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FAQs and Tips before Yangtze Cruise

1. Are passports required?

It is required to take your passport when taking your cruise. You need the passport to check in your cabins and suites.

2. The relation between the Yangtze cruise price and the types of cruise ships cabins?

The price of a Yangtze River cruise ships cabin or stateroom is dependent on its size, layout, and location. Cabins on Yangtze River cruise are often advertised as standard inside, sightseeing view, private balcony, suite, bathroom, bathtub, etc. The better the cabin ships conditions are, the higher the cabin costs.

3. Do you have luggage restriction onboard?

There is no luggage restriction when getting on Yangtze River cruise. You could take all the things you need.

4. Can I take pets to travel China?

Pets are not allowed to be taken aboard.

5. How do I get to the Chongqing Chaotianmen Port?

You could get to the Chaotianmen Port on your own or use our private transfer service.

If you take a taxi from Jiangbei Airport, it may cost 70-100 RMB, about 40 minutes. Taking a taxi from North Railway Station to Chaotianmen Port will cost 20 Yuan in 20 minutes.

If you use the private transfer from Chongqing Airport or Chongqing Railway Station, usually, there are two ways, cost with guide and cost without guide.

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6. How much should I pay the porters when I embark?

Usually, it is about 10 Yuan for a piece of luggage. Please confirm the price with the porters before using their service, some porters might ask for much more than RMB10/per person if not checking price beforehand.

If you purchase a package tour from us and have transfer services to and from the cruise, you do not need to pay unless you want tip them. Your guide will pay portage to them.

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