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Yangtze Gold Cruises, Yangtze Gold Cruise on Yangtze River
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Yangtze Gold Cruises: 5-star Luxurious Cruises on Yangtze River

Yangtze Gold Cruises

Yangtze Gold Cruises, including seven 5-star all-new cruise ships, is the newest fleet sailing along Yangtze River, setting up the new standard of the luxury inland river cruises.

Built with the most advanced passenger features, Yangtze Gold Cruise has the unique facilities onboard, like pedestrian street, helipad, mini golf course, open-air surfing swimming pool, double-layer theater, children’s playground, billiards etc., offering guests the unmatched comfort, the mot personalized service & ultimate cruise experience. Please kindly check the cruise details below.

Top Yangtze Gold Cruise Ships

Ship NamePrice of 2016ItineraryYear of BuiltDecksElevatorsCapacityNumber of Cabins
Yangtze Gold 1$452-$569CQ=YC201164349148
Yangtze Gold 2$452-$569CQ=YC201263570216
Yangtze Gold 3$452-$569CQ=YC201263570216
Yangtze Gold 5$452-$569CQ=YC201263570216
Yangtze Gold 6$452-$569CQ=YC201263570216
Yangtze Gold 7$452-$569CQ=YC201262446190
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Yangtze Gold Cruises Calendar & Schedule in 2016

Ramark: CQ=Chongqing; YC=Yichang


Yangtze Gold Cruises Itinerary

Yangtze Gold Cruises offers seven the best 5-star cruises to fit every travel schedule, with ship departing from both Chongqing and Yichang seven days a week.

During the Yangtze cruise, Yangtze Gold cruises also arranges kinds of shore excursions to the cultural and historical heritages along the Yangtze River, which offers you a chance to deeply explore the counties along the river.

Chongqing=Yichang Cruise Itinerary & Shore Excursions

Yangtze Gold Cruises Itinerary Map
4 Days & 3 Nights, Downstream
5 Days & 4 Nights, Upstream
Arranged Shore Excursions Fengdu Ghost City
Lesser Three Gorges
Three Gorges Dam Site
Three Gorges Dam Site
Lesser Three Gorges
Fengdu Ghost City
Optional Excursion with Extra Fee White Emperor City
Shibaozhai Pagoda
Tribes of Three Gorges
Shibaozhai Pagoda
White Emperor City
Cruise Ships Yangtze Gold 1 (5-star), Yangtze Gold 2 (5-star), Yangtze Gold 3 (5-star), Yangtze Gold 5 (5-star), Yangtze Gold 6 (5-star), and Yangtze Gold 7 (5-star).

Please Note:
• Optinal Shore Excursion depends on the river conditions, like the weather and weather and water level.
• Choose the ship to see the SAMPLE cruise itinerary.

Compare the Ships

The seven Yangtze Gold Cruises ships are the latest ships on the Yangtze, especially Yangtze Gold 7 is the 2013 newest ship of this series

To help you find the suitable Yangtze Gold cruise ship according to your own need, we’ve listed the features of every Gold Cruises in the table below, so you can compare them in a glance.

Ships Cabin Dining Features Enquiry
Yangtze Gold 1
  • All with private balcony
  • Superior Cabin Size: 26.50 sq.m. / 385.24 sq.ft
  • Breakfast: Western & Chinese buffet
  • Lunch & Dinner: Chinese dishes
  • The First ship of Gold Cruises $452-$569Enquiry
    Yangtze Gold 2
  • All with private balcony
  • Size of Standard Cabin: 24.00 sq.m. / 258.33 sq.ft
  • Breakfast & Lunch: Western & Chinese buffet
  • Dinner: Chinese dishes
  • First sailed in April, 2012 from $452-$569Enquiry
    Yangtze Gold 3
  • All with private balcony
  • Size of Standard Cabin: 24.00 sq.m. / 258.33 sq.ft
  • Breakfast & Lunch: Western & Chinese buffet
  • Dinner: Chinese dishes
  • Sister ship of Yangtze Gold 2, 5 and 6 from $452-$569Enquiry
    Yangtze Gold 5
  • All with private balcony
  • Size of Standard Cabin: 24.00 sq.m. / 258.33 sq.ft
  • Breakfast & Lunch: Western & Chinese buffet
  • Dinner: Chinese dishes
  • Sister ship of Yangtze Gold 2, 3 and 6 from $452-$569Enquiry
    Yangtze Gold 6
  • All with private balcony
  • Size of Standard Cabin: 24.00 sq.m. / 258.33 sq.ft
  • Breakfast & Lunch: Western & Chinese buffet
  • Dinner: Chinese dishes
  • Sister ship of Yangtze Gold 2, 3 and 5 from $452-$569Enquiry
    Yangtze Gold 7
  • All with private balcony
  • Size of Standard Cabin: 27.00 sq.m. / 290.63 sq.ft
  • Breakfast & Lunch: Western & Chinese buffet
  • Dinner: Chinese dishes
  • the Latest Yangtze Gold ship, sailed on Oct.2, 2012 from $452-$569Enquiry

    Life onborad


    On Yangtze Gold Cruises, cuisine plays a major role in creating an ideal experience for the discerning travelers, treating their senses with delectable tastes in the finest Western tradition, as well as local specialties not found anywhere else. Breakfast, and lunch are western and Chinese buffets, and dinner is Chinese dishes.

    Featured Dining Facilities:

    1. Western and Chinese restaurant (2F / Upper Deck)
    2. Business Dining Room (3F / Promenade Deck)
    3. VIP Restaurant (6F / Sun Deck)
    4. Private Dining Room with River View (6F / Sun Deck)
    5. Sundeck Bar (6F / Sun Deck)
    6. BBQ (6F / Sun Deck)
    Enjoy delicious meals on Yangtze Gold 1



    For many Gold cruise passengers, the concept of a vacation is to have fun. With the choices available on board, your greatest challenge will be to decide which to enjoy first. You will never be bored from choices to fit every age range and interest on board. You can have fun with creative activities, or just relax with a good book on our board library.

    Featured Facilities:

    1. Large tow-tier movie theater (5F / Observation Deck)
    2. Billiards (4F / Bridge Deck)
    3. Children’s Playground (2F / Upper Deck)
    4. Cyber Café (4F / Bridge Deck)
    5. Gym Center (1F / Main Deck)
    6. Surfing Swimming Pool (5F / Observation Deck)
    7. Mini Golf Course (Dome)
    8. Running Track (6F / Sun Deck)
    9. Beauty Salon (2F / Upper Deck)
    Have fun with friends in the Billiards room.



    Every ship of Yangtze Gold Cruises, is fully outfitted with first class meeting rooms, lecture rooms and conference rooms, all equipped with latest audio and video equipment and a staff to cater to every requirement.

    Featured Facilities:

    1. Helicopter Apron (Dome)
    2. Conference Hall with Interpretation System (-1F)
    3. Business Center (2F / Upper Deck)
    4. Multi-function Hall (5F / Observation Deck)
    Business can 
mix with pleasure onboard the Yangtze Gold Cruises



    Every Gold Cruise has its own “Shopping Street”, replete with a wide variety of shops, ranging from the latest fashion designs to carefully selected keepsake and mementos.

    Featured Shops:

    1. Pedestrian Street ( 2F / Upper Deck )
    2. Chinese handwriting and painting Art Shop
    3. Local Specialty Shop ( 2F / Upper Deck )
    4. Boutique Shop ( 2F / Upper Deck )
    5. Gym Center (1F / Main Deck)
    6. Snack Shop ( 2F / Upper Deck )
    7. Tea Bar ( 2F / Upper Deck )
    8. Reading Bar ( 2F / Upper Deck )
    Buy some local gift 

    Photos of Gold Cruises

    • Yangtze Gold 1

      Price: $452-$569

      Sundays: Chongqing - Yichang
      Wednesdays: Yichang - Chongqing

    • Yangtze Gold 2

      Price: $452-$569

      Wednesdays: Chongqing - Yichang
      Saturdays: Yichang - Chongqing

    • Yangtze Gold 7

      Price: $452-$569

      Tuedays: Chongqing - Yichang
      Fridays: Yichang - Chongqing

    • Yangtze Gold 3

      Price: $452-$569

      Thursdays: Chongqing - Yichang
      Sundays: Yichang - Chongqing

    • Yangtze Gold 5

      Price: $452-$569

      Fridays: Chongqing - Yichang
      Mondays: Yichang - Chongqing

    • Yangtze Gold 6

      Price: $452-$569

      Saturdays: Chongqing - Yichang
      Tuesdays: Yichang - Chongqing

    Not easy to find the right cruise ship/itinerary for you? Please contact one of our Yangtze cruise specialists to save your time and money. Click the right button to send an online inquiry and we will get back to you within 0.5~23.5 hours.

    Your can rely on their expert knowledge and endless enthusiasm!

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