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Reviews of Yangtze River Cruise

Still not deciding if a Yangtze River Cruise is worth for you? Many of our travellers have experienced a lifetime changing trip and now more than happy to share their stories with you. Check out their memorable Yangtze Cruise reviews and experiences.

Hi there!

On the day we arrived in Beijing, we were greeted so gracefully by the tour guide and were introduced to what would be a superb tour of what the city has to offer. As it was our first time visiting China, we were a bit weary about how food arrangements will be made. In a country where there is such a vast variety and with us being vegetarians made it even bigger a challenge to find the good examples of Chinese cuisine. It seemed to me like different cities had a different style of cuisine to one another. The food in Beijing was different to Xi'an and Shanghai, and we were introduced to a big platter of vegetarian food. First thing I noticed is how similar some of the flavours were to Indian food, as we eat a lot of spicy food as well! The food was fantastic..no question.

The tour itself was pretty breathtaking, visiting the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Yangtze River and various other museums, temples and palaces along the way gave us a grand insight on Chinese culture. What's more is we had the chance to watch 2 acrobatic shows, one in Beijing and another in Shanghai. Both were absolutely amazing..nothing like I've ever seen before. The guided tours around the more rural streets of China were very interesting to see. The guides were what I was impressed with most though, they were very well-spoken and caring for our needs (especially food) and all in all were very heartfelt in personality.

The Yangtze river cruise felt like an entirely new trip altogether, we sailed past some of the most beautiful scenery I've ever seen. On the ship itself, the rooms were great and we were greeted by some great crew members. On board, I had the chance to have an acupuncture demonstration which was a very invigorating experience. I want to thank Bruce for keeping the itinerary simple and interesting, even allowing to open time for the shows I mentioned. The hotel choices were superb, in fact some of the best hotels I've been to. This trip has convinced me to visit China again in the future and I've learned a whole lot about the traditions and history that this great country has.

I'd like to give a special shout to the tour guides Bruce from Xi'an and Sophia from Beijing, you guys are some wonderful people.

AnandKukadia, UK
Sept. 5, 2012

Hello Linda,

Hope you are well.

First of all, we would like to thank you very much for the organisation of our trip to China which was perfect!

However, the last day was very hard. Indeed, we have waited half the day for our plane from Huangshan to Shanghai (flight expected at 10:30 PM) and once arriving at the airport, have been informed of a delay of more than 4 hours. Our guide has been very helpful and we would like to inform you of his kindness. He has waited with us till the transfer to a hotel where we had a rest till the confirmation of our flight.

Except this last day, we have been delighted of this trip. We would like to congrat you for the professionalism of your guides and drivers and for the organisation.

We thank you in advance for your kind and prompt feedback.

Best regards,

Valued China Yangtze Tour Guests with Linda


Stéphane's Comment on Tripadvisor:

This travel agent set up for us a comprehensive tour of China. Everything was great and perfectly well organized. The guides were pretty interesting and we could deepen in the chinese culture.

They were quite reactive and made for us a great sur-mesure programe!!!

Visited August 2012

Charlotte and Stephane, France
Aug. 28, 2012

Hi Judy,

We're all ready to have a fabulous trip.

Thanks for everything.

Lorraine, Canada
Aug. 20, 2012

Hi Laura,

We thoroughly enjoyed the tour. The weather was good. Thank you.


Steve & Janet, U.S.A
Aug. 14, 2012

Dear Bruce,

Just a short note to express our thanks and compliment you and Yantze River Cruises for the outstanding service we received on our recent trip organised by you and Elena.

Thank you for all you have done and your efforts to help us during the flight delays and itinerary changes. In addition, you also helped us to obtain refunds for the hotel stay in Beijing and the cancellation of the flight from Beijing to Hong Kong even before the actual refund was paid to your company. This is an example of outstanding customer service which minimised the out-of-pocket expenses and disruption to our trip. Your advice and service was invaluable in assiting us during our trip.

Furthermore, every single guide and driver was punctual (even when flights were delayed), polite and professional in every respect. We were very pleased with the service provided by these staff and found them to be very knowledgeable and helpful. In Xian, the guide Jenny and driver helped take my mother to the hospital and obtain a consultation with a doctor because she needed prescription medication. We were very grateful for their compassion and helpfulness during that critical situation.

The itineary was perfectly planned and the hotels were well chosen and appropriate for our requirements. Every aspect of the holiday met and exceeded our expectations.

The visit to Xian and the Teracotta warriors is something I have wanted to do for many years and was absolutely incredible. My only problem was the large crowds, but in the middle of the Chinese summer holidays that was to be expected.

The cruise on the American Victoria Jenna was great and especially enjoyable for my parents. The staff (particularly Lance in the restaurant and Cruise Director Greg Hinton) were exceptional in their service.

We are all very impressed by the service of Yangtze River Cruises and will not hesitate to recommend you and your company to our friends and family in future. Thank you once again.


Cindy , U.S.A
Aug. 13, 2012

Toronto's Comment on Tripadvisor:

"Fantastica organización, merece la pena confiar en ellos"

La verdad es que no conocíamos la agencia y nos fiamos de lo que vimos en Internet, algunos foros la recomendaban.

Al principio pagar todo de un tirón antes de ir y sin conocer a fondo la agencia nos supuso un poco de angustia, per de verdad que ha merecido la pena.... Todo ha funcionado como un reloj, bien organizado y sin la más mínima oportunidad a la improvisación. Linda fue nuestro agente de viajes y desde le principio la respuesta a nuestras dudas y preguntas fue inmediata. Los guías buenos, cada uno con sus virtudes, pero en general estupendos. Destacar no obstante a nuestra guía de Pekín, Mai, por su esfuerzo en aprender español para agradarnos. Stela, nuestra guía de Xian por su profesionalidad y conocimientos, finalmente Joanna, nuestra guía de Güillín por su sonrisa y simpatía.

En resumen, os recomiendo esta agencia para vuestros viajes a China.

Visited July 2012

Toronto , Madrid, Spain
July 26, 2012

Hello Judy and Linda,

We have now arrived safely in Chengdu. Thank you to all of your staff who assisted us yesterday in Chongqing. The arrangement worked out very well for us. We found the office without difficulty, and were able to use the time in the morning to visit the fantastic museum of the Three Gorges. We knew that our luggage was safe and dry in your office while we were exploring the city. Without our luggage, we were able to use the subway and to walk comfortably from place to place.

The cruise itself was a great success, and we will be recommending it to all of our Australian friends. Many of our friends, like ourselves, are very interested in travel and want to visit China again.

We will be taking the flight to Kunming on 19th, and will simply present our passports at the China Airlines counter so that our boarding passes can be printed.

Your customer services have been excellent.

With best wishes

Patricia and Daniel , Australia
July 17, 2012

Dear Bruce,

I just want to say THANKS TO BRUCE TANG for making our china vacation perfect, enjoyable and amazing. This was my first internet transaction and I was very uncomfortable during the booking procedure but everything turns up perfect and again thanks to Bruce.

Victoria Grace is pretty good, our cabin is always spic & span, so does all the boat facilities and the food, my goodness too much food that I can consume and its nice of the cruise director to have our dining place where everybody speaks English that is a plus to me...We enjoyed our entire trip excursion and our guides are pretty good.

Also want to thank David, who picks us up in Chongging airport and gives us narrative of the city and so does Edward from Yichang who drives us to the Airport and also provides Yichang city information.

One more to thank for is our Hotel in Shanghai w/breakfast every day, nice location and off course Autumn, she's active and always there to help my sister in law who has problem walking and took us to various interesting sites and my personal favorite is the Bund. Autumn even helped us inside the airport, packed our silk comforter, without her we have no idea/clue on how to handle it. Bruce has provided all of these and thank you so much and it’s nice to hear your voice when you called me in our hotel.


July 3, 2012

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