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Yangtze River Facts

Yangtze River: Changjiang River

Yangtze River, also known as Chang Jiang in Chinese, is the longest River in China and the third longest river in the world after Nile River in Africa and Amazon River in the Amazon Basin of South America.

For hundreds of years, Yangtze River becomes the cradle of Chinese civilization and the busiest river in the world with cruise ships, ferries.

Where is the Yangtze River Located?

The source of Yangtze River lies in Tanggula Mountain, and finally flows into the East China Sea. The Yangtze River Basin covers half of the whole nation with an area of about 1. 8 million square km.

How Long is the Yangtze River?

With 6,397 kilometers long, the Yangtze River flows through provinces of Qinghai, Tibet, Sichuan, Yunnan, Chongqing, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Anhui and Jiangsu as well as the city of Shanghai from west to east, and finally empties into the Eastern China Sea.

Yangtze River Dam

Yangtze River Dam


Source of Yangtze River

The source of the Yangtze River lies on the west of Geladandong Mountain in the Dangla Mountain Range on the eastern part of the Tibetan Plateau, which can be divided into three parts: Tuotuo River, Tongtian River and Jinsha River. The headwaters of the Yangtze are situated at an elevation of about 4,900 meters, and then falls to an altitude of 305 meters at Yibin, Sichuan, where is the starting of Yangtze River.

  1. Tuotuo River: originates from the glaciers of the Jianggendiru Snow Mountains located at the southwestern side of the highest Geladandong Peak in the Tanggula Mountain Range;
  2. Tongtian River: the tributary of the Tuotuo River, runs southeast and passes the Batang outfall in Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, in Northwest China's Qinghai Province;
  3. Jinsha River (River of Golden Sands): from Batang outfall to Yibing, Sichuan Province, flows with fastest speed between mountains and gorges.
Tuotuo River - Source of Yangtze

Tuotuo River - Source of Yangtze


Yangtze River Basin

Passing through many cities and areas, Yangtze River is normally cut into three reaches: Upper Reaches, Middle Reaches and Lower Reaches.

Upper Reaches

There are two versions about the upper reaches of Yangtze River. One is from the source of Yangtze (Tuotou River) to Yichang city; the other is from Yibin City to Yichang. The latter is more refer to be the upper reach of Yangtze River for Yangtze Cruise Tour.

From the source to Yichang, it has 4529 km and makes up 72% of the whole length of Yangtze River, running through over one million square kilometers; from Yibin to Yichang with 1030 km long, it runs all in Sichuan province, so normally called Sichuan River.

Between Chongqing and Yichang, it is at an altitude of 40 meters and a distance of about 648 kilometers, is the section where the most classical route for Yangtze River Cruise. Meanwhile, along the cruise way, there are some famous shore excursion sites including Fengdu Ghost City, Shibaozhai Pagoda and White Emperor City to visit.

Middle Reaches

Middle Reaches of Yangtze River is from Yichang to Hukou, about 950 km long and cover over 680 thousands square kilometers.

In this reach, the most highlights sites are Less Three Gorges, Three Gorges and the Three Gorges Dam, Shennong Stream and more to display the best nature view and authentic local lifestyle for Yangtze Cruisers.

Lower Reaches

Hukou to Shanghai is the lower reaches with 938 km length and passing through 120 thousands square kilometers.

For visitors who take Yangtze Cruise Tour between Chongqing and Shanghai, you will find the reach is much prosperous with towering buildings along the river sides. Nanjing and Shanghai are two big cities in the lower reach, which is also a great opportunity for tourists to experience the hustle and bustle city life in China.

Upper Reaches of Yangtze River

Upper Reaches of Yangtze River - Chongqing

Middle Reaches of Yangtze River - Three Gorges

Middle Reaches of Yangtze River

Lower Reaches of Yangtze River

Lower Reaches of Yangtze River - Shanghai

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