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Wuhan Port: Yangtze Cruise Port of Wuhan

As one of the eight important ports along Yangtze River, Wuhan Port is located on the shores of the Yangtze and Hanjiang rivers. The port of Wuhan has lots of docks for cruise to berth and Yangtze Cruises only stop at Wuhan No.23 dock.

Note: In 2020/2021, there is no cruise ship sailing towards Wuhan. And you could enjoy the Chongqing Yichang cruise to savor the charming sceneries of the best section of Yangtze River!

How to get to the Wuhan Port for Yangtze Cruise?

By our local transfer service

This is the most convenient way chosen by our customers. Whether you are new to Wuhan or not, book our local transfer guide for your Yangtze Cruise tour in Wuhan can be advisable as the local guide will arrange your whole transfer way to the port since you arrive in Wuhan. With this service, you can enjoy a more pleasant and comfortable cruise trip. For details, please book our local transfer service.

Wuhan Port of Call

Get your local transfer for Wuhan Port

By taxi

If you want to arrange the transfer way by yourself, taking taxi is another option for you to choose, on condition that you have enough time. Here are some information about the destinations for you to leave for Wuhan Port.

  • Wuhan Airport-Wuhan Port: 60 km, take about one hour.
  • Wuhan Train Station-Wuhan Port: 60 km, take about one hour.
  • Wuchang Train Station-Wuhan Port: 14 km, take about 25 minutes.
  • Hankou Train Station-Wuhan Port: 10 km, take about 10-15 minutes.
Taxis in Wuhan

Taxi in Wuhan City

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