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President No.8

9.5 / 10
President No.8 Cruise Ship

President No.8 is the 2024 top family-friendly, large and luxury Yangtze ship. Specially designing 230 sets of family-friendly cabins & suites and spacious public facilities, it is particularly a competitive choice for family visitors with kids to enjoy the classic Yangtze River cruise trip in leisure and fun, at a "LOW PRICE"!

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President No.8 Cruise Ship Reviews

Cruise Ship Rating: 9.5 out of of 10. Read the reviews from the Real Travelers on yangtze-river-cruises.com, cruisecritics.com, and tripadvisors.com below to better help your cruise plan.

We had a wonderful trip arranged by Lily Xu at Chengdu Bamboo International Tours. She helped us with booking the right ship, train tickets, and recommended a tour of Chongqing before our train. We saw interesting sites such as the Hanging Cave and the Three Gorges Museum in Chongqing. Lily was attentive to our every email question and answered quickly. These details made our trip more relaxing and memorable. Thank you Lily!

---- Curious102255, August 15, 2019

Chengdu Bamboo/Yangtze River Cruises organised a wonderful day tour for the day before we departed Chongqing during which we visited the very interesting sites of the 816 nuclear military plant (the world’s largest artificial cave) and the underwater museum at Fuling. Our extremely nice driver then helped us with our bags to the President 8 cruise that they had also arranged for us. Their email correspondence was timely and payment was straightforward. highly recommended.

---- 415katew, United Kingdom, May 9, 2019

I am very impressed with Yanny of Chengdu Bamboo International Tours who helped to make arrangement for my 8 days 7 nights trip that covers Chongqing, Yangtze River Cruise (President 8) and Zhangjiajie. She was able to pack so many places in the trip yet it was very relaxing. There are 12 of us in our group and we really had a great time. The tour guides are all very friendly and the places we visited are beautiful and the weather are just perfect. The hotels are very comfortable and the meals are delicious and had many varieties. We will definitely get Yanny to make arrangement for us again for our next trip to China.

---- enghuatshuy, March 31, 2019

We are not really boat travelers, my wife and I, so we were apprehensive about 3 nights and four days on a boat in the center of China even if the scenery is breathtaking. However we booked President #8 from Chonqing to Yishang, trip only, and found the tour very interesting. Having arrived in Chonqing we had no problem finding the boat, 20 yiuan from downtown, and enjoyed the cruise - recommend the dinner wine package - and the excursions - the ones included in price are best. The crew does a very good job of evening entertainment, professional even, and you do not feel bored with all the other events they have on board. No need to have a guide take you to the station or airport at Yishang - the crew will get you on buses to either location on disembarking, without fuss and at a very reasonable price. Good trip and great dam site!!!!!

---- John D, Canada, November 15, 2017

We did a 3 night cruise on the Yangtze from Chongqing to Yichang with President Cruises. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The Presidential Suite was vacant so we negotiated an upgrade from our standard cabin…was well worth the extra expense. Plenty to see cruising down The Yangtze with the spectacular natural scenery of The Three Gorges a real highlight. Some of the new infrastructure that has been built along the river has to be seen to be believed…extremely expansive (and high) bridges and The Three Gorges Dam are engineering wonders.

---- Delltone, Australia, Dec.1, 2016

One of the highlights of our China Yangtze trip was a 5 day/4 night cruise on the Yangtze River on the ship, President Prime. The reason we chose this ship is because all cabins have a balcony, yet the price for the cruise was more than reasonable.

The ship is very new, and perhaps that contributes to the very attractive interior design. We had reserved the least expensive twin deluxe cabin which had two comfortable beds, good closet space, an unexpectedly spacious bathroom, and a balcony that easily accommodated two chairs comfortably.

There is plenty of time to sit on the sundeck and watch the huge cliffs slide quietly by on each side of the ship; or to spot goats on steep hillsides; or indulge in a glass of wine on your private balcony and listen to the lap of the water against the hull of the ship. But there was also plenty to do, both on board ship and in the shore excursions. I watched an interesting demonstration of acupuncture and reflexology; there was Tai Chi on deck at the crack of dawn each morning (although I never actually made it to that!); demonstrations of Chinese art and painting.

I will say that our cruise on the Yangtze River was anything but boring, and we would do it again in a heartbeat.

---- Reviewed by AussieLady210, Nov.18, 2016

We really enjoyed the Yangtze cruise and would suggest it to anyone and most likely will even go again.

The best part of our cruise was the new ship that we were on, the President Prime. It really was a luxury ship and I was glad that we choose that ship. The price was fantastic and included all food and an activity each day. The cabins were spacious and pleasant to be in, about 35sqm (bigger than some hotel rooms. The private bathroom was modern and spacious. Each room had a private balcony with 2 chairs.

I would suggest watching the progression through the locks (even though for us it was after midnight). The locks are an impressive system and it was amazing to be inside seeing how it worked.

---- Reviewed by PrincessSheree, Aug. 17, 2016

What Our Customers Say about Yangtze River Cruise

Hi, Jack - We had a great time on the cruise. Luckily we had chance to go to Chongqing to see the train through building and the night lights of...

By Ted
June 17, 2024

Hi Evelyn,

We really enjoyed our recent trip.

Everything was very good.

Booking with your company was easy with great...

By Simon
June 10, 2024

Hi Evelyn,

Thank you so much for reaching out. I apologize for the delay, we have been very busy in our last few weeks of our China...

By Courtney
May 31, 2024

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    Yichang → Chongqing

    from $355-$407
    Please Note:
    • The above price range is based on a standard cabin for twin sharing.
    • The prices are valid by Dec.31 of the year.
    • Please enquire us of the exact price according to your nationality, cruising time and cruising route.
    • The cruise prices for holidays such as National Holiday (the first week of October), Labor Day, Spring Festival, etc., are quoted upon request.
    • Limited winter schedules may be adjusted into other dates, cruise ships, etc. based on the arrangement of the cruise company.

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    Questions & Discussions

    Following are latest questions and answers from our webusers and customers. You can learn many useful information from the discussion and cases. You can also join in the discussions or ask your own question. Our experts will help you ASAP.

    Smoke free areas
    Are there smoke free areas and rooms on board?
    2019-01-15 08:52
    Hi Karalyn,

    Thank you for the message! Yes, you can smoke onboard, but you are suggested and required to do that at the public area such as the Sun Deck. However, indoor areas and your rooms are not allowed for smoking!

    Wish you a nice Yangtze River cruise experience in China!
    Cost of Laundry
    What is the cost of the laundry service on the President 8?
    2018-03-28 01:31
    Hi John,

    Greetings from China! Onboard President 8, the service fees for laundry are various according to different types of clothes but reasonable, which is charged by piece. The price is about 18RMB for blouse, 20 RMB for sweater, 20 RMB for trousers, 20 RMB for jacket, 50 RMB for suit, 15 RMB for T-shirt, etc. of a lady, and about 20 RMB for normal shirt, 5 RMB for socks, 20 RMB for slack, 40 RMB for suit, 20 RMB for sweater, etc. If you need such service, just fill the Laundry Form in your room and tell the reception desk, and then the staff would come to collect your clothes to do laundry and send them back after they are ready. The prices are only for your reference, please know the detailed charges from the staff on the cruise after boarding.

    Wish you a memorable sailing holiday on the Yangtze River!
    Is there snack bars on board where one can have snack during the day and evening,have a cup of coffee or cold drink
    2017-04-01 14:26
    Hello Herb Brown,

    Thanks for your question. There is a bar offering drinks and coffee on President No. 8 cruise. You can enjoy the leisure moment during the daytime or at night.

    For more questions, please feel free to contact us. Have a nice day!

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