons onboard with their special cruise experience: The cruise experience of family, seniors and young adults. Come on and find which style you are and the corresponding experience you may have when taking Yangtze Cruise tour.

Cruise Experience for Family with kids

Well, on Yangtze cruise, we've got your whole family totally covered.

First of all, the stateroom on Yangtze cruise ships has large space and can provide an extra bed for children. So you don’t worry about the accommodation on cruise. Also cruise ships are packed with tons of activities for adults, and supervised activities for the kids. The eye-popping entertainment shows and activities can give kids more chances to interact and more leisure moment for parents.

For kids between 2 and 11, there are many cultural classes offered, like finger painting class or puppet show for junior; story-listening time for toddlers, Chinese painting drawing, and talent shows; for litter baby, there is baby sitter service onboard for parents to have some private time.

  • Kids to enjoy their interesting time

    Kids to enjoy their interesting time

  • Enjoy the family together time with your loved ones

    Enjoy the family together time with your loved ones

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Cruise Experience for Seniors

For senior tourists, Yangtze Cruises pay much attention to your body and spiritual experience. With healthy food offered, like low sodium, low fat, low cholesterol, and sugar-free entrees, and desserts, there are cultural activities arranged for you to have a pleasant cruise experience.

You have a choice of many free onboard activities including cultural lectures and demonstrations on calligraphy, Chinese painting, Mandarin language, acupuncture, Tai Chi, Yangtze River history and kite making. Join in those activities with effortless ease, you can enrich your knowledge and exchange ideas with others.

  • Learn to play Taichi

    Learn to play Taichi

  • Making new friends from all over world on Captain's party

    Making new friends from all over world on Captain's party

Cruise Experience for Young Adults

With you are alone or with friends, the onboard life never makes you boring. Hanging out with your friends in the bars, taking participate in Chinese cultural lectures, visiting shore excursion sites, all can make your cruise day colorful.

Or you can choose a leisure way to be alone and do exercise at high-tech fitness gym, enjoy luxurious spas and Chinese massage, even just enjoy the sun at the deck.

  • Enjoy your sunrise time on the sundeck

    Enjoy your sunrise time on the sundeck

  • have a vigorous and painful feet massage

    have a vigorous and painful feet massage

All in all, no matter which cruise style you are, the cruise onboard life gives you nothing but a relaxed vacation, and let you far away the rush days. Meanwhile you will have opportunity to make many friends all over the world and enhance your life experience.

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