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Shopping in Chongqing

What to Buy in Chongqing

Rongchang Paper Fan

The first Rongchang paper fan was made 450 years ago. Since then, the fan has enjoyed domestic and international renown. The fans have been exported to India and Burma for hundreds of years.

Three Gorge Ink Stone

For travelers interested in Chinese calligraphy, Three Gorge ink stone might be the most sought after item in Chongqing. Made from a special stone excavated from the Libi Gorge section of Jialing River, the finely shaped ink stone is delicately engraved with beautiful patterns.

Shu Embroidery

Shu embroidery is a traditional craft of Sichuan Province. It features fine, smooth needlework, simple elegant colors, graceful easy lines and the traditional Chinese paintings' style. The embroidery uses locally produced satin and thread as its materials. The threads are neatly and tightly placed, and the colors are elegantly displayed.

Shu Brocade

Shu brocade (also known as Sichuan brocade), soft to feel and flamboyant in color, has a history of over 2000 years. There are several hundred types of Shu brocade and it has become an essential part of the costume of ethnic minority women from southwestern China. The main uses of Shu brocade is for the facing of quilts, fabric for clothes and decorative brocade for draperies, upholstery, etc. Unfortunately, handmade brocade has gradually given way to machine made textiles.

Where to Buy in Chongqing

Jiangbei is the central business district of Chongqing urban and the center of economic development of Chongqing Municipality.
The Jiefangbei commercial Pedestrian Street is the center of the famous shopping area, including clusters of modern shopping malls and exclusive shops lining the roadsides. You can find the banks, bars, theaters, hotels, bookstores, CD stores, pubs, restaurants, etc easily around the area.

The antique market is located in Yuzhong District, downtown Chongqing, close to Jiefang Bei. From JiefangBei, you can walk down the Munquan Road to the round or rotary traffic meeting the Xinhua Road (about 10 minutes walking). From the traffic circle, you take the second street on the right side, which is called Zhongxing Road and heads down to the Yangtze River.

Besides, the Chaotianmen Market, located on East Jiefang Road, is the biggest market in Chongqing. Dealing primarily in Garment wholesale, it is reported that goods traded in the market come from or are sold to more than 200 counties in Sichuan, Hubei and Hunan provinces. Shoppers can expect to find stylish clothes and very reasonable prices. Still, bargaining with the vendors in most stalls and shops will ensure a great deal!

Nan Bin Road boasts a newly opened flower market that has become a leisure hotspot for locals and tourists. Over 100 flower shops, handicrafts stores and tea houses line both sides of the street. Flower houses in European and traditional Chinese styles provide a picturesque setting for enjoying the vibrant colors and scents of the merchants' offerings that await you. In addition to the various kinds of blossoms, you can also find many delicate potted plants. Located at the entrance of Huang Ge Du Park, Nan Bin Flower Market is a great place to unwind day or night.


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