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Chongqing Transportation Guide

Chongqing, the main port of Yangtze cruises, is well connected with other cities by air and railway and high way. For you who want to start your Yangtze cruise from Chongqing, there are some useful information about Chongqing transportation, including the airport, railway stations, metro and taxi in Chongqing, with clear direction to the Chongqing docks and useful city-to-city transportation guide shows you how to get to Chongqing from other hot destinations like Xian and Guilin, etc.

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Get to/from Chongqing

Chongqing, as one of the most important municipality located in the southwest inland of China, has a well established transportation system with other popular tourist cities in China. There are two common ways for travelers to get to Chongqing, by air or by train.

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By Air - Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport

  • Location: Lianglu Town, Yubei District, Chongqing
  • Distance to Chaotianmen Dock: about 28km, takes about 40-60mins by car

Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport is the most important airport which operates 70 airlines between over 58 domestic and foreign cities and Chongqing. Almost all the capital cities of China have connections to Chongqing. You can easily take a flight to Chongqing from Beijing, Xian, Shanghai and many other destinations in China. There are also direct flights to Hong Kong, Macau, Seoul, Tokyo, Nagoya, Bangkok and Munich, etc.

► More information about get to Chongqing by air, please visit Chongqing Airports & Flights.

Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport

Chongqing Flight

By Train - Chongqing Railway Stations

There are 4 frequently-used railway stations in Chongqing city (Chongqing North Railway Station (重庆北站), Chongqing West Railway Station (重庆西站), Chongqing Railway Station(重庆站) and Chongqing Shapingba Railway Station (重庆沙坪坝站)). Among these train stations, Chongqing North Railway Station and Chongqing West Railway Station are the most frequently used railway stations for high speed trains. They operate vairous high speed trains (G-trains, D-trains and C-trains) to most major cities like Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guilin, Kunming, etc.

Chongqing North Railway Station (重庆北站)

  • Location: Longtou Temple, Yubei District, Chongqing City
  • Distance to Chaotianmen Dock: about 10-11km, takes about 30-40mins by car

Chongqing North Railway Station, also referred as Chongqingbei Railway Station is the most important train station in Chongqing and with two separated square halls. At present, the North Square Hall handles all high speed (G, D, C) trains, and a bit ordinary trains including Z49/50 and K503/504. The South Square Hall operates other ordinary and express (Z, T, K) trains.

Chongqing West Railway Station (重庆西站)

  • Location: No.168, Fengzhong Road, Shapingba District, Chongqing
  • Distance to Chaotianmen Dock: about 21km, takes about 40 - 50mins by car

Chongqing West Railway Station, also referred as Chongqingxi Railway Station, is a new railway station began to operate in early 2018. Covering about 120,000 square meters, it is the largest railway station in west China at present. It will serve as Chongqing’s connection with many destinations across south-western and north-western China. Travelers can take G, D or C trains from/to Chengdu (about 1.5~2.5hrs), Xian (about 5~5.5hrs), Guiyang (about 2~2.5hrs) and more.

Shapingba Railway Station (沙坪坝火车站/沙坪坝站)

  • Location:  No. 19, Tianchen Road, Yubei Avanue, Shapingba District
  • Distance to Chaotianmen Dock: about 21km, takes about 40 - 50mins by car

Shapingba Railway Station is an old railway station built in 1979 and renovated in 2018. It is a stopover station in Chengdu Chongqing High Speed Railway, operating 10 daily high speed trains to various cities in Sichuan, including Chengdu. 

Get to Chongqing by Train

Train Stations in Chongqing

Chongqing Train Stations

Locations of Chongqing Train Stations

Chongqing Train Stations

Train Stations to Chaotianmen Dock

By Yangtze Cruise Ships - Chaotianmen Dock

The best way to taste the natural beauty of the Three Gorges and appreciate the thousand-year Ba and Shu history is by taking a Yangtze River cruise. Positioned alongside the upper Yangtze River in Southwest China, Chongqing is one of the most important starting or ending city of classic Yangtze River Cruise. Therefore Chongqing becomes a must-visit place for tourists who are dreaming of cruising Yangtze River.

Chongqing Chaotianmen Dock

  • Location: Chaotianmen Wharf, Changjiang Binjiang Rd, Yuzhong District

Chaotianmen Dock, also known as Chaotianmen Wharf, Chaotianmen Terminal and Chaotianmen Port, sits in Chongqing center area, where Yangtze River and Jialing River meet together. More than 90% of Yangtze cruise ships would start or end Yangtze River cruise tour at Chaotianmen Dock.

Chaotianmen Dock does not refer to one wharf, but a group of 14 separated wharfs. Different cruise companies may arrange different wharf to board the ship. For more information about the location, wharfs, map and important note,nearby attractions and how to get there, please visit Chongqing Chaotianmen Dock.

Chongqing Chaotianmen Dock Map

Chongqing Chaotianmen Dock Map

Get around Chongqing

Travel with yangtze-river-cruises.com by Private Car

Chongqing has a busy and complex traffic system due to its special landform feature, even locals may sometimes get lost in the city. Therefore, transferring between airports/ train stations to ports, hotels and attractions in Chongqing by private car is the most convenient way chosen by most of our customers.

Our www.yangtze-river-cruises.com also offer convenient private car service. No matter you are going to travel from Chongqing Airport to Chaotianmen Dock to catch your cruise ship or make a return trip from the dock to airport after the cruise journey, we can help you make a travel as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Once you booking such a service, your English-speaking tour guide will be waiting for you at the airport or the dock, with a sign with your name on it holding in his/her hands. Your local driver will escort you directly to your destination in convenient. Along the way, your guide can also give you a brief introduction of Chongqing city and share some insider tips. If you need such a service, please feel free to send us your group size, traveling date and time for enquiry.

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In Chongqing, Yichang and Shanghai, we also offer lcoal transfer services. By Booking our transfer with your crusie,
you’ll get:

  1. Vehicle with experienced driver and local guide.
  2. Airport / Railway Stations / Hotels and Cruise Dock shuttle services
  3. More time enjoying your trip, instead of wasting on finding your way.

Get around Chongqing by Taxi

Travelers in Chongqing can also catch a taxi to getting around in Chongqing downtown area, suburban areas and even to Chengdu. The taxis in Chongqing are mostly dressed in impressive yellow or blue.

Chongqing Chaotianmen Dock is located at the center of Chongqing, now let’s check the following chart to learn distance, estimated time and cost from airport, train stations and main attractions to Chongqing Chaotianmen Dock.

Type Place Distance Estimated Time Estimated Fare
Airport Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport 28km About 0.5-1 hour CNY 80-100
Train Stations Chongqingbei Railway Station
(North Square)
11km About 30 minutes CNY 40-60
Chongqingbei Railway Station
(South Square)
10km About 20 minutes CNY 40-60
Chongqingxi Railway Station 21km About 30-60 minutes CNY 70-100
Shapingba Railway Station 16km About 30 minutes CNY 50-70
Chongqing Railway Station 6km About 20 minutes CNY 20-40
Chongqing Attractions Three Gorges Museum 6km About 20 minutes CNY 20-40
Ciqikou Ancient Town 21km About 40 minutes CNY 50-70
Chongqing Zoo 14km About 40 minutes CNY 30-50
E'ling Park 10km About 30 minutes CNY 20-40

(Warm Tips: 1. Distances and estimated times above may change according to the real situations. 2. Due to the strict traffic control at Chaotianmen Dock, it sometimes may take you much more than 10 minutes to wait for a taxi. 3. Traffic jams appear a lot in Chongqing city, especially during the rush hours (8-9am and 5-6pm). Therefore you should leave enough time for your transfer, try to hire a taxi as early as possible 4. For the tourists who are going to catch flights or ships in hurry on their trip plan, you are suggested to book a private car service in advance.)

Chongqing Metro

The metro system in Chongqing is called Chongqing Light Rail Transit. Till now, Chongqing has built 8 Light Rail Transit Lines, including the Loop Line, Line 1, Line 2, Line 3, Line 4, Line 5, Line 6 and Line 10. And you can appreciate the house-crossing light rail at Liziba Station (李子坝轻轨站) on Line 2. Different light rail service starts and end at different time, normally starts around 6:30 and runs until 22:30.

Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport, Chongqing North Railway Station, Chongqing Railway Station, Shapingba Railway Station can be reached by Chongqing Light Rail Transit Lines. However the Light Rail Lines to Chongqing West Railway Station and Chaotianmen Dock are still under construction.

Chongqing Light Rail Map

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Chongqing Light Rail Map

Get to Chongqing from Xian

Xi'an (or Xian), the capital of 13 ancient China dynasties, is undisputed the perfect representation of Chinese dynastic history and culture. Travelers can take bullet trains or flights to go from Xian to Chongqing.

Situated at the northeast of Chongqing city, Xian is about 580km away. Considering the distance between Xi’an and Chongqing is not very long, travel by bullet trains are more recommended than flights, only takes about 4.5 hours. There are more than 20 high speed trains running on this route from 8:00am to 18:00pm. All trains make a departure from Xian North Railway Station (西安北站) and arrive at Chongqing North Railway Station (重庆北站) or Chongqing West Railway Station (重庆西站). If you prefer taking flights, you can get from Xianyang International Airport (咸阳机场) in Xian to Jiangbei International Airport in Chongqing in about 1.5 hours.

► Check more about Chongqing Xian Transportation | Xi'an Yangtze Tours

Xian Yangtze Tour Chongqing Xian Transport

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Chongqing Xian Transportation Map

Get to Chongqing from Guilin

Guilin as a famous tourist destination in China locates at the southeast of Chongqing. Both are popular tourist cities with amazing mountain and river scenery, but each has their own highlights. Touring around Guilin can let you fully immersed in the charm of nature masterpieces, while visiting Chongqing would give you a chance to appreciate a unique beauty of the harmonious coexistence of modern city and nature. Recently, There is no direct flight to get to Chongqing from Guilin. To get from Guilin to Chongqing, you can choose to take a bullet train.

Distance from Guilin to Chongqing is about 600km, takes about 4-5 hours by bullet train. There are about 16 bullet/high speed trains running on this route from 9:30am to 19:00pm. You can get a train from Guilin Railway Station (桂林站), Guilin North Railway Station (桂林北站) or Guilin West Railway Station (桂林西站) in Guilin and reach Chengdu at Chongqingxi Railway Station (重庆西站).

► Check more about Chongqing Guilin Transportation | Guilin Yangtze Tours.

Guilin Yangtze Tour Chongqing Guilin Transport

Click to Enlarge
Chongqing Guilin Transportation Map

Get to Chongqing from Chengdu

Chengdu, the hometown of Giant Panda - national treasure of China, is reputed as the Land of Abundance. As its official slogan saying, “Chengdu is a city you reluctant to leave once you arrive”. At present, tourists can go from Chengdu to Chongqing by high speed train, taxi and private car.

Chengdu is about 265km west of Chongqing. Because two cities are relatively close and have a complete railway transportation network, more than 70% of tourists would choose to travel by train, and the whole journey only takes about 1.5-2.5 hours. More than 70 bullet/high-speed trains running between the two cities every day from 6:00am to 22:30pm, you can take bullet trains at Chengdu East Station (成都东站) or Chengdu South Station (成都南站) and reach to Chongqing at Chongqingbei Station (重庆北站), Chongqingxi Station (重庆西站), Shapingba Station (沙坪坝火车站).

► Check more about Chengdu Tours | Chengdu Yangtze Tours.

Chongqing to Chengdu

Giant Panda and Leisure life in Chengdu

Get to Chongqing from Shanghai

Shanghai, located at the mouth of Yangtze River in Yangtze River Delta, is one of the gateway cities to start a China tour. Many travelers choose to land in Shanghai for a relaxing Yangtze River cruise. Flights and bullet trains are two common way to get to Chongqing from Shanghai.

Considering the long distance between Shanghai and Chongqing, about 1445km, travel by flight has become people's first choice. The flights depart from Shanghai Pudong International Airport (上海浦东机场) and arrival at Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport after (重庆江北机场). By taking these flights, you can reach to Chongqing from Shanghai in 3 hours around. There are more than 40 flights for you to choose everyday. If you don’t want to take the flight and prefer train travel, you can also take a bullet train to get to Chongqing which would take about 10.5-13 hours. Shanghai operates 9 high speed trains to Chongqing everyday. These trains usually depart in the morning (06:08 ~ 09:30) and arrive at night (18:03 ~ 21:16).

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Get to Chongqing from Shanghai

Attractions in Shanghai

Travel Chongqing with yangtze-river-cruises.com

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Top Recommended Yangtze River Ships

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After the river cruise we want to get to Shanghai on the bullet train but don’t know which station to go to in Yichang or which station to go to in Shanghai we will be staying at the Sunrise on the bund? Thanks
2019-05-16 23:37
about clarification on terminal
i saw in terminal 3 there is 3A and 3B, if i want to receive passenger which one i should go ?
2018-02-24 22:53
Hi Reqeeb,

Thank you for the question. The 3A and 3 B are classified for the departure. There is only one place for people arriving at Terminal 3 of Chongqing Jiangbei Airport, so if you would receive the passenger, you could directly go to the receiving place where you can reach convenient along the signs.

Have a nice day!
Taxi fare
I’d like to travel by taxi from Chongqing airport to Fengdu Ghost City? How much will I pay more or less please?
2018-02-15 03:02
Dear Ms. Arianna,

Greetings from Wonder at Yangtze-River-Cruises!

Thank you for your inquiry of Yangtze River Cruises. We are really glad to have this chance to serve for you.
It will take you around 3 hours from Chongqing airport to Fengdu Ghost City. I am afraid that few taxi drivers would like to do that since it is too far. It’s difficult to see how much it will take. If you need us to arrange private transfer service, the cost will be around RMB1800=USD290 for one vehicle. The cost is extremely expensive and not worthwhile compare to only one place.

Besides, if you like, we recommend you take Rail Transit Line 3 for less than 10 RMB from Chongqing Airport to Chongqing North Railway Station for about 50 minutes to catch a 1 hour high speed train to Fengdu for about 40 RMB and transfer to Fengdu Ghost City for about 20 minutes by local taxi for about 30 RMB, so you could arrive there for about 2.5 hours with a much lower cost of about 80 RMB.

Wish you a wonderful trip to the Fengdu Ghost City!

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