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China Yichang Travel FAQs & Tips, Yichang Travel Guide
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China Yichang Travel FAQs & Tips

Yichang City Travel FAQs

1. How to spend a day in Yichang before I take the upstream cruise?

To add more fun in your cruise trip, you could explore Yichang Museum, Chinese Sturgeon Museum and Sanyou Cave before your 5 days and 4 nights Yangtze River cruise. Learn more information about Yichang Attractions.

2. Public transport tips, like how to transfer from Yichang Airport, East Train Staiton/Railway Station to Yihcang Port?

Yichang Cruise Ports are located far from Yichang downtown. It is not very convenient to transfer from Yichang Airport, Yichang Train Stations to Yichang Ports. If you are in rush, you’d better use our private transfer service which will make you a worry free journey. If you are free to explore, taking a taxi or using the public bus is a choice. Please make clear the taxi fare or bus stations before you get on.
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3. How can I get to Zhangjiajie from Yichang?

No direct flights to Zhangjiajie from Yichang. You’d better take the train.

  1. Train No.K1473 leaves Yichang at 13:24 to Zhangjiajie at 18:26 which takes about 5 hours;
  2. Train No.K1885/K1888 leaves Yichang at 10:22 to Zhangjiajie at 14:45 which takes about 4.5 hours;
  3. Train No. 1261 leaves Yichang at 01: 34 to Zhangjiajie at 06:04 which takes 4.5 hours.

If your cruise arrives in Yichang around 12:00, the time is a little bit tight, please just get to Yichang East Railway Station directly to catch the train. If you have booked the cruise from us, our guide will pick you at the Three Gorges Dam Site (after you visit the dam) and transfer you to Yichang East Railway Station for the train.

4. How can I get from Zhangjiajie to Yichang to board the Yangtze cruise ship?

From Zhangjiajie Railway Station, there are three normal trains to Yichang East Railway Station.

  1. Train No.K1262 leaves Zhangjiajie at 06:10 to Yichang at 11:16 which takes about 5 hours;
  2. Train No.K1474 leaves Zhangjiajie at 09:15 to Yichang at 14:18 which takes about 5 hours;
  3. Train No. K1886/K1887 leaves Zhangjiajie at 16: 20 to Yichang at 21:12 which takes 5 hours.

If you want to have a day tour in Yichang, you’d better catch the morning train from Zhangjiajie. If you come to cruise port directly, you could take the K1474 train. After arrived in Yichang, you could take a taxi or use our private transfer service to the cruise port.


Yichang Yangtze Cruise FAQs

5. What are the Yangtze River cruises from Yichang?

From Yichang, travelers could take the relaxing 5 days and 4 nights upstream cruise. The shore excursions include Three Gorges Dam Site, Shennong Stream, Shibaozhai Pagoda, Tribe of Three Gorges (optional), and White Emperor City (optional). Usually, the Yangtze cruise from Yichang to Chongqing is cheaper than the ships from Chongqing to Yichang.

Also, Yangtze cruise ships will pass through Yichang if taking Chongqing Wuhan line or Chongqing Shanghai line.

6. What are the recommended cruise companies for my Yangtze Cruise?

The top cruise companies are Victoria Cruises, Century Cruises, President Cruises, Yangtze Explorer, Yangtze Gold Cruises, and Changjiang Cruises.

7. What are the most recommended Yangtze cruise ships for my cruise tour?

In 2019/2020, some luxury Yangtze cruises offer great deals. They are Victoria Jenna, Victoria Anna, Century Paragon, Century Legend, Century Sun, Century Sky, President No.7 and President No.8 etc.

If you like a new cruise, you could choose among Century Paragon, Century Legend, President No.7 and President No.8; if you like western style service onboard, Victoria Jenna, Victoria Anna will be the choice.


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