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Shanghai Port - Yangtze River Cruise

Shanghai, the only port in China connecting the shipping system of sea, river and freshwater, is also the world’s third largest port and China’s largest seaport. Passenger transportation from both at home and abroad through Shanghai Port is very busy every day.

Shanghai Port comprises three ports - Wusong Port (passenger transport center), Waigaoqiao Port (inland container terminal) and Yangshan Port (the only deep-water port).

Map of Shanghai Port & Transfer
Map of Shanghai Port & Transfer

Shanghai Domestic Port

Wusong Port (Wusong Passenger Transport Center)

Opened in 2003, Wusong Port is for domestic passengers providing international cruise liners and Yangtze River Cruise Ships. Victoria Cruise is the only ship berth at Shanghai Wusong Port along the Yangtze River. Standing here you could clearly see the 180-meter-high Oriental Pearl TV Tower and enjoy the fantastic view of Huangpu River.
Location: on the estuary of Huangpu River and adjacent to the East Sea.

Here is the information on ways to get to Wusong Passenger Transport Center from several transportation hubs in Shanghai:

1. From Hongqiao International Airport
By taxi: It will take about 53 minutes and cost 145 Yuan. Or you could take No. 941 bus to Shanghai Railway Station, and then transfer to Baoyang Port Special Line.

2. From Pudong International Airport
By taxi: It will take one hour and cost about 165 Yuan. Or you could take Airport Shuttle Bus Line 4 to Dabaishu, and transfer to No. 51 bus.

3. From Shanghai Railway Station
By taxi: It will take about 38 minutes and cost you 80 Yuan. Or you also could take Baoyang Port Special Line; or take Metro Line 3 to Jiangwan Town, and then take the bus No. 51.

4. From People's Square
You could take No. 952 bus; or you also could take Metro Line 1 to Shanghai Railway Station, and then transfer to Baoyang Port Special Line.

5. From Wujiaochang, Yangpu District
You could take No. 90 bus to Zhanghuabang, and then transfer to No. 51 bus.

Private Transfer: worry free to ask your travel consultant about a local private transfer service with porters to handle luggage to ensure that you arrive at the correct port on time. You could also meet our experienced drivers and well-trained English-speaking tour guide to make your Shanghai Tour more enjoyable.

Shanghai Wusong Port

Guests at Wusong Port

Shanghai Hongqiao Airport

Shanghai Hongqiao Airport

Yichang Local Private Transfer

Private Transfer

Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal

Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal, melting its splendid buildings (universal architectural essence exhibition and opposite to the Pudong Lujiazui Financial Area) and beautiful surroundings into background of Shanghai, has become a new attraction of the city. It now can accommodate three luxurious passenger liners at the time, all of which are 77,162 short tons. There are cruise lines from Shanghai to Japan and South Korea every day.
Location: at the center of Huangpu River district, adjacent to the Bund.

Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal

Shanghai International Cruise Terminal

Tips for Taking a Yangtze River Cruise:

1. Only Victoria Sophia sails between Shanghai and Chongqing, stops over in Wuhan. For an upstream cruise from Shanghai to Chongqing takes 8 nights and 9 days. While, a downstream cruise from Chongqing to Shanghai takes 6 nights and 7 days.

2. Don’t miss any highlights in Shanghai. It is a great chance to take a Yangtze Cruise with Shanghai China Tour. You could also check the Top 10 China Yangtze Tours.

3. Do check your email or contact your travel consultant before your cruise, making sure you know the adequate boarding time and pier.

4. For the complexity of Shanghai transportation wasting time and energy to find your right place, you could book our local private transfer service to ensure you get your destination on time.

5. If you meet some difficulties which you could not settle down in a short time, just call your travel consultants. Or you could just call us at +86-23-89009012, we are here ready to help you at any time.

Shanghai Pudong District

Shanghai Pudong District

Nearby Watertown Zhouzhuang

Nearby Watertown - Zhouzhuang

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