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Snow Jade Cave - White Marble Sculpture Museum

Besides the name of “Ghost City”, Fengdu is also famous for Snow Jade Cave (雪玉洞) which is rated as China’s most beautiful cave by Chinese National Geography.

Located about 8 miles from Fengdu City, the Snow Jade Cave is a fantastic underground labyrinth of streams and caves featuring beautiful stalactites. Snow Jade Cave formed from Karst, a limestone which is easily eroded. Created 50,000 years ago but only recently discovered by local farmers, and it is the youngest discovered in China at present.

The Snow Jade Cave has a total length of one mile (1.6 kilometers). For its uniqueness and beauty, it has become a popular Yangtze River Attraction as well as serving a research site for the study of caves.

Snow Jade Cave’s Three Characters & Four Wonders

Three Characters

  1. Most of the stalactites in the cave are white and pure as jade, hence its name.
  2. Stalactites in the cave grow quickly – thirty-three millimeters in one hundred years in fact.
  3. The cave houses many spectacular and usual karst formations, including, a waterfall, stone hair, shields, coral and animal shapes. Snow Jade Cave is often referred to as the “White Marble Sculpture Museum”.
stalactites of Snow Jade Cave

White Marble Sculpture Museum

Four Wonders

  1. The coral tower in the cave is the largest of its kind in the world.
  2. The glittering and transparent King Stone Flag at 26 feet high is the world's tallest and thinnest stone flag.
  3. The stone shield at 13 feet high is also known as the Snowy Jade Penguin. It is a source of amazement and marvel for many visitors and scholars.
  4. Certain groups of stalactites resemble goose necks, some as much as two yards long.
Visit Snow Jade Cave

Explore the Four Wonders

Tips for Snow Jade Cave Exploration:

  1. Entrance Fee: about 70 Yuan per person;
  2. Opening Hours: 08:30 – 17:00
  3. How to Get There: Visitors could take a Snow Jade Cave special tourist bus from Fengdu County to the scenic area, which just costs 5 Yuan per person.
  4. Travel Note: Snow Jade Cave is not arranged in any Yangtze Cruise Ships for a shore Excursion at present. If you want to visit, please inquiry your travel consultant and ask for advice. Or just contact us directly or call us at 86-23-89009012, we are here ready to help you.
Snow Jade Cave Exploration

Snow Jade Cave Exploration

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