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President Cruises, President Cruise Yangtze River 2017
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President Cruises: President Cruise on Yangtze River

President Cruises

President Cruises includes three 5-star newest Yangtze cruises. It is not as popular as another two top cruise companies: Victoria cruises and Century Cruises, but its competitive price makes the ships still popular, especially for budget travelers. Plus, all ships are family friendly designed which is the top choice for families with kids. The newly-built President No.7 & President No.8 are very popular in 2016.

Good news: the President Cruises of 2017 is available now. We will provide you the best service with the lowest price for any of the President Cruise ships, including the newest President cruises. Book the cruises early for your Yangtze River cruise tour now!

Top President Cruise Ships

Ship NamePrice of 2017Depature & ItineraryYear of BuiltDecksElevatorsCapacityNumber of Cabins
President No.7$399-$495Wed:CQ-YC Sat:YC-CQ20136Yes460230
President No.8$399-$495Fri:CQ-YC Mon:YC-CQ20136Yes460230
President Prime 6$399-$495Tue:CQ-YC Fri:YC-CQ20116Yes374187
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  • Itinerary
  • Fleet Comparison
  • Life onboard

President Cruises Calendar in 2017

Ramark: CQ=Chongqing; YC=Yichang


President Cruises Itinerary

All President Cruises ships sails along the most popular route between Chongqing and Yichang with a stable departure all year round and provide the classic shore excursions to those cultural, natural and historical heritages along the Yangtze River.

President Cruises Chongqing - Yichang Cruise Itinerary & Shore Excursions

4 Days & 3 Nights, Downstream
5 Days & 4 Nights, Upstream
Arranged Shore Excursions Shibaozhai Pagoda
Shennong Stream
Three Gorges Dam Site
Three Gorges Dam Site
Shennong Stream
Shibaozhai Pagoda
Optional Excursion with Extra Fee Fengdu Ghost City
White Emperor City
Tribe of the Three Gorges
White Emperor City
Fengdu Ghost City
Cruise Ships President Prime 6 (5-star), President No.7 (5-star), and President No.8 (5-star)

Please Note:
• Optinal Shore Excursion depends on the river conditions, like the weather and weather and water level.
• Choose the ship to see the SAMPLE cruise itinerary.

Compare the Ships

Ships of President Cruises are 5-star, with the 2013 newly built ships - President 7 & President 8 sailing on Yangtze River.We’ve listed the facts of all President Cruises ships in the table below, in order to help you choose the best President ship according to your need.

Ships Cabin Dining Features Price
President Prime 6
  • All with private balcony
  • Breakfast & Lunch: Western & Chinese buffet
  • Dinner: Chinese dishes
  • One of the most popular Yangtze cruise ships, first voyaged in April 15, 2011.
  • $399-$495 Enquiry
    President No.7
  • Offers largest cabins, and all with private balcony.
  • Deluxe Cabin Size: 27.50 sq.m. / 296.01 sq.ft
  • Breakfast & Lunch: Western & Chinese buffet
  • Dinner: Chinese dishes
  • 2013 Newest ship at the luxury 5-star standard, first voyaged in April 10th, 2013.
  • $399-$495Enquiry
    President No.8
  • Offers largest cabins, and all with private balcony.
  • Deluxe Cabin Size: 27.50 sq.m. / 296.01 sq.ft
  • Breakfast & Lunch: Western & Chinese buffet
  • Dinner: Chinese dishes
  • 2013 Latest ship at the luxury 5-star standard, first voyaged in April 26th, 2013.
  • $399-$495Enquiry

    Life onboard

    Food & Shopping


    1. Authentic Chinese cuisine with a mix of Western specialties is served on all Presidential Cruise velssels.
    2. Buffet breakfast served 07:30-08:30.
    3. Lunch: 12:00-13:00.
    4. Dinner: 18:30-19:30

    Local flavour cruisine

    Please contact the Dining Room if you want to taste a specific dish of local cruisine along the Yangtze River.

    Midnight Snack

    Please contact the Front Desk or House Keeping in advance if midnight snacks needed.

    Birthday or anniversary

    Please contact the Front Dest in advance to order birthday cake.

    Both West and Chinese cuisine are offered on President No.1 Chinese traditional cuisine


    Entertainment Programs

    Entertainments programs are various on President Prime. There are music bar, Internet cafe bar, ball rooms, beauty salon, massage room, coffee bar, game room, etc. If you get interested in Chinese folk culture, you can learn to play Tai Chi Chuan on the Sun deck

    1. Music bar-Nice place to relax with background music and drinks.
    2. Ballroom-For evening entertainments.
    3. Beauty Salon-For cut,set and blow dry. Massage is also available by appointment. Business hours: 08:00---22:00
    4. Massage-Reflexology or foot-massage and body massage is available by appointment 08:00---24:00.
    5. Coffee bar-The Coffee Bar is located in front of the fifth floor, it is the ideal location of viewing the beautiful scenery of The Three Gorges and enjoying all kinds of drinks and elegant snacks.
    Piano bar on President No.1 Learning Tai Chi Chuan on President No.1


    Health Care

    There is a  health clinic on all President  Cruises ship. If you need to buy some regular medicines, or if you fall ill unexpectedly, you can all frontdesk to ask for doctor service.

    Experience Acupuncture and Moxibustion in Chinese Medicine Lecture on Board.


    Phone Calls, Faxes and Internet Access

    International / local phone calls and faxes are available at the reception desk and the Business Center on all Victoria Cruises ships. Each ship is also equipped with Internet access and an Internet cafe on board.. All of these services are fee-based and you can sign these charges to your account and settle them at the end of the voyage.

    Business Center with International Phone calls, faxes, and internet access on board.


    Photos of President Ships

    • President No.7

      Price: $399-$495

      Wednesdays: Chongqing - Yichang
      Saturdays: Yichang - Chongqing

    • President No.8

      Price: $399-$495

      Fridays: Chongqing - Yichang
      Mondays: Yichang - Chongqing

    • President Prime 6

      Price: $399-$495

      Tuesdays: Chongqing - Yichang
      Fridays: Yichang - Chongqing


    Not easy to find the right cruise ship/itinerary for you? Please contact one of our Yangtze cruise specialists to save your time and money. Click the right button to send an online inquiry and we will get back to you within 0.5~23.5 hours.

    Your can rely on their expert knowledge and endless enthusiasm!

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