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What to See in Fengdu Ghost City - Yangtze Cruise

1. Nothing-To-Be-Done-Bridge

According to legend, the bridge connects the nether world with the real world and is a testing point for good and evil. The bridge is composed on three identical stone arches, and the middle one is used for testing people. There are different protocols for crossing the bridge depending on your gender, age and marital status.

Below the bridge are square-shaped pools of water. Virtuous people will pass over the bridge without obstacle; villainous people will fall into the pools below. The other two arches are called the golden and silver bridges respectively. When preparing to leave, visitors are encouraged to pass these two bridges because according to local superstition this will bring them good fortune.

2. Ghost Torturing Pass

The Ghost Torturing Pass is the second test before entry into the nether world. It is said that this is the place where the dead report to the Yama, the King of Hell, for judgment. In front of the structure there are eighteen sculptures depicting ferocious demons. Each of these devils is quite lifelike creating a feeling of true eeriness.

Discover Why Fengdu called Ghost City
Discover Why Fengdu called Ghost City.

3. Tianzi Palace

Having over three hundred years' history the palace covers an area of nearly 2,908 square yards. It is composed of a temple gate (paifang) and the palace itself.

The gate is an archway made of wood and stone rising to height of nearly 33 feet. The palace is the nerve center of the Ghost City and is the oldest and largest temple on Ming Mountain.

Tianzi Palace in Fengdu Ghost City
Tianzi Palace in Fengdu Ghost City

4. Last-Glance at Home Tower

One other ghostly attraction in Fengdu worth mentioning is the Last-Glance at Home Tower. This structure was built in 1985 and commemorates the site where spirits consigned to hell could take one last look at their families.

5. Snow Jade Cave

The Snow Jade Cave has become a popular scenic spot along the Yangtze River as well as a research site for the study of caves.

Located about 8 miles from Fengdu city, the Snow Jade Cave is rated as China's most beauty by Chinese National Geography. Discovered in the mid 1990s, the cave is over 1,022 miles long, and is the youngest cave discovered in China presently.

Snow Jade Cave
Snow Jade Cave

The Snow Jade Cave features Three Characters & Four Wonders:

Three Characters 

  1.  Most of the stalactites in the cave are white and pure as jade, hence its name.
  2. Stalactites in the cave grow quickly – thirty-three millimeters in one hundred years in fact.
  3. The cave houses many spectacular and usual karst formations, including, a waterfall, stone hair, shields, coral and animal shapes.

Snow Jade Cave Wonders
Snow Jade Cave Wonders

Four Wonders 

  1.  The coral tower in the cave is the largest of its kind in the world.
  2. The glittering and transparent King Stone Flag at 26 feet high is the world's tallest and thinnest stone flag.
  3.  The stone shield at 13 feet high is also known as the Snowy Jade Penguin. It is a source of amazement and marvel for many visitors and scholars.
  4. Certain groups of stalactites resemble goose necks, some as much as two yards long.

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