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FAQs & Tips During Yangtze Cruise

1. Can I have a private balcony for sightseeing?

You can have the private balcony for Yangtze River sightseeing for most ships of our Yangtze cruises.

2. Do I have a private bathroom?

All the Yangtze cruises we offer have private bathroom. All of them are clean and tidy.

3. Do the staffs onboard speak English?

Yes, each cruise has a knowledgeable foreign national cruise director. In addition, most of the service staff speaks English as well.

4. My luggage will be delivered onboard if I join in the group travelers? But, if I am an individual tourist?

Yes, group travelers will have their luggage be arranged to be delivered aboard, and then placed into their rooms. For individual tourists, porters are paid 10 Yuan per piece of luggage carried while embarking or disembarking.

5. Where should I put my luggage?

All cabins on each ship provide empty closets and carriers for baggage. On some ships with small cabins, a left-luggage service is offered. Although there is no baggage limitation aboard the ship, for your own comfort, we suggest that you should limit the number of pieces that you bring.

6. Can I smoke and what are the smoking policies?

Yes, you can smoke on cruise ships. There are smoking and non-smoking areas, and usually smoking is only allowed on the observation desk.

7. What is the voltage onboard? Can I use my phone, hair dryer or shaver?

Most ships have 110V outlets in the bathroom and 220V in cabin. Many ships will supply hair-dryer and shaver in your cabin for your convenience.

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