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Wulong – Top Karst Attraction in Chongqing

Wulong (武隆) is natural scenery and hiking resort in the UNESCO World Heritage List. There is no well-maintained road to Wulong directly years ago. But now it is visited by many travelers, both home and aboard.

Wulong Karst, an important part of South China Karst, features spectacular karst landscapes, including the three main parts of the Natural Three Stone Bridges, Furong Cave and Houping Tiankengs. What’s more, the Fairy Mountains National Forest Park is also a highlight in Wulong.

Natural Three Stone Bridges in Wulong

Three Natural Bridges (天生三桥), located 20 kilometers (12 miles) southeast of Chongqing, is a rare geological wonder and an eco-tourist’s delight. It features three natural karst bridges: Tianlong Bridge, Qinglong Bridge and Heilong Bridge. The three natural karst stone arch bridges, with an average height of over 200 meters (656 feet), and an average span of over 200 meters (656 feet), constitute the largest natural bridge cluster in Asia.

The three natural bridges are situated in a 1.5 kilometers (12 mile) – long gorge. They evolved due to tectonic uplift and the erosion by underground water. Some parts uplifted forming the bridges, and others collapsed to form karst pits. Therefore, the unique landscape of “Three Natural Bridges enclosed with Two Pits” is solely nature’s creation.

Tianlong Bridge (天龙桥)

Tianlong Bridge is about 200 meters (656 feet) in height, 100 meters (328 feet) in width. It spans 450 meters (1,476 feet), and has two arches from south to north. The south arch was also called Mihun Cave. The northern arch is a passage.

Qinglong Bridge (青龙桥)

Qinglong Bridge is about 350 meters (1,148 feet) high, 150 meters (492 feet) wide, and spans over meters (1,312 meters). After the rains, a waterfall pours over the bridges and forms a mist. When the sunset reflects on the mist, a colorful rainbow emerges like a dragon ascending to the heaven.

Heilong Bridge (黑龙桥)

Heilong Bridge has a deep and long arch passage, like a black dragon winding its way out from the passage. Heilong Bridge is also renowned for its four springs with tortuous trickles of stream. The Three Natural Bridges is karst stone arch bridges cluster unrivalled elsewhere of Asia in terms of height and the thickness of the bridges surface. It is magnificent.


Three Natural Bridges


Wulong Gorges Scenery

Wulong Tour Experience

Wulong Tour Experience

Fairy Mountain National Forest Park

Fairy Mountain National Forest Park (仙女山国家森林公园) is one of China’s National 4A-level Scenic Spots as well as a National Geological Park. Fairy Mountain located on north bank of Wujiang River of Wulong County, Chongqing, within the Wuling Mountain Range. Fairy Mountain National Forest Park owns a total area of 8910 hectares and an average elevation of 1900 m, which has a highest peak of 2033 m. Transportation links in the area are convenient and fast, with the urban area of Chongqing just a one-hour drive from Wulong County.

Fairy Mountain

With its uniquely famous mountains and grasslands of south of the Yangtze River, a rare example of dense forest snowfields in southern China, and a wonderful landscape of green forests and vast pastures, it has the reputation of being the No.1 Pasture in Southern China, as well as the “Orient’s Switzerland”.

And Fairy Mountain National Forest Park has been famous for a reputation of Chongqing Best Tourist Report with combination of Magic Lotus Cave, graceful Lotus River, and the world’s largest Tian Shengqiao group of geologic view, etc.

Its dense forests, peculiar peaks, pastures and snowfields are known by tourist as Fairy Mountain’s “Four Wonders”, all of which hold great potential for paintings and poems. This justifies its nickname as “Earth Garden of Eden”. With an overlook at Fairy Mountain, the magnificent and picturesque sightseeing will attract your breath deeply.

Fairy Mountain National Forest Park

Fairy Mountain National Forest Park

Wulong Karst Scenery

Wulong Karst Scenery

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