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Yangtze Three Gorges & Dam Cruise - Family with Kids

Whether you’re onboard or onshore, family time is bound to be a fantastic time! Games, shows and activities are going on all over the ship throughout the day and into the evening hours.

  • Kids to enjoy their interesting time

    Kids to enjoy their interesting time

  • Enjoy the family together time with your loved ones

    Enjoy the family together time with your loved ones

Family Fun – bring the whole family out to play

Hey, it's not every day you take the gang on vacation. So it has to be super-fun. Not just for you, not just for the kids, but for everyone. Right? What's more, it needs to be a great value too. You need a family vacation with all sorts of stuff included in the price - from dining and accommodations to entertainment.

Well, on Yangtze cruise, we've got your whole family totally covered. Our ships are packed with tons of activities for adults, and supervised activities for the kids. And everything in between. Our family cruises are the easy, hassle-free way to visit a bunch of amazing land excursions. To try new and delicious food. And catch all sorts of eye-popping entertainment. And the really good news is that all of that fun stuff is included with your fare. Sounds like a pretty awesome value to us. Actually, it sounds pretty awesome... period.

  • Luxury family cabins on Yangtze cruise

    Luxury family cabins on Yangtze cruise

  • enjoy your own relaxing time while kids are doing theirs

    enjoy your own relaxing time while kids are doing theirs

Cabins for Family – your floating home away from home

After a long day’s fun and generally having the time of your life, it's nice to come back to a cozy cabin. With our spacious suites, we have just the place to do it. Staterooms on our cruise ships with large space can provide an extra bed for children. So come on in, and make yourself (not) at home.

Want to learn more about our swanky staterooms? Right this way!

  • enjoy your gym time while your family are doing theirs

    enjoy your gym time while your family are doing theirs

  • Pamper yourself with a Chinese massage

    Pamper yourself with a Chinese massage

Family Meals – funnified

When it comes to dining, we cater to all ages. Even the pickiest eater will savor the flavor of our cruise vacation. You’ll choose the Chinese or western buffet, and we also offer the 24-hour stateroom service, so finding the perfect time for the family to chow down is just as simple.

Want to learn more about our super-tasty dining? Click here!

Family Programs - keep kids smiling and teens from rolling their eyes

At this point, you're probably asking yourself "do I have any chance of ‘me time' on this cruise?" Well, we're glad you asked, because the answer is a big, giant YES. We offer a huge range of youth programs on board for families of all sizes. So you can relax knowing that the kids will have all sorts of supervised fun to keep them occupied when you need a quiet moment.

For the young ones - between 2 and 11- we offer many cultural classes, where toddlers listen to story time, draw Chinese painting, and take part in talent shows. Meanwhile, juniors finger paint or enjoy a puppet show.

And if you're ready to have your own time or take a shore excursion, we offer babysitting services for kids of all ages. Sounds to us like the perfect recipe for a family cruise with plenty of "me time."

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