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Shanghai Transportation Guide

Shanghai, as the big port city, especially as the enter mouth of Yangtze River running to the East sea, shares much port convenience for domestic and international cruise transportation. Besides, this metropolis city has developed transportation in aviation and railways for tourists transfer easily.

Map of Chongqing Port & Transfer
Map of Shanghai Port &Transfer

Shanghai Airport

There are two big airports in Shanghai: Pudong International Airport and Hongqiao International Airport, both offering numerous flights linking with many domestic and international cities like Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Chengdu, Hong Kong, New York, Los Angeles, London, Singapore, etc.

Pudong International Airport

Location: Pudong New District, 30km from downtown.

Direction to Shanghai Dock

By taxi: With a distance about 50 km, it will take one hour and cost about 165 RMB.

Hongqiao International Airport

Location: Western outskirts of Shanghai, with 13 km from downtown.

Direction to Shanghai Dock

By taxi: There is about 38 km between the Hongqiao Airport to Shanghai Port, which will take about 53 minutes and cost 145 RMB.

Shanghai Pudong International Airport

Pudong International Airport

Shanghai Railway

With advanced railway transportation, Shanghai offers tourists 3 main different train stations to transfer from other cities of China, which are Shanghai Train Station, Shanghai South Railway Station and Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station. Among them, the Hongqiao Railway Station is mainly for bullet trains running through Hangzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi, Fuzhou, Wenzhou, Nanchang, Xiamen and Beijing.

Shanghai Train Station

Location: Moling Road, Zhabei District, north side of Shanghai.

Direction to Shanghai Pork

By taxi: with a distance about 19 km, it will take half an hour to get there and charge 63 RMB.

Shanghai South Railway Station

Location: Humin Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai.

Direction to Shanghai Pork

By taxi: About 32 km’s distance between the south railway station to shanghai pork, you may cost 112 RMB within 50 minutes.

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station

Location: Nearby Hongqiao Airport, west side of Shanghai.

Direction to Shanghai Pork

By taxi: It will take 55 minutes for 140 RMB from Hongqiao Railway Station to Shanghai Pork with a distance of 39 km.

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station

Shanghai Railway Station

Shanghai Railway Station

City Transportation to Shanghai Port

There are kinds of transportation ways for you travel through Shanghai city to port, such as the subway lines, buses, taxi. While for new travelers, we recommended you to book a local transfer service with us when booking your Yangtze cruise tour. Our driver and local guide will meet at airport or train stations and escort you to the cruise port directly, which will save much of your time.

Shanghai Port

Shanghai Wusongkou Port

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